Do any of my Readers have COVID19?

If so, how are you doing? Do you have medical treatment?

And for the rest of my readers, who are not diagnosed with COVID19, how you are you handling the shutdown? Is everyone in your family OK?

Remember, a person can be infected and contagious for two weeks, possibly longer, before showing symptoms [1]. You can have symptoms that are very mild or atypical, so that don’t realize it is COVID19 [2]. And after recovery, a person can be contagious for up to 8 to 13 days. All of this is according to recent research [3].

So be careful not to spread the disease, even if you have no symptoms, or seem to have recovered.

Grace and peace to you all. May the providence of God protect you.


[1] Aguilar, Jacob B., and Juan B. Gutierrez. “Investigating the Impact of Asymptomatic Carriers on COVID-19 Transmission.” medRxiv (2020).

Click to access 2020.03.18.20037994.full.pdf

[2] Lan, Lan, et al. “Positive RT-PCR test results in patients recovered from COVID-19.” Jama (2020).

[3] Sun, Jiumeng, et al. “COVID-19: epidemiology, evolution, and cross-disciplinary perspectives.” Trends in Molecular Medicine (2020).

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13 Responses to Do any of my Readers have COVID19?

  1. Teresa says:

    No corona virus in our house. We’re doing ok and hope you are, as well. Our PA county is under ‘stay at home’ orders until at least April 6. God bless!

  2. Maria Dolores says:

    Hi Ron. In my family we are all fine, thank God.
    Here in Spain situation is getting critical, so I beg you all of your readers to be extremely cautious and go beyond any orders or instructions given by your authorities. Separate yourself even at home, disinfect daily your belongings, bathroom, kitchen and everything else usually touched by your hands (with bleach, sodium hypochlorite diluted in water), and wash your hands twenty times per day. It’s a daily battle to keep the virus at bay from entering your home and your family.
    I’m sorry to say this, but I expect a huge growth in the US and lots of social unrest or even riots if you enter the phase when the virus grows exponentially. In addition, in the US you don’t have robust public health systems that can provide for most of the population. Urge your authorities to take stricter measures as soon as possible.
    May God bless you all. In life and in death, we belong to God.

  3. David says:

    I do not have COVID, neither does my mother who I live with. My mom is 60, has chronic illnesses, and can not go out much at all due to them. I am staying home as much as possible and when I am forced to go out by necessity practicing maximum social distancing, even beyond what is reccomended, as I don’t want her to get sick from this. So far we are doing good.

    Our state (Illinois) currently has a stay-at-home order out (, it seems it is actually somewhat working since people are not out nearly as much, and it will go on until April 7th for now. From your research and what else I know about this virus, this obviously isn’t enough and I hope they make it stricter and that it will last a lot longer.

    Spiritually speaking, my priest may have gotten it. Some days ago before the stay-at-home order I e-mailed him about confession, and he replied that someone with flu-like symptoms was in the Church (the day before he had been doing a lot of confessions I think, from the parish website) and now he had the same symptoms. He is isolated for 14 days due to this. I hope it really is just the flu and that he will be healed. Though with the case in my county, how it can spread undetected, and how we are in the largest city in this county, I wouldn’t doubt that it is COVID. This was also the time where I was going to begin going again to Mass, I regret and am sorrowful I missed all those times I had it and was entirely ungrateful to God, doubting and sinning without repentance. Now it is all taken away for now. I hope the Lord will have mercy and allow me to go to Mass again and never abandon the divine gift once this is all over. I try to make a perfect act of contrition often, and can only hope He allows me the grace.

    Also this may be of use to you in your research, if you have not yet seen it: It charts the growth in a way so that a drop-off in new cases might really represent true progress in beating back this disease. This is the companion video explaining the chart with caveats to the weaknesses of it:

    God bless and stay safe everyone, I will be praying for you all. Thank you Mr. Conte for the research you are constantly doing on this.

  4. Paul says:

    I don’t know anyone with a confirmed case, but I get the sense that many still are not taking this virus seriously enough. In Minnesota we have a stay at home order which closed non-essential businesses. The company I work for got creative and interpreted the order rather liberally and decided they are essential (I disagree). I hope and pray that more people will wake up to reality before the spread of the virus gets really bad here.

    Spiritually, I sense that God is offering extraordinary grace to the faithful – even without the sacraments – to draw us closer to Him through prayer and longing. It is like God is forcing us to take Lent to a higher level, a level that many of us could or would not have otherwise achieved.

    The devotion to Divine Mercy is giving me peace. Trust Jesus and pray the Chaplet! He promised so much mercy and grace to those who do.

    May God bless everyone here.

  5. Tweety says:

    Hey Ron,
    This is off topic but I just wanted to bring something to your attention about prophecies regarding the great catholic monarch. It says that he will be a great sinner. The Hapsburg kid doesn’t fit that profile. He did just recently join the military which is interesting. Another prophecy says he’ll walk with a limp so that excludes him from military service altogether doesn’t it…Could it be that he’s an older man and just serves as a general?. It does say that he will aid the Pope in temporal matters.

  6. Maria Dolores says:

    Ron, I’d like to add something to my comment above.
    Please protect the elderly! Here there was a big negligence in caring from them first, and many nursing homes and facilities were left unprotected. That’s why we have such a high death rate. The virus is sweeping away our elderly.
    God bless you all

  7. Thomas Mazanec says:

    One thing you can do is find out if a local grocery delivers (some do). That keeps you from having to go out for food.

  8. sc says:

    Hi Ron, no known contagion in my near/far family. However, a visiting friend, who is in the front line of food dispatching, suggests/does wash fruit/vegetables with soap and/or soaks them in a solution of water and vinegar, at least those that have a hard peel…
    It seems extreme at first, but any extra precaution helps as we don’t know who/how all items are handled before home delivery or usual in-store purchase…

    At the end of this global challenge though, i hope that we as a people of the One True God learn to wash our hearts/minds soaking them in the cleansing vinegar of suffering and sacrifice that our daily lives normally challenges us all with.
    Thanks Ron for persevering in your defense of the Truth that Our Redeemer died for.

  9. franciscofigueroa1 says:

    Not infected by the Mercy and Providence of God. May God protect and bless everyone.

  10. Alessandro Arsuffi says:

    I’m from a village near Bergamo, Italy, the core of the infection. In my little city, deaths for the elderly and ill has practically doubled. My family and I are well at the moment, but a family friend in her 60s is in intensive care and kept in a coma by the physicians. We can hear an ambulance every now and there and it’s quite frustrating. Hope you are doing better.

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