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Contra Timothy Gordon on the Wickedness of Any Pope

YouTube enthusiast Timothy Gordon opines that Pope Francis is the worst and most wicked Pope ever. How does he know the soul of the Pope? More importantly, is it possible that God permits wicked Popes to be the Head of … Continue reading

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Can Pope Francis excommunicate those who reject Traditionis?

There was a controversy in the early Church on when to celebrate the Crucifixion of Jesus: according to the timing in the Jewish faith for Passover, Nisan 14, or instead according to the day of the week, Friday [1]. Saint … Continue reading

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Reply to the TLM Growth and Numbers argument

More than a few traditionalist authors are making an argument for why the TLM should not be restricted: the traditional Latin Mass has seen a growth in the number of Masses and the number of attendees over the past few … Continue reading

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Pope Francis is not attacking the Latin Mass

How can I say that, when the holy Father has stated his intention to bring an end to the Traditional Latin Mass? The problem is not the Latin Mass, but the people who use it as a way to gather … Continue reading

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Why did God choose Wheat Bread and Grape Wine?

Why did Jesus the Son of God choose wheat bread and grape wine for the Eucharist? The reasons are numerous. 1. As foods preferred by the wealthy, there would always be wheat bread and grape wine available, throughout the future … Continue reading

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Reply to Bishop Schneider on Traditionis Custodes

Bishop Athanasius Schneider is a schismatic and heretic as proven by his most recent interview, on Traditionis Custodes. Here is the interview at Rorate Caeli, which translates from the Latin as “the turning of the heavens” or, more literally, “the … Continue reading

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The Necessity and Tragedy of Traditionis Custodes

The necessity of Traditionis Custodes is to correct heresy and schism that has gravely harmed the Church and many faithful. What happened is that many traditionalist leaders have taught heresy and committed schism. And many conservative leaders, who do not … Continue reading

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The Big Lie: Traditionalist Orthodoxy

In the article “Pope sends discouraging message,” Charles Lewis has this to say: “There is less confusion about Church teachings among those who take part in the Latin Mass than in any other corner of Catholicism. It is one of … Continue reading

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Ecumenical Councils approved by the Pope Never Err on Doctrine

Bellarmine: “A general Council represents the universal Church, and hence has the consensus of the universal Church; therefore, if the Church cannot err, neither can a legitimate and approved Ecumenical Council err.” However, this only applies to what is approved … Continue reading

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Proposed Solution to the Current Heresies and Schism

First: the Church is run by God. It was God who decided to take away the TLM. You are fighting Christ, not Francis. I’ve discussed the problems in the Church today many times, so I won’t repeat that description here. … Continue reading

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There Is Only One Mass: the Mass of All Times

There is only one Mass and one Church. But that one Mass takes many forms. The Mass of the Last Supper is the Mass of the early Church, with a form that varied greatly, which is the Masses of the … Continue reading

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Cardinal Burke appears to be in Schism

A “Statement on the Motu Proprio Traditionis Custodes” by Cardinal Raymond L Burke deprives the Roman Pontiff of his full authority as a successor of Saint Peter. And the way that he does it is without theological argument; he simply … Continue reading

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