Future Timeline in my Eschatology

Predictions in my eschatology are speculative and fallible. Here is my timeline for events in the near future. The order of events may be somewhat different that the list below. Many events overlap with other events in time.

1. I believe that Iran currently has a few nuclear bombs, and that they will disclose this to the world soon.

2. The disclosure will cause other extremists groups to wish to ally with Iran, even if previously they were enemies. ISIS and Iran will make a pact to work together against the West, and to establish a worldwide Islamic State (a goal of all extremist Twelvers).

3. I’m aware that Iran has just recently launched attacks on U.S. troops in bases in Iraq. This attack and the call from the Iraqi parliament for U.S. troops to leave may result in us leaving, and in Iran helping ISIS take over Iraq, and later Syria. This is the beginning of a conflict that will worsen, again and again, until it becomes World War 3.

4. Iran will use nuclear blackmail to pressure other Arab Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa to turn over control of their nations to extremists who are allied with Iran and ISIS.

5. Iran has long wished to take control of Saudi Arabia. Eventually, they will succeed. In the most likely scenario, the Saudi rulers will be blackmailed by Iran into leaving the nation for exile, allowing Iran to take control. Otherwise, they face two possibilities: a massive invasion of troops or being struck with a nuclear bomb. The West will not provide the troops or equipment needed to repel such an invasion or needed to defend against a nuke. Therefore, the Saudi rulers will be forced to leave for the United States (Washington D.C. area).

6. Iran and ISIS will send out a call for recruitment of troops; millions will join them. They will ready enough forces to flood Europe with highly motivated poorly trained troops.

7. Once the Arab Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa are all controlled by the alliance of Iran and ISIS (based in Iraq), they will begin to threaten the West. They wish to establish a worldwide Islamic kingdom. But the Western nations will not submit to their threats.

8. World War 3 officially begins when Iran sends a ship with a nuclear bomb on board to strike New York City with a nuclear explosion. The most likely spot to set off the bomb is next to the United Nations headquarters. The damage will be vast. But the U.S. will not respond with a nuclear attack, as the fallout might drift into friendly nations, and also there are too many troops in too many locations. No single or few locations would be right for a nuclear strike.

9. About this same time, probably before World War 3 actually begins, three events from God strengthen the faithful of the world (faithful Muslims, Jews, and Christians, as well as other persons of good will) before the tribulation begins: the Warning, Consolation, and Miracle.

The First Four Events of the Tribulation (the End Times or Apocalypse)
A. World War 3
B. severe civil unrest worldwide
C. famine especially in wealthy nations
D. death from many causes and the fear of death

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13 Responses to Future Timeline in my Eschatology

  1. Grindall says:

    Didn’t Our Lady at Garabandal say there would be no third world war?

    • Ron Conte says:

      Yes, but that should be interpreted to mean no war involving the superpowers, e.g. U.S. against Russia or China, and no war with all the nations involved.

  2. Alex says:

    I agree with much, and at the same time I do not agree with some points.

    USA showed it wants escalation, and it will not go out of Iraq. It will engage Iran in a devastating war that will see at least half of US bases destroyed. Iran will be hit severely but not fully invaded. Not until USA decides on a first nuclear strike. Probably it will not happen because it will cause a chain reaction with the other nuclear powers.

    With or without limited nuclear strike on Iran, a new power will rise soon that will effectively cease the conflict and make all other conflicts obsolete. It is not just the EU, it is the new technology that has been developed in the shadows for decades. It will find its focal point in the EU thanks to the EU being the only world block to openly defend the climate of the planet. The climate issue was set as a test of reaction, besides its actual dangers. I could say more, but having in mind the auditory of mostly traditional Catholics that I respect, I prefer to withhold the rest.

    The so called Disclosure of such new tech that internet is full about, could have happened many times and could be initiated in USA, providing most of the unofficial info is leaked exactly by US insiders, scientists and military working on secret research projects. For 20 years after the new century however it just doesn’t happen. The world cannot afford to wait forever, due to the dangers of a nuclear war. Having the choice for disclosure nations between Russia, China and the EU, the EU is the natural choice for the next technological leader of the world that also shows social models with best achieved balance between rich and poor, between private property and help of the needed that doesn’t count only on the voluntary sunday church collections but guarantees nobody will go to sleep hungry and without needed medical aid, that all children will have equal school and clothes to put on when they go to school, and so on.

    (or maybe you prefer the Chinese model? They have achieved that but at the price that I doubt anyone in the Western world would want to pay) Moreover, Russia and China backtracked or slowed down the climate fight.

    Let me also say that the US despite being the richest nation on the planet, fails miserably to assure the minimum living standard including health care for its own citizens, including a housing for everybody, and so on. Much poorer countries and third world countries have it.

