A Prophecy from Mary about a Future Antipope

and a rebuke of shameful behavior by the visionary, Pedro Regis, who received the true prophecy.

Here is a link to an interview by a priest with visionary Pedro Regis. I believe that the messages to Pedro Regis from the Blessed Virgin Mary are true private revelation. But visionaries are fallen sinners, and they can err. In this case, the message is true, and the visionary sins against the holy Roman Pontiff by his interpretation.

The message from Mary:

“Dear children, pray with your heart, and do not stray from the truth. The day will come when there will be contempt in the house of God and that which is sacred will be thrown out. A xino will be on the throne countering many, but God is the Lord of Truth. What I am telling you now you cannot understand, but one day it will be revealed and all will be clear for you. The mirror: here is the mystery….”

Mary prophecies an antipope. Many of the Saints have also prophesied that an antipope would have a reign during the tribulation (which draws near).

But note that during the second part of the tribulation, when the literal Antichrist reigns, there will be no true Pope and no prominent antipope. The Antichrist will not want to be considered the head of the Catholic Church, which he hates; rather, he wishes to be worshiped as if he were God. The false prophetess who assists the Antichrist is a woman, and she is at the head of his false Church. She does not even claim to be the head of the Catholic Church. So neither the Antichrist nor the false prophetess are antipopes.

Now it is a dogmatic definition taught by the First Vatican Council, as affirmed by Cardinal Manning, and as I have explained many times, that the Roman Pontiff has the gift of “truth and a never failing faith”. This means the Pope cannot err gravely in his teaching, not even in his non-infallible teaching, and also he cannot personally fail in faith by apostasy, heresy, or schism, nor by idolatry, blasphemy, or the like. So Pope Francis cannot be guilty of apostasy or formal heresy or teaching material heresy or idolatry or any other failure of faith.

Can Pope Francis be a false pope, an antipope? No. The Church is indefectible. She cannot go astray. Therefore, Her true head, the Pope, cannot fail in faith, as Vatican I taught. And similarly the body of Bishops also has the gift of truth and a never failing faith, like the Pope. For if the body of Bishops taught grave error or failed in faith, the Church would not be indefectible. For the Church to be indefectible, the body and the head must be indefectible also. Individual Bishops can go astray, but not the Bishops as a body.

{22:32} But I have prayed for you, so that your faith may not fail, and so that you, once converted, may confirm your brothers.”

Vatican I taught that the above words of Jesus mean that each and every successor of Peter cannot fail in faith. But notice that He also says that the Pope, being indefectible in this way, will then confirm his brethren, the Bishops. Therefore the body of Bishops, as a body, cannot fail in faith as well.

Now Pope Francis has been approved by the body of Bishops as the Roman Pontiff, and they have followed him for more than a few years now. They hold that he is the true Pope. So Pope Francis must be the true Pope; he cannot possibly be an antipope. That is a dogmatic fact, based on the dogma of Vatican I and the dogma of the indefectibility of the Church. Pope Francis cannot possibly be an antipope.

Now the message to Pedro speaks clearly of an antipope. A true Pope cannot counter the Lord of Truth, nor can he fail in faith by throwing out the sacred. A true Pope cannot stray from the truth, nor can he have contempt for what is sacred. So the message is about an antipope, but Pope Francis cannot be an antipope. The message is not about Pope Francis, as Pedro wrongly and sinfully claims.

First, let me point out the errors in the interpretation of Pedro. Here is the text of the interview

“Pedro- In this message the coming of a Jesuit Pope is prophesied because xino, if read in the mirror, in reverse, reads Onix, meaning black stone

D.L. I understand very well I! Xino is the opposite of Onix which is a black stone. The black pope … [stone represents the papacy – upon this rock I will build My Church…]

Pedro- The superior of the Jesuits is called the black pope …

D.L. Of course!

Pedro- And wears black. The message is prophesying that there will be a Jesuit pope …

D.L. And it was the year 2005, the newly elected … no, Benedict was not yet elected, because Benedict was elected on April 19 [2005]. This came first !!!

Pedro- Before the election of Benedict prophesied that in the future will be elected a Jesuit pope. Understand?

D.L. Absolutely!

Pedro- The message says ‘the mirror is the mystery’.

D.L. The mirror is the mystery! We have to put the word ‘xino‘ in front of the mirror and the word ‘xino‘ front of the mirror reads backwards!

Pedro- Onix! Onix, black stone. When I gave this message I thought that the next pope would be a Jesuit, but it was not so. The election was on April 19, this message is from April 4. So when I gave the message it was not speaking of the pope to come but of the next. At Benedict’s election the successor was prophesied.

“But one day it will be revealed and all will be clear for you.” Now is that day.”

