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The Search for Loopholes in the Magisterium

The Vatican II loophole: the claim that since Vatican II, everything has changed, and therefore the older Councils and teachings can be ignored or revised. This is a common liberal claim, and it is contrary to faith. Whether you consider … Continue reading

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A Second Wave of Covid-19 Cases This Winter

A second wave of Covid-19 cases and deaths is coming to the U.S. and other nations this winter. July had 2 million cases and 26,000 deaths. The winter months could have anywhere from 5 to 10 to 15 million cases … Continue reading

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When the Church was right about Science

Since at least Vatican I, the Catholic Church has taught that the universe (material Creation) was created at a certain point in time (essentially at the beginning of Time) and that it is finite. But as late as the 1920’s, … Continue reading

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Cardinal Manning on Vatican I

The Vatican Council and Its Definitions: A Pastoral Letter to the Clergy by Henry Edward Manning, Archbishop of Westminster, one of the fathers of the First Vatican Council. The above link is to a digitized and OCRed copy of the … Continue reading

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The Morality of Receiving a Covid-19 Vaccine

A U.S. Bishop, Strickland of Tyler, Texas, has publicly stated that people should reject any vaccine developed using aborted chlidren. Strickland: “I renew my call that we reject any vaccine that is developed using aborted children. Even if it originated … Continue reading

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A Condemnation of the Book Christus Vincit

The book in question is titled “Christus Vincit”, meaning “Christ Conquers” [1]. What kind of a book it is? It’s an interview book; Bishop Athanasius Schneider is interviewed by Diane Montagna. Be advised that I have nothing against Ms. Montagna, … Continue reading

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The Infallibility of Ecumenical Councils

Formerly, I thought that Councils could teach infallibly, or non-infallibly. And the non-infallible teachings had limited possibility of error. But Bellarmine says that everything taught by a Council (i.e. on faith and morals) is infallible, as the teaching is of … Continue reading

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Reply to Peter Kwasniewski’s Three Possibilities on Vatican II

Over at OnePeterFive, Peter wrote an article titled: “Why Viganò’s Critique of the Council Must Be Taken Seriously”. Is the answer, because there’s an internet? Vigano would not have fared well under any Pope before the internet, as he would … Continue reading

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Faith in the True Magisterium

Each and every valid Roman Pontiff, from Peter to Francis and beyond has the divinely-conferred charism of truth and never failing faith. A Pope is necessarily the valid Roman Pontiff who is accepted by the body of Bishops as the … Continue reading

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Fr. Chad Ripperger accuses Saint Peter

In making accusation after accusation against Pope after Pope, Ripperger accuses Saint Peter of the same. For nothing is permitted to the successors of Peter that was not permitted of Peter himself. And finally, Ripperger does accuse Peter himself. I … Continue reading

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Can a Pope teach grave error or heresy inadvertently or inculpably?

Can a Pope teach an objective heresy or other grave error, inculpably, by ignorance, and without any deliberate knowing fault? In such a case, he would not be guilty of formal heresy, but his teaching would be either material heresy, … Continue reading

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Post Your Prayer Requests Here

If you have a prayer request, please post it here in the comments. (comments are moderated, so it may be a while before the request appears) RLCJ

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Bellarmine, Taylor Marshall, and Ryan Grant on Papal Faith

First, a review of what Bellarmine says. In the book On the Roman Pontiff, book 2, chapter 30, Saint Robert Bellarmine considers a proposition called “the tenth argument”. “The tenth argument. A Pope can be judged and deposed by the … Continue reading

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Can Popes be Heretics?

No. The First Vatican Council infallibly taught that each valid Roman Pontiff has the gift of truth and a never failing faith. Therefore, each and every valid Pope is preserved from all grave failures of faith, including apostasy, heresy, and … Continue reading

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Do the papal accusers have any faith at all?

I honestly wonder whether some of the papal accusers might possibly be devoid of supernatural faith. I can’t know if that is the case or not by their exterior and very public sins. But I have to wonder. They don’t … Continue reading

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Fertile Soil for the Seeds of Schism

*conservative Catholics are being put to the test by God* Heresy is fertile soil for the seeds of schism. Before the reign of Pope Francis, during the papacies of Pope Saint John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, I noticed … Continue reading

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My article on Hydroxychloroquine

Is hydroxychloroquine effective against Covid-19? See my article on And don’t call it the “Trump drug”. Medical care and science should not be politicized. RLCJ

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Is Taylor Marshall a sedevacantist? Yes.

I would say, “Yes.” His book “Infiltration” accuses every Pope from Pius 12th to Pope Francis of grave errors on doctrine and discipline, and accuses Vatican II of teaching heresy. A heretical Pope cannot be valid. So, having accused the … Continue reading

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How can I obtain the help of God?

Do you have a serious problem that requires the help of God? Prayer, self-denial, and works of mercy are the path to salvation and the path to obtaining the grace and providence of God. But if you have a particularly … Continue reading

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Open Letter to the Papal Accusers

You have accused Pope Francis of propagating heresy, of teaching material heresy, and some of you have accused him of the canonical delict of formal heresy. You have also accused Pope Francis of idolatry and of syncretism. The meaning of … Continue reading

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