My Predictions about Iran

Previously, in books and posts, I predicted:
* that Iran would obtain nuclear weapons (as of May of 2019, I believe they successfully obtained working nuclear bombs)
* that Hassan Rouhani would take the role of Supreme Leader, in place of Ali Khamenei, so that he would at the same time be President of Iran and Supreme Leader.
* that next he would consolidate power, so as to become a dictator
* that his goal in seizing power is to start an apocalyptic war with the West, so as to bring about the reappearance of al-Mahdi, the 12th Imam, and usher in a worldwide Islamic Caliphate.
* and he has no qualms about nuking an entire city, toward this goal.
* that after Rouhani consolidates power, he will announce that Iran has nukes, thereby initiating a rush by extremists to join with Iran against the West.
* then Iran makes a pact with ISIS and helps ISIS take control of Iraq, so that Iran can be at the head of Shiites and, by means of ISIS, the head of Sunnis as well.
* They will place like-minded extremists at the head of all the nations of that region, by supporting coups, by battles, or by outright (small) wars.
* Then they will be ready to attack the West, beginning with the U.S.

Be advised that the extremist version of Twelvers sometimes talk about killing everyone who refuses to convert to extremist Islam, up to billions of persons.

Please understand that I believe peaceful devout Muslims are in the grace of God, and will go to Heaven, along with all persons of good will. The persons I oppose are extremists, who are willing to massacre millions to obtain power for themselves. As for the Twelvers, I think only some of them are extremists. The belief in twelve prominent Imams, who succeeded Muhammad, peace be upon him, and other attendant beliefs does not make one an extremists.

Soon, the extremist Muslims will rise to power, and all Muslims will have to choose sides. Some will side with love of others and tolerance for those who disagree; others will side with the extremists and participate in terrible crimes against the innocent.

We are moving toward the start of the first part of the tribulation, the very beginning of the end times. The first suffering of the apocalypse is World War 3, between the Muslim extremists and the West. As a preparation for this event, Iran will first become the leader of the Arab Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa, along with Iraq, led by ISIS, and they will form one group of nations, with extremists in power in every nation.

The Coronavirus

The Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is devastating Iran. Soon Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei will die, either by the virus or by assassination, with the virus as the pretext for his killing. Then Rouhani will use the Coronavirus as his excuse for cancelling the next Iran Presidential elections (which he is not eligible to participate in). He will make himself the next Supreme Leader, and will retain the position of President, essentially for life. He will consolidate power, purging the civilian and military leadership of all opposition. He does this so that he can undertake his extremist-Twelver plan to start an apocalyptic war with the West, using nuclear weapons — a plan Ali Khamenei would not approve.

People in the West think that Khamenei is a danger, being a conservative, and that Rouhani is a “moderate”. But really Rouhani represents grave danger to the world, not Khamenei. Rouhani’s rise to power should be viewed by the world like Hitler’s rise to power. Seriously, he is that dangerous, that blood-thirsty, that wicked.

Once the Coronavirus finishes infecting most Iranians, those who survive are (probably) immune. So it will cease to be a problem for them, even as the rest of the world struggles.

Closing down a nation, to slow the virus, only slows the virus. Maybe it is the wisest course, as there might be a vaccine or treatment soon. But there are risks to either course.

The Warning

I think the most likely timing for the Warning, Consolation, and Miracle is 2022 or 2023, but it remains a possibility, an outside chance, that the Warning will be this Good Friday. Prepare your soul, in any case.

The Warning helps to initiate the end times by striking fear in the hearts of extremist Muslims, so that they rush to violence and to World War 3. They will be afraid that repentant Muslims will gain control, suppressing extremism and depriving them of power.

The Warning also precipitates the great schism in the Catholic Church. Many heretics, fearful that they will lose all power within religion, will break away from the Pope and set out on their own. They will be afraid that repentant Catholics will gain control, suppressing their religious extremism and depriving them of power. (Yes, I am comparing the papal accusers to extremist Muslims. All religious extremism is alike.)

In whatever year:
The Warning on Good Friday
The Consolation on Easter Sunday
The Miracle on May 11 or 12 (unless it is this year)

Be Vigilant

The Apocalypse draws near. The sufferings of today are only a preparation, so that should tell you how bad things will get when the end times actually arrive.

My books on the End Times and other subjects.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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  1. Todd Langis says:

    Here’s an interesting article on “The coronavirus could spell the end of Iran’s regime…” by the Jerusalem Post. Could it be possible? Maybe their journalists are being hopeful?? Who knows???

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