Note that the Pope is the Rock on which the Church is founded. A mere stone is not a rock. So in as much as one meaning of this message is a reference to the stone called Onyx, this references a false Pope, and antipope. For antipopes falsely claim to be the Rock, when they are just a stone. But the meaning of the stone’s color, black, is not the Jesuits. Do you really think that the Blessed Virgin Mary has contempt for the Jesuit order? Do you really think that She would use the color black — which is worn by all priests (or almost all priests?) — as an indication of evil? Not at all! The meaning of the stone’s color is that this antipope, this mere stone, who claims to be a rock, is evil. Black merely represents the sinfulness of this false pope. It does not impugn the entire Jesuit order, nor accuse a Pope accepted by the body of Bishops as being false.

Also, Pope Francis is not the superior of the Jesuit order, and he never has been. So he was never “the black pope”. He is a Jesuit, but really, in his thought and approach to theology, he is not so much like the Jesuits, but like Saint Francis and like John Paul II. In addition, Pope Francis wears white, not black.

So Pedro is partially correct, in that one meaning of xino, viewed in a mirror as onix, is the black stone onyx — which in Latin can be written onix. Originally, Latin had no letter “y”, it came over to Latin from Greek. Thus, many Latin words spelled with a “y” are borrowed from Greek. So onix can be onyx, the black stone.

But this cannot refer to the Jesuit order, nor to the valid Pope Francis. Pedro sins by using this prophecy from the holy virgin Mary to accuse a valid Roman Pontiff of being evil.

Now for the full meaning of the prophecy.

First, “xino” is a word in Catalan, a language derived from vulgar Latin. In that language, Xino means Chinese. So the message first predicts a Pope who is either of Chinese descent or of whatever descent but from the nation of China.

The use of Catalan to give this part of the massage indicates that his reign will be vulgar, meaning not only offensive to God but common. (The Vulgate Bible is in the formerly-common language, Latin.) His reign is common, in other words, he pleases the people, but he offends God at the same time. So he approves of popular sins and makes excuses for them.

Then the word viewed in a mirror reads “onix” or “onyx”, meaning a black stone, that is, an antipope. For an antipope is a stone claiming to be the Rock, and he is black, indicating he does evil, not good, for the Church. So this message predicts a future Pope, who is of Chinese descent OR is from the nation of China.

Now, there is more to this message. For Mary could have given the word “xyno”, but She chose to use an “i” instead of the “y”. There must be a reason for that choice.

In the mirror, all the letters look the same (o i x) except “N”. This fact draws our attention to the backwards-N, which is a letter in the Russian language. So this fact means that this antipope will have some type of connection to Russia (backward-N), as well as to China (xino). And we know from different prophecies that Russia and China have roles to play in the end times (especially in the inter-tribulation period, as I understand it).

In Russian, backward-N by itself is either the letter “i” or the word “and”. This gives us “o and i” (I’ll explain the “x” later). This antipope take a papal name, as antipopes often do, which is new. A new papal name often is later given the Roman numeral “I”. But since he is an antipope, the numeral is represented in his prophecy as a Zero “O”. His papal name is a new one, “I”, but since he is an antipope, it is not the first in a succession of new papal names, and so it is given a Zero “O”. His papal name is both zero and one.

The “x” means that this antipope, whose papal name is zero as well as “the first”, will die in office. He will die by the violence of World War 3.

Now “onix” can also be “o nix” in Latin, which is “Oh, snow!” That might be coincidence, or it might have some significance. Perhaps this Pope with a connection to China is not of Chinese descent, but is white.

The “ix” could mean “9th” in Roman numerals, but I’ve already said that this papal name will be a new one. So the “ix” could be a reference to a past prominent antipope, Benedict IX. Yes, I realize that Benedict the 9th is on most lists of valid Popes, but my review of his reign has led me to the firm conclusion that he was an antipope. So Mary is comparing this antipope to the Antipope Benedict IX.

Benedict IX was elected by nothing other than simony. And this was not a case of only one or a few votes being so influenced. He only had votes by simony. That is not a valid election. He then was driven out of Rome, and replaced, then he succeeded to the papacy a second time, was driven out of Rome a second time, succeeded to the papacy a third time, and then abdicated his throne in exchange for money (which was a reimbursement for the money he spent obtaining the throne!).

So Mary is indicating by this use of “i” instead of “y”, making the word end in “ix” in the mirror, that this antipope will be like Benedict IX. He will reign during a time when the papacy has been driven out of Rome.

During World War 3, the enemy (Muslim extremists led by a nuclear Iran and ISIS) captures Rome, forcing the Pope to flee. (This pope, the conservative successor to Pope Francis, is soon captured and dies in prison in Iraq.)

Then the Allies recapture the City of Rome. The free world rejoices! Stupidly! For the enemy next strikes the city of Rome with a nuclear missile.

