Join me in Praying the Rosa Mystica devotion – Dec. 1-12

Join me in praying the Rosa Mystica devotion on: Dec 1 – 12 The Blessed Virgin Mary: * “it is my wish to be appealed to and venerated as Rosa Mystica.” * “I wish the 13th of each month to … Continue reading

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Communion for the Remarried: Joseph Ratzinger

In a work of private theology, Joseph Ratzinger (1972) — who became Pope Benedict XVI — opined that the divorced and remarried should be admitted to Communion, in some cases, despite living with their second partner while the first valid … Continue reading

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Where Does The Authority To Elect A Pope Reside?

Where Does The Authority To Elect A Pope Reside? In the body of Bishops. Currently, the College of Cardinals elects each successive Roman Pontiff. But this does not occur of necessity. The first Pope, Saint Peter, was “elected” (chosen) by … Continue reading

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Questions for the Papal Accusers

A. How can Pope Francis — the successor of Peter, the Roman pontiff, the Prince of the Apostles, the true vicar of Christ, the Head of the whole Church, the father and teacher of all Christian people — be guilty … Continue reading

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The One World Religion of the Antichrist

1. The Antichrist is not in the world today. There is a common opinion that the tribulation is divided into two parts, the lesser and greater tribulation. The lesser tribulation occurs first, with a length of time in-between the two … Continue reading

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Proof that Pope emeritus Benedict is Not still Pope

One prominent theory among the papal accusers is that Pope Francis was never the valid Roman Pontiff. The reason given is that Benedict’s resignation was invalid, making him still the Pope. This would then imply that any subsequent election would … Continue reading

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Theology Q and A

1. Was St. Joseph resurrected? No. Only Jesus and the virgin Mary have received the resurrection. St. Joseph is in heaven in soul only, not in body. The Virgin Mary told Saint Bridget that there are no resurrected human bodies … Continue reading

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A Story of Self-Sacrifice

I recall a story told by a priest in a sermon at Mass many years ago. There was a boy who was very ill, and he had a rare blood type. Donors were scarce, and so the doctors had to … Continue reading

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Rosa Mystica: Most Pure Rose of the Most Sacred Mysteries

What does it mean to call the Blessed Virgin Mary the Rosa Mystica? The phrase Rosa Mystica means Mystical Rose. But all true mysteries are of God. And the Virgin Mary, as the Mother of God, certain is closest to … Continue reading

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Why Salvation for Atheists is so important

If an atheist can be saved, without converting to belief in God, this implies that believers in almost any religion can be saved, even if the religion provides no substantial help along the path of salvation (like the polytheistic religions). … Continue reading

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Theological Errors on the Catholic Right

But not all conservatives or traditionalists have fallen into error. Consider, for example, Fr. Z.’s post rebuking a reader who said: “I UTTERLY reject Jorge Bergoglio as a false prophet of the devil”. He tells her she is in danger … Continue reading

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Salvation for LGBT Persons

In order to be saved and go to Heaven, a person must die in the state of grace. The claim that it is not possible for a person to be in the state of grace, due to certain choices that … Continue reading

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The Unity of the Papal Gifts

Every Pope accepted by the body of Bishops as Roman Pontiff is valid, perpetually and irrevocably, until his death or valid resignation. Every Roman Pontiff is the successor of blessed Peter, and so he holds a world-wide primacy as the … Continue reading


The First Vatican Council on the Gift of a Never-Failing Faith

It is a dogma of Vatican I that each valid Roman Pontiff has the “charism” of truth and of a never-failing faith as a gift from God for the sake of our salvation: From Vatican I, Pastor Aeternus, chapter 4, … Continue reading


Soon the Conservatives Schismatics Will Walk Out of the Church

The rhetoric against Pope Francis has been getting progressively worse. I thought things reached their peak when he was accused of formal heresy by the Open Letter. But then they went on to accuse him of apostasy, which then seemed … Continue reading

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Does Carlo Vigano believe Pope Francis is an Antipope?

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, in his latest public article (11/19/19), accuses Pope Francis of apostasy: Abp. Viganò: The World Neo-Religion Will Have Its Temple — With the Pope’s Approval. The first accusation in the article is in its title: The … Continue reading

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My post on Whether God wills a diversity of religions

The post is here: Does God will many religions?. It’s not such a simple question. The papal accusers are guilty of over-simplifying the Faith, and of dogmatizing their own speculative answers to questions. They behave as if they had the … Continue reading


Taylor Marshall’s Anti-Jewish and Anti-Islamic Views

Taylor Marshall on Salvation for Jews and Muslims Like the Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Taylor R. Marshall Ph.D. (philosophy) does not believe that Jews and Muslims can be saved unless they convert to Christianity. He does not see Islam as a … Continue reading

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Bishop Athanasius Schneider’s Accusation against Jews and Muslims

From the interview of July 12th, 2013: Bishop Athanasius Schneider: “It has to be clarified, because there is, there are two substantial different levels, substantial different levels, because we as Catholics we can adore, we do adore God always as … Continue reading

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Salvation for Non-Christians

Are non-Christians often saved, even if they never convert to Christianity? Yes. The mercy and grace of God brings then into the state of grace and keeps them in it, if they love their neighbor. However, not all are saved. … Continue reading

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