My Recommended Prayer Anytime of the Year

I recommend to you the following prayer for use at any time of the year, but especially during holy week: The Prayer of Praise to Saint Joseph This is an effective prayer to Saint Joseph. Ronald L Conte Jr

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Questions and Answers on Theology

Ask your question in the comments below. Questions can be on any topic in theology (no guarantee I’ll have an answer). I’m suggesting some questions on the topic of salvation, but any theology topic is fine.

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the latest Catholic Theology Q&A post (closed)

submit your questions in the comments section below.

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Will F16s escalate the War in Ukraine?

First things first. Russia is gravely wrong to invade Ukraine, and Ukraine has a right to defend its people and territory. Then other nations can and should give assistance to Ukraine in its self-defense. Now, not everything done in the … Continue reading

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Catholic Theology Question and Answer (closed)

Post your questions in the comments. Please keep the questions to theology and any other topics related to my writings on this blog. One or two questions per post, not a list of questions.

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My Comments on the Russia-Ukraine War

UPDATE (5/10/2023) the website has been updated as of May 9th, adding another half a million artillery shells (155mm type) to the list of U.S. aid to Ukraine. This brings the number of 155mm shells to 2 million, and … Continue reading

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Wagner boss Prigozhin declares “Take no prisoners” violating 1907 Hague Convention

Here is the news story, Wagner Group boss tells his mercenaries ‘not to take POWs’, as reported by the Kyiv Independent in Ukraine. “We will kill everyone on the battlefield. Take no more prisoners of the war!”, Prigozhin said on … Continue reading

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On the claim that some Ecumenical Councils failed

Some of the papal accusers attack Ecumenical Councils by saying that a valid Council can “fail”. In this way, they nullify the authority and teaching of these Councils, whose authority and teaching is from Christ, by the Pope and the … Continue reading

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Do You Have to be Christian to be Saved and go to Heaven?

Do You Have to be Christian to be Saved and go to Heaven? Today’s Q&A Does a person have to be a baptized Christian in order to be saved and end up in Heaven after they die? The official teaching … Continue reading

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Three Ways China might control Taiwan

The Institute for the Study of War has joined with the American Enterprise Institute, to analyze the situation between China and Taiwan. Their recent document proposes three methods China might use to gain control of Taiwan, and their assessment is … Continue reading

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If the Warning is Tomorrow (April 7, 2023)…

If the Warning of Garabandal is tomorrow — Good Friday, April 7th of 2023 — then it should occur at 8:51 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (i.e. the time in New York, Boston, or Miami). This timing is based on my … Continue reading

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Reply to Fr. Murray on Lay Voters at Synods

In his article of 27 March 2023, Fr. Gerald E. Murray objects to a decision of Pope Francis in his 15 September 2018 document Episcopalis Communio. Murray’s main objection is that lay men and women are permitted to vote in … Continue reading

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