Month-long Rosary with Pope Francis (May 2021)

Here are the details. The Rosary begins 6 p.m. Rome Time, which is noon East Coast Time in U.S. Please join the holy Father in this prayer. Rosaries can be blessed by the Pope at 30 Marian shrines around the … Continue reading

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Valid Women Deacons leads to Invalid Women Priests

“By the fault of bad shepherds, the abominable will be embraced and the pain will be great for My poor children.” 5,122 Message from Our Lady, Queen of Peace 5/8/2021 My Speculation: that Pope Francis will approve of ordained women … Continue reading

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How the Catholic Right enables the German Synodal Way

At LifeSiteNews, there is an “Appeal” against the German Synodal Way and against the recent “blessing of lovers” in Germany. The latter was an event throughout Germany in which various Catholic clergy gave blessings to couples, including (and it seems … Continue reading

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Vigano’s Version of the Faith

I’ve noticed in the many, many interviews and articles by Carlo Vigano that he is essentially proposing a different version of Catholicism than has been taught by the Church … ever. It is a new version of the Catholic religion. … Continue reading

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New Document from Pope Francis drops May 11th

My hope is that this document will teach and clarify doctrines that will correct the errors of the far right in Catholicism, especially those who oppose the Pope. Perhaps the Pope will mention women deacons, or salvation for non-Christians. Here’s … Continue reading

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The Worsening of the Schism: Pope Saint Pius V

In an article on Crisis magazine, titled A Model Pope, Roberto de Mattei shows us how bad the schism has become. He discusses the next Roman Pontiff. The Cardinals who elect the next Roman Pontiff need a model Pope to … Continue reading

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Why Does God Permit Suffering?

I don’t have all the answers. These are some of my thoughts. Innocent children sometimes suffer much, while guilty adults sometimes suffer little. So the suffering that one experiences is not directly and proportionately related to how much one sins. … Continue reading

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There Is No Moving Beyond Vatican II

Note: There will come a day when a future Pope or Ecumenical Council will reaffirm the teachings of Vatican II on faith and morals as entirely infallible and as required belief under pain of heresy and excommunication. Anathema sint. Moving … Continue reading

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Do Pope Francis’ Vestments Contain A Pedophile Symbol? No.

What will the papal accusers think of next? This: the claim that his vestments contain a symbol used by pedophiles. [Insert swear words here.] The explanation is fairly simple. In summary, pedophiles have adopted and adapted a number of existing … Continue reading

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Bishop Gasser’s Relatio, the Dogma of Vatican I, and our Compassionate Lord

Bishop Vincent Gasser gave a Relatio to the fathers of Vatican I, just prior to their vote on Pastor Aeternus. Gasser was part of the delegation sent from the Roman Pontiff, Blessed Pope Pius IX, to speak to the Council … Continue reading

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Discussion of the Heretical Pope Fallacy article

This article by Emmett O’Regan is an excellent read. The Title is “The Heretical Pope Fallacy” and the meaning is that Popes cannot teach or commit heresy. Please give it a read, and perhaps we can discuss it on this … Continue reading

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The Formula of Pope Saint Hormisdas

Pope Saint Hormisdas (514-23) Note: this teaching was adopted by the First Vatican Council, making it dogma that the Apostolic See is unblemished (or unsullied) by any [grave] error. “The first condition of salvation is to keep the norm of … Continue reading

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