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Does God will many religions?

Well, of course the answer is Yes and No. Before the fact of our sinfulness, No, God does not will many religions. [1 Timothy 2] {2:1} And so I beg you, first of all, to make supplications, prayers, petitions, and … Continue reading

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Which Words or Deeds constitute Formal Schism?

Many conservative Catholics are in a state of formal schism. They continue to go to Mass and receive Communion. They continue to think themselves to be Catholics. But they are, as a matter of fact and law, schismatics who are … Continue reading

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Mr. Theodore Edgar McCarrick has been laicized

Communication of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith 16 Feb. 2019 “On 11 January 2019, the Congresso of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, at the conclusion of a penal process, issued a decree finding Theodore … Continue reading

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Take a look at:

This website is worth a read:

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Salvation is not Restricted to Christians

The heresy of Feeneyism — promoted and taught over at — is not the teaching of the Catholic Faith. Instead, the Church teaches that salvation is possible for persons who are not formal members of the Roman Catholic Church. … Continue reading

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Dr. Ed Peters thinks Automatic Penalties are confusing

On his Canon Law Blog, Dr. Ed Peters gives us the usual, overly complicated look at why Canon law doesn’t clearly excommunicate persons whom it seems to excommunicate because it’s all so complicated. But as Peters has pointed out, the … Continue reading

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Vatican Approves Miracle by intercession of Cardinal Newman

A miracle has been approved by the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints and Pope Francis, attributed to the intercession of Blessed John Henry Newman, Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church. Cardinal Newman is soon to be Saint … Continue reading

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New post: the Church’s abuse crisis is not caused by gay priests

Homosexuality is not the cause of the Church’s abuse crisis The post is mainly a set of quotes on the subject. The empirical evidence is very clear. Just as in secular society, most child abusers are not gay men. They … Continue reading

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Should Vaccines Be Required By Law?

Here’s the news story: Hundreds protest against Washington state vaccine bill that would require measles shots. When I was in college, it was discovered that the MMR shot given to children years ago, children who were at that point in … Continue reading

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Christine Niles’ Heresy on Baptism

In an article at Church Militant, she expresses the view that the baptism of desire is never implicit. It is only ever explicit, and it has certain set conditions that must be met, making the baptism of desire, in her … Continue reading

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How Heresy Works

1. The typical Catholic heretic does not realize he is teaching heresy. He has convinced himself that his own understanding is correct. That’s pride, of course. Once in a while I run across a teacher of heresy who, as far … Continue reading

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Cardinal Muller Knows Something!

Why did the Cardinal issue this Manifesto? My guess is that he found out Pope Francis is about to issue a teaching with which the Cardinal disagrees, so he is setting up a fortified doctrinal position to resist that papal … Continue reading

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Who Has Supernatural Faith?

Which human persons possess the infused theological virtue of faith? 1. Persons who have just been baptized with water in the formal Sacrament of baptism. 2. Baptized persons who have not committed any actual mortal sin. 3. Baptized persons who … Continue reading

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Missing Mass and Mental Illness

Is it a sin to miss Mass, if the reason is some mental illness, such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, etc.? To miss Mass on a Sunday or holy day of obligation, without sin, you only need a … Continue reading

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Church Militant is selling a Bible falsely called “The official Bible of the Catholic Church”

Here’s the link: “Latin Bible Sacra Vulgata” The Church Militant store calls this version of the Latin Vulgate “The official Bible of the Catholic Church”. That is false for a few reasons. First, the edition is question is called … Continue reading

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Church Militant is getting into the Cruise Business

In researching my book on Michael Voris, I’ve discovered that St. Michael’s Media, Inc., which operates under the assumed name of Church Militant, also has registered an assumed business name of “Catholic Cruise Consultants.” And they have set up a … Continue reading

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The Pope versus Michael Voris

Michael Voris has accused Pope Francis of being in a state of unrepentant actual mortal sin. “Thou shalt not bear false witness” against the Vicar of Christ. Michael Voris has put himself above every Cardinal and Bishop on earth, to … Continue reading

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Book on Michael Voris

I’m hard at work on a book about the theology, rhetoric, and methodology of Michael Voris and Church Militant. If you’d like to help me out or offer encouragement, please consider signing up as a supporter: I’m looking for … Continue reading

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new Web Address for this blog

I’ve changed the address for this blog from “” to simply “”. I’ve also removed ads from the blog, at the suggestion of a supporter.

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Michael Voris: Insults, Name-calling, and Calumny

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NOTE: I am working on a book about Voris which will prove the errors in his theology and his method of preaching. Michael Voris video title: “The Vortex — Completely Mental” subtitle: “Touched. Off his rocker. Out to lunch.” Feb … Continue reading

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