Clear and Growing Indications that Iran has Nuclear Weapons

I am now (9/6/19) certain that Iran currently possesses several nuclear bombs. And I think they will announce this soon. 1. Extensive new above-ground facilities at Fordow The uranium enrichment plant at Fordow was built secretly and under hundreds of … Continue reading

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Which are the Sheep and Which are the Wolves?

I saw a tall shepherd walking across the face of the earth. He was the chief shepherd, and almost all of the other shepherds followed and obeyed him. And because the other shepherds, as a body, followed and obeyed, I … Continue reading

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Iran’s (apparent) Nuclear Plan

In my considered opinion, the following appears to be the nuclear plan which Iran is currently following: Step One: Build a third uranium enrichment facility in secret, in addition to the two known facilities at Natanz and Fordow. This task … Continue reading

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The Papal Accusers have Usurped the Gifts of the Pope and the Bishops

1. Dogma: The Church is indefectible. The Church can never go astray. She can never lead anyone astray. She can never become corrupt. She can never be controlled by, nor led by evil or the devil. She can never teach … Continue reading

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The Authority to elect the Pope resides in the body of Bishops

Anyone accepted by the body of Bishops as Roman Pontiff is a valid Roman Pontiff, and no valid Pope can ever lose his validity (but he may validly resign). St. Robert Bellarmine held that if a man was invalidly elected, … Continue reading

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These Condemned Errors sound like the Papal Accusers

In the 15th century, the Council of Constance (1414-1418) condemned the errors of Jan Hus. Many of these errors seem entirely consonant with the words and/or behavior of the modern-day papal accusers. Let’s review some of the condemned errors and … Continue reading

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A Novel Argument in favor of Communion for the Divorced

I’ve not seen this point in any of the discussions about Amoris Laetitia, specifically the section that allows, in some limited cases, reception of holy Communion by the divorced and remarried. It is a solid theological argument, based not only … Continue reading

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Comprehensive Reply to the Papal Accusers

The Errors The conservative papal accusers have progressed in their grave sins: from criticizing Pope Francis’ teaching; to criticizing everything he says and does, whether doctrine, discipline, or opinion; to attacking any Cardinal or Bishop who teaches or acts contrary … Continue reading

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Proof that Each Pope is Chosen by God

The papal critics lay the foundation for their assaults on Pope Francis (soon to be known as: Pope Saint Francis I) by asserting falsehoods to use a premises for their faulty arguments and false assertions. The cornerstone of this foundation … Continue reading

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Are the Divorced and Remarried Saved?

There has been much controversy about whether divorced and remarried persons should be permitted to receive Communion. By divorced and remarried, we mean: 1. a person who has a previous marriage, 2. to a person still living, 3. which seem … Continue reading

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Three Gifts that make Each Pope the Rock

The list of quotes from Church documents without commentary is here: The Roman Pontiff: Immunity from Error and Never-failing Faith ( Each Pope has three gifts, not three only, but three pertaining to the possibility of error. 1. Papal Infallibility … Continue reading


Is the Pope changing a dogma on the death penalty?

A related question is: Is the Pope is saying that the death penalty is intrinsically evil? First lets carefully read the new revised numeral (It is ‘new’ because it was previously revised by Pope St. John Paul II as well): “2267 … Continue reading

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Second prayer request

Thanks to everyone who prayed for my mother, Carol Conte, while she was suffering from dementia. My mom passed away last week. I’m asking for prayers for her soul in purgatory. Thanks. Ron

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Dawn Eden replies to Austin Ruse

Dawn Eden Goldstein, S.Th.D. replies here: Response to Austin Ruse (Friday, August 23, 2019) to Austin Ruse’s personal attacks at Crisis magazine: Dawn Eden: from “rock historian” to Grand Inquisitor (August 23, 2019 )

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Ed Peters on Fr. Sosa and heresy

Dr. Ed Peters: Rev. Sosa’s remarks on the devil warrant official response (August 22, 2019) The hypocrisy here is just stunning. Dr. Ed Peters, who has repeatedly publicly asserted, promoted, and taught heresy, is suggesting that the Church investigate and … Continue reading

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Soteriology: Implicit Perfect Contrition

Suppose that a non-Christian or a non-Catholic Christians enters the state of grace by some form of baptism. What happens if they fall out of grace by an actual mortal sin? They do not have access to Confession (except for … Continue reading

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Scott Eric Alt on “Infiltration”

Here’s the link to a Patheos post by Scott Eric Alt. It’s a good read. He explains what Taylor Marshall is claiming about the Popes and the Church. Scott Alt concludes: “For Marshall does not just attack Pope Francis; he … Continue reading

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Will the Amazon Synod ordain “viri probati”?

The Latin term “viri probati” means “tested men”. The suggestion that viri probati be ordained as priests is often misinterpreted as ordaining married men. That is not inherent in the term. And it need not be the application of that … Continue reading


New Free Newsletter

I’ve Cancelled my free Newsletter. Not enough persons signed up. I’ve set up a new free monthly Newsletter: Topics are Pope, Catholic theology, salvation, ethics, and a discussion of the end times, including the ongoing conservative schism. No fee … Continue reading


Prayer Request

Updated: My mother passed away recently. Thanks to everyone who prayed for her. Please pray for my mother’s departed soul. thanks Ron Conte

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