Which Vaccine Will You Take if any?

Moderna seems to have less side effects that Pfizer. AstraZeneca is similar to Johnson and Johnson vaccine. If I have a choice (I’m in the group last in line for vaccination), I’ll probably take the J&J vaccine; despite its “C” … Continue reading

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03: Distinguishing true from false Popes, Councils, Conclaves

A new article has been posted at my substack blog. Please consider joining. Some future posts there will not be available to everyone. RLCJ

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On The St. Francis Prophecy of an Heretical Pope

There is a prophecy attributed to St. Francis, which some commentators are applying to Pope Francis. Over at Where Peter Is, Emmett O’Regan argues that the prophecy is false. Fine, maybe it is. But after many years of study and … Continue reading

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A Proposal to established Ordained Deaconesses

Plan A — how a typical Catholic might imagine that the Pope would institute ordained women deacons. 1. Have a commission recommend ordaining women deacons 2. Consult with the Bishops and get their support 3. Teach that the Church has … Continue reading

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A Disordered Disarray of Papal Accusations at OnePeterFive

and the chief papal accuser at 1P5 — apart from the schismatic Bishops who use that web portal as their bullhorn — is Peter Kwasniewski. In his recent post at OnePeterFive, Peter Kwasniewski made a remarkable claim: “Of several popes … Continue reading

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Which Covid-19 Vaccines use Aborted Fetal Cell Lines?

Which Covid-19 Vaccines use Cell Lines derived from the cells of an aborted fetus? And how are those cell lines used? There are three possible answers to these questions: A. Some vaccines do not use Aborted Fetal Cell Lines (AFCLs). … Continue reading

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Will There Be Ordained Female Deacons?

The infallible teaching of Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, the Letter of Pope Saint John Paul II on priestly ordination is that the Church does not have the authority to ordain women to the priesthood. The teaching specifies priestly ordination, and ordination to … Continue reading

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Is Pope Francis is Preparing for Women Deacons?

Pope Francis admits women to ministries of lector and acolyte in new motu proprio. These ministries are required as stepping stones to the diaconate. A male ordained deacon must be a lector and acolyte prior to being ordained as a … Continue reading

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I Do Not Consent To These Lies

I Do Not Consent To These Lies I do not believe that U.S. President Donald Trump committed insurrection, nor incitement to insurrection, nor do I believe that he in any way incited the violence that occurred in and at the … Continue reading

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Vaccines and Aborted Fetal Cell Lines

There are many false and distorted claims being made about vaccines and cell lines from an aborted fetus. What is certain is that no vaccines contain any cells that were ever part of an aborted fetus (or any fetus). What … Continue reading

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How To Argue Against the Francis Accusers

Consider the “papal accusers”. Here, I am not referring to those faithful Catholics who accept Francis as their Teacher and Pastor, but have some doubts or limited criticisms of his words and deeds. Rather, I’m referring to those who have … Continue reading

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Carlo Vigano is an Antipope without the Title

In his latest public statement, Carlo Vigano, a schismatic Bishop who has rejected the authority of Pope Francis and of Vatican II, continues a pattern of behavior which is that of an antipope. It is solely the role of the … Continue reading

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