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The indefectibility of the Church, the Pope, and the body of Bishops

The Church is indefectible. She can never fail, nor lead astray, nor be led astray. She can never lose the four marks of Her character as a Church: one, holy, catholic, and apostolic. And She will always have a succession … Continue reading

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Fr. James Altman speaks to Bishops and the Pope

At the “Reparation Now! Uncancel The Faithful Rally”, Fr. James Altman spoke publicly, in violation of his own Bishop’s orders. Fr. Altman called his Bishop “William” and “that Miter”. Altman also called the Bishop’s decree against him “pathetic”. He then … Continue reading

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Are The Saved Many or Few? Book Excerpt

From my book: Forgiveness and Salvation for Everyone What does Jesus say about how many souls go to Hell? [Matthew] {7:13} Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate, and broad is the way, which leads to perdition, … Continue reading

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A Schismatic Statement on the traditional Latin Mass

This statement published on OnePeterFive and other sites is formally patently schismatic: 1. It is a statement “TO THE CATHOLICS OF THE WHOLE WORLD” and therefore public and deliberate; it is not a passing or extemporaneous remark. 2. Their knowledge … Continue reading

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Pope Francis: baptism and children of God

In this Pope Francis General Audience, the Pope states that all human persons are children of God, as God is their Creator. But the baptized are children of God by spiritual adoption. A teaching of the Council of Trent, not … Continue reading

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Have the Opponents of Pope Francis Capitulated?

When Pope Francis was elected, there was skepticism and concern. Then this progressed to accusations of confusion and ambiguity. Then there were worse accusations, accusing the Pope of undermining doctrine and “tradition”. Public petitions and letters were issued. The Dubia … Continue reading

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Aldo Maria Valli versus Indefectibility

On 7 July 2021, Aldo Maria Valli published an article rejecting the indefectibility of the Church and Her Apostolic character. This was written, as the title of the article states: While the Pope is in the Hospital. Pope Francis was … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Could Invalidate the TLM

Please note that this article is speculative, and I will submit to whatever the Magisterium decides on this question. In this suggestion, the Pope could change the requirements for validity, so a valid TLM would still be possible, but only … Continue reading

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Grave Errors in a Catholic World Report article

Introduction Recent articles online speak as if the papacy were simply an artifice of the people, to be changed or limited in whatever way they wish. A similar approach is to claim that the “true” nature of the papacy is … Continue reading

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A Critical Review of OnePeterFive: part one

Over at OnePeterFive, they are under new management. “Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.” The previous editor-in-chief, Steve Skojec, called Pope Francis “our heretical Pope” and noted that most of the attention at his own website, 1P5, … Continue reading

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Pope Francis continues teaching from Galatians

Pope Francis: Even today, people come and harangue us, saying, “No, holiness is in these precepts, in these things, you must do this and that”, and propose an inflexible religiosity, the inflexibility that takes away from us that freedom in … Continue reading

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An Heretical and Schismatic Article at Rorate Caeli

It is bizarre to live during the time of one of the major heresies and schisms of the Catholic Faith. Living today is like living during the time of the Arians, or Nestorians, or Jansenism, or the like. In this … Continue reading

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