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Christian, Jewish, and Muslim friendship during the Apocalypse

Unfortunately, some Catholics on the right of the religious-political spectrum have decided that Muslims and Jews are our philosophical opponents. They are particularly harsh in the way that they speak of Muslims. But I know from my study of eschatology … Continue reading


Eschatology: Interpretation of Matthew chapter 24 (pt 2)

{24:14} And this Gospel of the kingdom shall be preached throughout the entire world, as a testimony to all nations. And then the consummation will occur. The above verse, as previously discussed, refers to the brief time of peace after … Continue reading

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Eschatology: Interpretation of Matthew chapter 24 (pt 1)

The tribulation is divided into two parts: the first part for our generation (21st century), and the second part for the distant future (25th century). Here is my interpretation of the eschatological discourse of Jesus in Matthew chapter 24: [Matthew … Continue reading

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False Claims on Eschatology and the Papacy

Catholic World Report has published a disturbing attack on the papacy and the Church: Saint Paul, the Apocalypse, and the mystery of evil by Conor Sweeney. Well, CWR is a conservative publication, so nowadays they are morally required to attack … Continue reading

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Catholic Eschatology: World War 4

This is a continuation from my previous post on World War 3. The Muslim extremists win World War 3, and, as a result, they occupy a vast territory. They oppress the non-Muslims in the entire territory, especially Europe. And they … Continue reading

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Catholic Eschatology: World War 3

The end times is divided into two parts. The first part is for this generation. The second part is in the distant future. The four horsemen of the apocalypse is simply four sets of events. There are no literal horses … Continue reading

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The Return of Jesus Christ

After the fall of the Antichrist, the faithful go out and preach the Gospel openly and without fear for a certain number of days. Then Jesus Christ returns in all His glory, with the Blessed Virgin Mary. The whole world … Continue reading

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The Rise of the False Prophet

The Antichrist loses a battle against a much smaller fleet. In full view of the whole world, he turns and flees in fear. This undermines his claim, you know, to be God. How can a god lose a battle against … Continue reading


The Antichrist loses a battle

My book about the Antichrist’s reign is called: The Second Part of the Tribulation. Visit that link on Nov. 8, 9, or 10 (Pacific time) to get a free copy of the book in Kindle format. After the Antichrist gains … Continue reading


The Antichrist’s Rise To Power

The Antichrist is at first a “little horn” (Dan 7.8) in the kingdom of the North (Europe). He then rises to power to become one of the ten kings. During the kingdom of the ten kings, the North and the … Continue reading


Antichrist’s Reign: the prequel

Any Questions on this article? The first part of the tribulation occurs in the 21st century. The second part of the tribulation, including the Antichrist’s reign, occurs in the 25th century. But certain events that occur from the first part … Continue reading


Eschatology: Overview

The tribulation is divided into two parts: A. the first part of the tribulation (also called the lesser tribulation) begins soon (21st century). Events include World War 3, civil unrest, famine, death from a variety of causes, a great Christian … Continue reading

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Prediction: A Conservative Tidal Wave After The Warning

The Warning of Garabandal is an event predicted by the visionaries of Garabandal, Spain, who had visions and messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary in the 1960’s. The Warning is an event whereby God shows each person the sins on … Continue reading

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From the Secrets of La Salette

The first and second secrets to Melanie at La Salette (my translation) with my commentary, from my book: The Secrets of La Salette and the End Times 2. “The priests, ministers of my Son, the priests, by their bad life, … Continue reading

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Fr. Zlatko Sudac: his role in the tribulation

In my eschatology, there is a future event, before or after World War 4, in which some of the faithful are given the Seal of the Living God. This exterior sign, usually on the forehead, will be accompanied by interior … Continue reading

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Are These Messages to Pedro Regis about Pope Francis?

Message 3276, June 2, 2010 “The day will come when an apparently good and just man will appear. He will deceive many people, for he will realize great prodigies. He will come from the southern hemisphere and many people will … Continue reading

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Eschatology and the Rebellion against Pope Francis

My opinion is that the first part of the tribulation is very near. We are at the threshold of the end times. But the end of the end times is hundreds of years in the future. Here is the outline … Continue reading

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The End of the World is NOT anytime soon

A recent news story states that author David Meade believes the world will end on 23 April 2018 — a week and a half from now: End of the world 2018: Will the Rapture occur on April 23? SHOCK prediction … Continue reading

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My Interpretation of Blessed Emmerich’s Two Popes Prophecy

I (Ronald L. Conte Jr.) have studied and written Roman Catholic eschatology for 20 years. Based on my study of Sacred Scripture and the Saints and some true private revelations, I can understand most of what Blessed Anne is saying … Continue reading

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Is the Warning of Garabandal This Year (2018)?

I don’t know. There are some reasons to think it might occur. And I hope it will happen very soon. But we will have to wait and see. If it is this year, then the only possible day is Good … Continue reading

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