How To Identify the Antichrist

1. He’s not in the world today.

The tribulation is divided into two parts. The first part of the tribulation occurs in the 21st century A.D. The second part of the tribulation occurs in the 25th century A.D. The Antichrist reigns during the second part of the tribulation, not the first. So the Antichrist is not in the world today.

2. And he will not be born for centuries.

The second part of the tribulation begins with the rise to power of the Antichrist from 2430 to 2431 A.D. (in the 25th century). He will be more than 30 years old as his rise to power, so he is born in the late 2300’s (in the late 24th century).

3. His father will be a wicked Catholic Bishop, just as the Virgin Mary revealed to Melanie Calvat at La Salette.

4. His mother will be an unchaste nun, who falsely claims to have conceived him virginally. This was also stated in the secrets of La Salette.

5. His first, middle, and last names will each have 6 letters: 666.

6. One of his names will be hyphenated with 2 letters and 4 letters separated by the hyphen.

7. Sacred Scripture calls him an Assyrian, which indicates the region of the world in which he will be born.

8. He is born in what will, at that future time, be the kingdom of the South — formerly the southernmost part of the great Catholic monarch’s kingdom.

9. According to Mary at La Salette, by the age of 12, the Antichrist and his peers in evil will be experienced soldiers.

In that future time, puberty occurs very early, so that 12 year olds will be physically mature and legally treated as adults (so wicked and disordered will be that future society). He will win many battles with the help of devils.

10. He will rise to power in the kingdom of the North, based in Europe, and will hide his origins (in the South).

11. He will become the ruler of the kingdom of the North: “he will obtain the kingdom by deceitfulness” (Dan 11:21). This occurs in the 2420’s.

12. He will consolidate his power in the North, by deceit, betrayal, violence, and battles within the kingdom, so as to become a dictator, rather than one of many rulers who share power.

13. In 2430 AD, he will lead the kingdom of the North in war against the kingdom of the South (which includes the Holy Land). He will win by betrayal and deceitfulness.

14. When the South is defeated, the followers of the Antichrist will attack the Church. They will burn churches and kill religious leaders. They will kill the Roman Pontiff and destroy Vatican City.

15. There will be no Roman Pontiff during the entire nearly-seven year reign of the Antichrist over the world.

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