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The Virgin Mary’s Warning about a Schism

“Dear children, I am your Sorrowful Mother and I know what is coming for you. Bend ye your knees in prayer. The false Church with the New Order will suffocate the truth. The plan of the enemies is to move … Continue reading

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A change in my Eschatology about Iran

Ebrahim Raisi is now President-elect of Iran. He is also considered to be the front-runner to replace the current Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei. Formerly, I predicted that Hassan Rouhani would be lead Iran into World War III. But … Continue reading

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Canonizations are at least Non-infallible

Infallible teachings and infallible “dogmatic facts” have no possibility of error. Non-infallible teachings and non-infallible decisions of the Church on discipline and matters of prudential judgments have no possibility of grave error. And since the Church is indefectible, and is … Continue reading

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On Straight-Jacket Catholicism

There’s a spectrum of belief and practice in the Catholic Church. Unfortunately, this spectrum extends beyond the limits of what is faithful and reasonable. On the left, many Catholics utterly reject dogmas of faith and morals with little reason other … Continue reading

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Why Accuse Popes of Heresy?

Why is there is so much interest in accusing Roman Pontiffs, even those from the distant past, of heresy? The reason is that, if it can be proven Popes are able to teach or commit heresy, then this opens the … Continue reading

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The FSSP priests and a French Diocese

Here is the article from the National Catholic Register: Why is a French Catholic Archdiocese Expelling the FSSP?. It was a disturbing read. The FSSP priests spoke as if the Bishop had no authority over them. The attitude seems to … Continue reading

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Dogma: Popes Can Never Teach or Commit Heresy

It is a teaching of the First Vatican Council, the Sixth Ecumenical Council, and the perennial teaching of the Church that every Roman Pontiff has the charism of never-failing faith and that therefore he can never teach or commit heresy. … Continue reading

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the hypocrisy of the Great Apostasy Conference

on June 24 to 26, a group of heretics and schismatics are gathering to decry the great apostasy in the Church today. The speakers include John-Henry Westen, who has rejected the authority of Pope Francis and accused him of many … Continue reading

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The Authority of the Roman Pontiff over the Traditional Latin Mass

Jesus Christ has all authority in heaven and on earth. [Matthew] {28:18} And Jesus, drawing near, spoke to them, saying: “All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth. {28:19} Therefore, go forth and teach all nations, … Continue reading

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Pope Stephen V, 888 A.D., on Abortion and Infanticide

In a letter to the Archbishop of Mainz, about the year 887 or 888, Pope Stephen V writes: “for since it is homicide for a [child] conceived in the womb to be destroyed by abortion, how much more will the … Continue reading

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The Saint Robert Bellarmine Quotes

Saint Robert Bellarmine: “The Pope is the Teacher and Shepherd of the whole Church, thus, the whole Church is so bound to hear and follow him that if he would err, the whole Church would err.” 1 “Now our adversaries … Continue reading

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Canonizations: Heaven or Holiness?

One question is whether or not canonizations done by the Roman Pontiff are infallible. But this question can hardly be answered unless we first know what is being asserted by a canonization. If the Church wishes to call certain persons … Continue reading

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