The 144,000 and the Seal of the Living God

This interpretation of the relevant Bible passages is eschatological, highly speculative, and fallible.

In the book of Revelation, the 144000 persons given the Seal of the Living God are described twice: in Rev. chapter 7 and chapter 14. The number 144000 (one hundred forty-four thousand) is a figurative number; it is not the exact or even approximate number of those sealed. The reason the 144000 are described twice is that the tribulation (the End Times, the Apocalypse) is divided into two parts. The first part of the tribulation occurs in this generation (21st century), and the second part of the tribulation occurs in the early 25th century A.D. Each part has a different group of 144000, and each of the two groups has different gifts.

First Part of the Tribulation

During the first part of the tribulation, the 144000 are given the Seal of the Living God about the time of the end of World War 4 (mid to late 2030’s). The Sealed, as I will call them, will be fallen sinners who have committed various sins in their lives. Most will not be Saints prior to receiving the Seal. Most will be Catholic Christian. (At that time, all Christians will be Catholic Christian. The Protestants and Orthodox Christians will have united with the one true Catholic Church.) Some of the Sealed, in my opinion, will be non-Catholics who are virtuous, holy, or wise.

After being given the Seal, the 144000 will be very holy. Perhaps they will no longer commit any personal sins, not even venial sins. Perhaps they will commit venial sins only rarely. The Sealed receive a visible sign on their forehead, which will vary from one person to another. They also will receive great interior gifts, which will likewise vary. The gifts dispersed among the Sealed (not all gifts are given to every individual) include the ability to heal people miraculously; the ability to bi-locate or to miraculously transfer from one place to another instantaneously; the ability to know the future; to see visions; to communicate with holy Angels and with the Blessed in Heaven; and other miraculous or supernatural gifts, as God sees fit to grant. The prayers of the Sealed will have great influence before the throne of God. Providence, grace, and miracles will accompany them at all times.

The Sealed are given these gifts to be a guide and a help to the Church and the world during the end of the first part of the tribulation. The sufferings given to the world will be very severe, and so the blessings given will also be severe. The number Sealed is likely to exceed one million persons, in my speculative estimation.

After the first part of the tribulation, the Sealed will guide the Church and the world in rebuilding society and in rebuilding the Church. They will live long lives. They will often be protected from harm and death, until the time set by God for each one’s life to end.

Currently the only person with the Seal is Fr. Zlatko Sudac. I believe he is the long-prophesied Angelic Shepherd and the future Pope Raphael.

The Second Part of the Tribulation

This second and last part of the tribulation occurs in the early 25th century. It sees the world controlled and ruled by the Antichrist, and the Church greatly persecuted and nearly destroyed. To assist the Church in this time, the Most Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ the Son of God, and the Blessed Virgin Mary in Heaven have given the Church a special help: another figurative 144000 persons who are Sealed in the womb. They are given a baptism of blood after conception, which means they have concupiscence. But they have the state of grace from the time of their informal baptism in the womb, which is when they are also Sealed. They are each like John the Baptist and Saint Joseph, as they each are free from all personal sin throughout their entire lives. They are holier than the Sealed of the first part of the tribulation, and their gifts are much greater. The Seal on their forehead is generally invisible, and can only be seen by certain persons, mainly those who are also Sealed. They perform great miracles worldwide.

When Jesus the true Christ returns, after the fall of the Antichrist, the Lord Jesus punishes the unrepentant wicked, and revives all the dead Saints and Martyrs by means of the First Resurrection. They go on to rebuild the Church and the world, such that all human persons will become Catholic Christian worldwide, and a great time of peace and holiness begins. But Christ does not reign in person during this time. Instead, He ascends to Heaven a second time, to await the general Resurrection, while the Church reigns in his stead over all the earth.

Note: Sorry I have not been posting much. I am having continued health problems, so I am trying to devote myself more to prayer. A faltering sinner am I.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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