{13:7} Awake, O spear, against my shepherd and against the man that clings to me, says the Lord of hosts. Strike the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered. And I will turn my hand to the little ones.

The spear is the missile. The shepherd is the true Pope, who reigns at the same time as this antipope (xino/onix). The antipope is “the man that clings to me”, in other words, a man who is not the true shepherd, but who clings to that role and clings to Christ (like a parasite). The true Pope and the antipope both go to Rome when the Allies capture the city, each to bolster his claim to be Pope. Then the enemy strikes the city with a nuclear missile, and the sheep are scattered. And thus the papacy is driven out of Rome a second time. The next Pope will be a true Pope, without an antipope to oppose him, and he will be elected outside of Rome, just like the true pope and antipope before him.

Now Benedict IX obtained the papacy by simony, and so also will this antipope, onix, obtain his role by his wealth. Benedict IX was also a young pope, so this antipope will be younger than the recent true Popes, Benedict and Francis.

So that is the meaning of the prophecy. Pedro Regis was right that it indicates “onyx”, but otherwise he was not only in error, but in sin. Shame on Pedro Regis for using this prophecy from Mary to attack the true Pope Francis! Pedro sins gravely in this way, for he causes scandal among the faithful children of Mary and he undermines their faith in the true Roman Pontiff.

May God rebuke him by taking away his messages for a time.

Here is the message again, which we can now understand better:

“Dear children, pray with your heart, and do not stray from the truth. The day will come when there will be contempt in the house of God and that which is sacred will be thrown out. A xino will be on the throne countering many, but God is the Lord of Truth. What I am telling you now you cannot understand, but one day it will be revealed and all will be clear for you. The mirror: here is the mystery….”

Pray with sincerity and perseverance, for the Church is about to enter into a difficult time. There will be a true Pope and a very prominent antipope. This antipope will be supported by those members of the Church who have strayed from the truth under one of the previous Popes. Do not go astray with them. Accept each and every valid Roman Pontiff, including Pope Francis.

“The day will come” Mary indicates the timing of this prophecy by the words that follow that expression: “when there will be contempt in the house of God and that which is sacred will be thrown out”. That is exactly what will happen when the Muslim extremists conquer Rome and Vatican City during World War 3. That event precedes immediately the election of the antipope.

This antipope, xino, will counter many, meaning he will argue against the many faithful Bishops, i.e. the body of Bishops, and the many faithful Popes and Saints of the past. He will counter the many Catholics who remain faithful to the true Pope, who reigns at the same time as this antipope.

The true Pope will have the gift of truth and a never failing faith. So the antipope is himself countered by the true Pope, who has the Lord of Truth on his side.

This is the day when the prophecy has been made clear for you, March 25th, the day of the Annunciation, when the Lord of Truth began to reside in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a day on which Pope Francis, the true Pope, asks all Christians to pray the Our Father to the one true God.

Pedro Regis, accept this correction and rescind your false interpretation of this true message from the Virgin Mary. If you refuse, you sin a second time and you will cause even more harm to souls.

See this set of quotes on the Pope’s immunity from grave error and his never failing faith.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

Note: the English translation of the message uses “xyno”, but the original message in Portuguese says “xino” on this page.

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7 Responses to A Prophecy from Mary about a Future Antipope

  1. phoenix says:

    I think I’ll give this alleged visionary and his message a pass. Jesus and Mary always choose the genuine ones wisely with forethought. This guy doesn’t fit their profile.

  2. King Robert the Bruce says:

    So is this visionary Pedro Regis a credible source for messages I mean would Our Lady allow him to make such a claim against Pope Francis,compare and contrast with the Medjugorgie seers who have the utmost respect for the Pope.

    • Ron Conte says:

      God allows visionaries to sin and to misunderstand, so that private revelation and its source in visionaries does not supersede the Church and the Magisterium.

  3. Matt says:

    March 25 Medjugorje message:

    Dear children! All these years I am with you to guide you on the way to salvation. Return to my Son, return to prayer and fasting. Children, allow God to speak to your heart because Satan reigns and wishes to destroy your lives and the planet you walk on. Be brave and decide for holiness. You will see the conversion in your hearts and in your families, the prayer will be heard, God will hear your supplications and give you peace. I am with you and I bless you all with my maternal blessing. Thanks for answering my call.

  4. Alessandro Arsuffi says:

    Dear Ron,
    a proof of Pedro Regis’ interpretations of his visions being fallible and containing errors is self-evident from the fact that he believed that the antipope would have been elected in 2005. Is he were infallible as his supporters believe, he would’ve never made such a stupid mistake.

  5. Michael says:

    Why do all of these purported messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary or Jesus or even the saints have to be so puzzling? If these messages are important to our future why aren’t they clearly relayed to eliminate a lot of the confusion and misinterpretation? I’ve never understood why prophesy has to be so cryptic.

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