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Does Iran Have Nuclear Bombs Now?

As I wrote in my tweets a few seconds ago: Why is Iran suddenly behaving more aggressively than ever before? I think it may possibly be because they now have several working nuclear bombs. The extra firepower makes them more … Continue reading

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How Can the Antichrist Conquer The Whole World?

By definition, the Antichrist is someone who conquers the whole world. If a man claims to be the Antichrist or is thought to be the Antichrist, but he does not conquer the whole world, then he is certainly not the … Continue reading

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How To Identify the Antichrist

1. He’s not in the world today. The tribulation is divided into two parts. The first part of the tribulation occurs in the 21st century A.D. The second part of the tribulation occurs in the 25th century A.D. The Antichrist … Continue reading

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Is IVF a Sin?

Yes, IVF — in vitro fertilization — is intrinsically evil and always gravely immoral. It is always a serious sin. CDF: “The fact that the process of in vitro fertilization very frequently involves the deliberate destruction of embryos was already … Continue reading

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Over 100 Million Abortions Occur Worldwide Each Year

China Alone A 2014 study published in Reproductive Health Matters found that, of women in China age 20 to 49, from the year 1970 to 2010, the lowest yearly rate of abortion was 18.0% in 2001.[1] According to United Nations … Continue reading

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The Papal Accusers May Not Receive Communion

It is a dogma taught by the First Vatican Council, as well as the ordinary and universal Magisterium that each and every Roman Pontiff has the gift of immunity from grave error and the gift of a never-failing faith. Therefore, … Continue reading

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Which Sexual Acts are Moral within Marriage?

Today is the feast of Saints Louis and Zelie, parents of Saint Therese. I’ve written many articles on this question, which you can find here: The general answer is that the only moral sexual act is natural marital relations … Continue reading

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Will There Be a Third Testament of Sacred Scripture?

Catechism of the Catholic Church: 66 “The Christian economy, therefore, since it is the new and definitive Covenant, will never pass away; and no new public revelation is to be expected before the glorious manifestation of our Lord Jesus Christ.” … Continue reading

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Free books on Marriage

This talk by Pope Pius XII on marriage is available in a free PDF file: My books and are available free in Kindle format this Saturday and Sunday.


Five Steps to Ordained Women Deacons

The main criticism of the Amazonian Synod has been whether permission for more married priests in that region will then spread to the whole Church. However, the Church has always had some married priests. And it is not permissible (apart … Continue reading


More Malicious Accusations against the Vicar of Christ by Carlos Vigano

LifeSiteNews has published the previously-unpublished portion of an interview with Abp. Vigano by the Washington Post (June 10th). The excerpts contain further accusations by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano against the Vicar of Christ and other Church leaders. The Washington Post … Continue reading

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Common Misconceptions: The End Times

The Rapture This idea is a Protestant misinterpretation of a Bible passage. First, let’s review the correct interpretation of the passage: [1 Thess] {4:16} For the Lord himself, with a command and with the voice of an Archangel and with … Continue reading


Should Catholics believe that Mormons are Saved?

Errors among Catholics Unfortunately, a large segment of the conservative Catholic subculture has gone astray from the Magisterium. They no longer accept Roman Catholic teaching on faith. Instead, they put themselves above every teaching, to judge whether it is true … Continue reading

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Does God’s Providence Intervene in Our Lives?

In writing about Father Joep van Beeck, S.J., in a previous post, I was reminded of a class he taught on the Providence of God. Joep grew up in the Netherlands, and he suffered with his family due to the … Continue reading

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The Story of a Priest Baptized with Milk

I was told this story by my Christology professor, Father Joep van Beeck, S.J., in the early 80’s. The story is meant to pose a theological question, as to the validity of the Sacraments and how the mercy and grace … Continue reading


My Comments on the Steve Bannon Interview

Here’s the brief interview with LifeSiteNews: Exclusive Interview: Steve Bannon clarifies his position on Catholic moral teaching. Why are Catholic media outlets interested in what Steve Bannon has to say about Catholicism? Is it really because he is a baptized … Continue reading

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The Three Days of Darkness will happen

The date for the Three Days of Darkness is March 29, 30, 31 of 2040, which is holy Thursday, Good Friday, and holy Saturday that year. Then April 1st, Easter Sunday, is the first day after the end of the … Continue reading

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The spirit of the Antichrist and the Rebellion against Pope Francis

From my study of eschatology, I know what the Antichrist’s false religion will be like, it’s perverse imitation of the Sacraments, its priestesses and female head (similar to a Pope), its encouragement of grave sins of sex, violence, greed, pride, … Continue reading

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Can The Muslim nations win World War 3? Yes.

I have long been predicting that the Arab/Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa will band together, led by Iran and Iraq, and conquer Europe. One of the more common questions I receive about this prediction is whether … Continue reading

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Taylor R. Mashall’s Warning from God

Marshall’s Vision from God As recounted here by Deacon Frederick Bartels, just over a year ago Taylor Marshall publicly reported that he had a vision of the Church as Mother. He described the vision in a video posted March 6th, … Continue reading

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