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Rome will lose the Faith and become the Seat of the Antichrist

If I present anything from private revelation, even to a Blessed or Saint, my theological opponents will cry out: “We don’t have to believe anything in private revelation”. True enough. But when the contents of a private revelation please them, … Continue reading

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On Packing the U.S. Senate

In addition to an attempt to “pack” the Supreme Court of the United States, House Democrats are now attempting to pack, in a sense, the Senate. Currently, the Senate has 50 Republicans and 48 Democrats plus 2 liberal Independents. The … Continue reading

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On Packing the U.S. Supreme Court

I don’t do much politics on this site. I will sometimes comment on U.S. politics of national importance. Today’s topic is the plan by House Democrats to push a bill that will change the makeup of the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) … Continue reading

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Medjugorje Visionary says Second of Month will be important

I know why the date of the second of the month is said by one of the visionaries of Medjugorje to be important. Basically, the first part of the tribulation ends with a certain timing, and the second of the … Continue reading

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On Preaching Heresy and Schism from Ivory Tower and Closed Gardens

Many of the papal accusers — Schneider, Vigano, Burke, Marshall and many others — preach their lies, their heresies, their hatred for the Roman Pontiff, their rejection of Vatican I and II, and their schism from ivory towers and closed … Continue reading

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One World Government and One World Religion: good ideas or not?

These are two fears often mentioned on the far right, especially with regard to Pope Francis. They are afraid that he is trying to turn the Catholic Religion into one religion that encompasses all belief systems. The other fear is … Continue reading

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New article on the Innocence of the Popes

This series of articles at my substack blog “The Innocence of the Popes” is a long series of excerpts from my book (the title of which is “Reply to Papal Accusers”). See my substack blog here or sign up if … Continue reading

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Was Jesus Really Sexually Abused? No.

Be advised that content in this post is on a mature topic, contains some sexually explicit language, and may offend or upset some persons. The post covers the topic of sexual abuse and contains some explicit descriptions of sexual torture … Continue reading

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The Chair of Pestilence – Reply to Twitter Abuse

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On Good Friday, I defended the Lord Jesus Christ against a blasphemous claim, in a Patheos article, that he was raped and sexually tortured during His Passion and Crucifixion. The suggestion was even made that some of these extreme sexual … Continue reading

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Can non-infallible decisions of the Church Err?

Can non-infallible decisions of the Church on doctrine or discipline (prudential judgment) be wrong? Yes, but not to a grave extent. So if the decision is either a grave error, or it is right, it must be right.

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The indefectibility of the Apostolic College

The Church, the Roman Pontiff, and the body of Bishops are each and all indefectible. They cannot fail in faith, they cannot err gravely on doctrine or discipline, and they cannot go astray or lead astray. The body of Bishops … Continue reading

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Holy Thursday: Institution of the Priesthood

We know that the Church considers the Last Supper (the first Mass ever) to be the event that instituted the priesthood. And of course, there can be no Mass and no Eucharist without a priest (a bishop is a kind … Continue reading

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