Prayer Request: my 20 Year Old Niece has Cancer

Update: my twenty year old niece, Amanda, has cancer. The cancer spread rapidly to her liver, spleen, lungs, and spine. It is considered stage IV metastatic cancer. She begins her treatment Tuesday, August 31st, 2021. The doctors say her treatment … Continue reading

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Clandestine Ordinations by John Paul II versus the Lefebvre Schism

OnePeterFive has published an openly schismatic article, one of many, which attempts to justify the schismatic ordinations of priests and bishops by Marcel Lefebvre by reference to the clandestine ordinations of priests by then-Cardinal Wojtyla (Pope Saint John Paul II). … Continue reading

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The Schismatics at OnePeterFive now accuse Pope Leo XIII

OnePeterFive, playground for Satan and his ilk, has never been content to attack Pope Francis and Vatican II, like so many other present-day heretics and schismatics. Instead, they have attacked a long list of Popes and many Councils (Vatican I … Continue reading

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Theology Q and A

Ask a theological question, get an answer (hopefully).

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Compilation of Sources on the Papal Charisms

This online booklet: Perennial Catholic Teaching on the Roman Pontiff is a compilations of sources — Popes, Saints, Bishops, Cardinals, Councils — on the papal charisms: his never failing faith, his freedom from heresy, his supreme authority which admits no … Continue reading

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How To Retain The Traditional Latin Mass

Why Traditionis Custodes? Pope Francis, in Traditionis Custodes, has stated his plan to make the Novus Ordo Mass the sole form of the Mass for the Latin Rite of the Church. But his reasons for doing so are also clear, … Continue reading

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The Pope Can Never Teach or Commit Heresy

The teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God and Savior, have been authoritatively interpreted by the Magisterium of the Church founded by our Lord on Peter as on a Rock, to mean that Peter and his successors, that … Continue reading

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Storytelling and Traditionis Custodes

Here we go again. The Remnant Newspaper, applauded by various traditionalist online websites, has published a non-investigative piece by Diana Montagna on the survey prior to Traditionis Custodes. Montagna quotes Francis well on this point: “I instructed the Congregation for … Continue reading

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Will the Church “die out for a period” until people improve?

Here is the claim made at the notorious website OnePeterFive, also found on the article author’s own blog: “So, I do not know where to go from here because as I said this crisis is a crisis for me because … Continue reading

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The Schismatic and Heretical Catholic Identity Conference (CIC)

At the heretical and schismatic website, OnePeterFive, this article described the current CIC (Catholic Identity Conference). It is clearly a conference where prominent heretics and schismatics speak, teach, and preach their errors. At 1P5, they say: “Unite the Clans.” This … Continue reading

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Archbishop Carlo M. Vigano Has Lost All Jurisdiction (part 1)

In 2018, in an open letter, Cardinal Ouellet (Prefect of the Congregation of the Bishops), with permission of the Roman Pontiff, replied publicly to accusations made by archbishop emeritus Carlo M. Vigano. One important point of the letter is this … Continue reading

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Love is the foundation of the eternal moral law

Love is the foundation of the eternal moral law God alone is good. The goodness of God is the basis for all morality. Everything created by God has goodness, but God alone is Goodness. Only God is perfect and infinite … Continue reading

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On the Rejection of Popes and Councils

First, the claim was: “Vatican II was merely pastoral; it was only non-infallible.” On that pretext, the Council is rejected. But this rejection of one Council led to the rejection of Vatican I also. And now I read from at … Continue reading

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