    That all is imperative to happen before the massive scale nuclear war, or said otherwise to prevent it. If you have superior technology the nukes become obsolete, or will be targeted and destroyed by nanorobots. Besides other things, a nuclear war will damage the DNA of the survivors and the mutations will be transmitted to countless future generations. Something that obviously is NOT in God’s plan who created man in His mage.

    How that will fit together with the Great Warning? One has to take all info of Garabandal including of two stars colliding and the actual Great Warning event starting with the letter A. Because none of the seers have actually told us what the real event of Great Warning will be, only what will be its effects on our consciences. All is shrouded in secrets and there is why. The traditional catholics will be the first ones to reject it if they know it.

    Why then Iran starts it all, if we are at the dawn of the new age? Because…Iran has some share in it, it has gravimagnetic field devices already posted online. And obviously it believes it will be a winner of that war. I do not share those beliefs, but who knows. It also depends on what happens in Washington DC on the Capitol Hill, will the US lawmakers take decisive actions including of declassifying their own projects, something that already started with the patents of US Navy and Salvatore Pais. The war with Iran tells me however that those people who want the peaceful development are losing the race within USA and the gravity center moves towards the EU. They still have the time to stop the war, especially after the Iranian missiles didn’t kill even one american soldier, designed to save face but not to kill. But at that advanced stage I don’t believe that USA is ready on compromise, believing it will win each and every war under the sun.

  3. Alex says:

    2. Iran doesn’t have a reason to attack Europe, it never said it will attack Europe, its all antagonism is against the US.

    ISIS is a different thing, but when we talk of ISIS against Europe let not forget that includes the war between Russia and ISIS as well.

    The best for USA would be to stop the absurd rivalry with the EU and to find a lasting peace with Russia, as it was intended by those political figures who stopped the Cold War: Reagan, Bush Sr, Gorbachev, St John Paul II, the German chancellor Helmut Kohl, the French president François Mitterrand. Their plan for one free area of trade and travel between the Atlantic and the Urals never materialized. Later that area was enlarged from Vancouver to Vladivostok, at the time of Gorbachev’s meeting with Reagan in Vancouver. As a result the Soviets lowered their weapons. And they were quite stronger than the Iranians.
    Why not now? When, if not now? After the nuclear war?

  4. King Robert the Bruce says:

    I have been reading more and more different blogs speculating on the warning recently it seems to be gaining some traction among more catholics now than it was what is your next predicted date for the warning Ron.

  5. Rob says:

    If Iran were to develop nuclear weapons (I don’t think it has) and were to disclose that fact (to be fair their culture would definitely encourage them to brag about it), then the only thing Khamenei would get is a hellfire missile through his roof. Nuclear weapons aren’t a cure-all for an anemic economy and a dreadfully outdated conventional military.

    You know Trump would absolutely do it too. Love him or hate him the man is decisive.

    • Ron Conte says:

      If/when Iran obtains nuclear weapons, think they already have them, they will keep each nuke in a different secure location. Any attack on Khamenei or Rouhani or major targets would result in nuclear retaliation. They are probably right now discussing whether to disclose their nuclear weapons to the world, to forestall another attack like the one on general Solemani

  6. Thomas Mazanec says:

    What are the near future conditions of:
    Latin America
    Subsaharan Africa

  7. Rob says:

    Iran has admitted that it shot down the Ukrainian passenger plane leaving Imam Khomeini Airport on accident.


    Or, in other words, this is a nation that has publicly admitted that the defense personnel of its own capital city are so incompetent they are unable to distinguish between an attacking aircraft and an ordinary passenger plane *leaving their own airport*. I feel confident in reiterating that their military is not very good at its job.

  8. DAS says:

    Ron, regarding the 2020 election, what do you make of this incredibly ominous- sounding finish to today’s Vortex on Church Militant, called “Deja Vu All Over Again”?

    “[Pope] Francis has positioned himself in opposition to Trump on every major liberal point he and his papacy push… In America… [many] Catholics… oppose Pope Francis’ liberal, “social justice warrior” weaponizing of the papacy… [The] politicos in Rome are showing their cards that they intend to get very involved in American politics this year… Thanks, Vatican, but we are curious about one thing: Does Rome trying to direct American Catholics how to vote constitute foreign interference in a U.S. election? [pause] Stay tuned. There’s much more to come.”

    • Ron Conte says:

      I don’t believe that the Holy See or the Pope will try to tell Americans for whom they should vote. The Pope has the right to comment on politics (per Unam Sanctam) and to judge when the secular governments may have gone astray from the common good or morality. Some on the far right in Catholicism have more devotion to political conservatism than to the successor of Peter. They are offended when their idol, conservatism, is not worshiped by the Pope. By the way, Church Militant is not a reliable source for Catholic doctrine; I think they are doing much harm to the faithful.

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