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Fr. Z. and the Heresy of Reception Theory

Father John Zuhlsdorf, who styles himself “Fr. Z.”, has repeatedly promoted a version of “reception theory” which is heretical and schismatic. He uses reception theory as a way to fend off the supreme authority of the Roman Pontiff and the … Continue reading

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Cardinal Angelo Scola on Those Who Oppose Pope Francis

Please consider reading this article from America magazine. In it, Cardinal Angelo Scola speaks at length about Pope Francis, and about those who oppose him. It is an excellent point of view on the current controversy. RLCJ

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Pope Saint Pius X on Faith in the Pope and the Church

Pope Saint Pius X, 1903-1914, Oath against Modernism (1910): “I … firmly embrace and accept each and every definition that has been set forth and declared by the unerring teaching authority of the Church…. I believe with equally firm faith … Continue reading

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No imperfect Council can judge or depose a Pope

Those who accuse Popes of grave errors and grave failings of faith — the papal accusers — often claim that an “imperfect” Ecumenical Council can depose the Pope. Such a Council is not truly Ecumenical, as it exists in opposition … Continue reading

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Heresy, Schism, Blasphemy at OnePeterFive

OnePeterFive has published an article which states the following heretical, schismatic, and blasphemous claim: “I believe Pope Francis to be in the possession of Satan.” The article is I Fear the Worst about Pope Francis by J.B. Toner and dated … Continue reading

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Should Catholics Resist Popes or Councils? No.

The following six claims are from the article “The False ‘Obedience’ of Cowardly and Confused Catholics“. This schismatic and heretical article is a good summary of some common errors among those who reject Popes and or Councils, by putting their … Continue reading

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“We’re just like St. Catherine of Siena.” Liars.

They say that St. Catherine rebuked two Popes. She had a number of things to say, especially that the Popes should return to Rome from Avignon. But when I read one of her letters [Catherine of Siena: Letter 74 To … Continue reading

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On the Sinful Practice of Trashing Bishops

Those who accuse Pope Francis of grave errors and grave failings of faith, contrary to the ancient and constant teaching of the Church, often also attack any Bishop on the planet, if they hear that he speaks or acts, at … Continue reading

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What if Canonizations are not infallible?

The position of the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints is that canonizations fall under Papal Infallibility: The Congregation for the Causes of the Saints: “it is the opinion of the majority of theologians that canonizations done by the … Continue reading

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When did the Pontificate of Pope Saint Peter begin?

When did the Pontificate of Pope Saint Peter begin? At the Ascension of Christ, according to Lyons I, St. Thomas, Pope Leo XIII, Pope Pius XII, and Saint Ambrose. Lyons I: “But when, after his Resurrection, he was about to … Continue reading

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Fr. Z. promotes the heresy of Reception Theory

Here is the Fr. John Zuhlsdorf post, and not the only one, which promotes “reception theory”. The claim is that a law is not a law unless it is received by the community to which it applies. If they decide … Continue reading

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The Wicked Lie called “Saint Gallen Mafia”

A group of Cardinals repeatedly gathered to discuss the future of the Church and the papacy. They met in a town called Saint Gallen, Switzerland. There is nothing nefarious about Cardinals meeting to discuss the Church and the papacy. Cardinals … Continue reading

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