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Will There be another biblical great Flood

News Story at [Genesis] {9:11} I will establish my covenant with you, and no longer will all that is flesh be put to death by the waters of a great flood, and, henceforth, there will not be a great … Continue reading

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Must Catholics choose Moderna or Pfizer over Johnson & Johnson vaccine?

The USCCB issued this statement on vaccines: “Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines raised concerns because an abortion-derived cell line was used for testing them, but not in their production. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine, however, was developed, tested and is produced … Continue reading

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The Bene-vacantists Are At It Again

Just after Pope emeritus Benedict made comments to the press, reaffirming his deliberate resignation from the papacy, those who claim Benedict is still Pope are using those words, in radical re-interpretation, to say the opposite. At OnePeterFive, there is both … Continue reading

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Book Excerpts begin today…

…on my substack blog called “That Your Faith May Not Fail” also known as “unfailing” or “indefectible”. This first post is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, which I am still in the process of writing. So you can read … Continue reading

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Question for my Readers: “I’m writing a book…”

I’m writing a book about the papal accusers, defending the Roman Pontiffs against their accusations. I was thinking, since I don’t have a lot of time to post while writing, that I might publish the first part of the book, … Continue reading

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Preparing for Good Friday

This year could be the year of the Warning of Garabandal. If so, it would be on Good Friday, which is April 2nd. There are not many days left to prepare. * Pray * Self-denial * Works of Mercy * … Continue reading

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A New Stage in the Rebellion against Pope Francis

The previously discussed article by Aldo Maria Valli ((in English here at 1P5) was immediately reposted by multiple Catholic media outlets, making his words their own: Rome is without a Pope. The progression of the schism went more or less … Continue reading

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Is Francis only Pope if He behaves like a Pope?

Aldo Maria Valli has written an article proclaiming that Rome is without a Pope. He reasons that if the Pope does not conform to Aldo’s understanding of what a Pope should be and should do, then the Pope is no … Continue reading

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Q&A on Papal Heresy

Are there any questions from my readers on papal heresy or specifically on the implications of the Vatican One Teaching that each Pope has the charism of truth and of never failing faith, which implies that no Pope can teach … Continue reading

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Catholics must speak up when shepherds contradict the Gospel?

There’s an article and a video show, where John-Henry Westen interviews Terry Barber on a particularly interesting question, what to do when Shepherds, like the Roman Pontiff and the Bishops, contradict the Gospel? It is just astounding how arrogant Westen … Continue reading

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Free Kindle book this weekend and monday

I have now set up a free for three days offer for my book Roman Catholic Teaching on Cooperation with Evil at in Kindle format Saturday, February 20, 2021; Sunday Feb. 21, and Monday, February 22, 2021, pacific coast … Continue reading

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Cooperation In Magisterial Documents

This section examines the application of the principles of cooperation with evil in magisterial documents. There is currently no complete exposition of the principles of cooperation with evil in any magisterial document of the Holy See (of which I am … Continue reading

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