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Simple Question: Does Carlo Vigano believe non-Catholics are saved?

Here’s the Second Letter of Vigano to President Trump. It is rather strange for the far right in Catholicism to praise President Trump with such lack of restraint, putting him above the Roman Pontiff, calling the Pope evil and appealing … Continue reading

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Glen Greenwald’s full unedited article on Joe and Hunter Biden

Here it is in full and unedited, Glen Greenwald’s Substack Blog post of his article on Joe and Hunter Biden, which the Intercept Editors refused to publish — in direct contradiction to Greenwald’s employment contract giving him editorial and publication … Continue reading

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Vigano denies the Apostolic nature of the Church

The one holy Catholic Church is Apostolic. She is only that Church led by the successors of Peter and the successors of the other Apostles, the body of Bishops. The Church can never be a remnant of self-proclaimed “faithful” who … Continue reading

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My Covid-19 Predictions for this Winter

Past Predictions First: For August My prediction for the number of U.S. deaths from Covid-19 in August was: 30,798 deaths. The actual number turned out to be 30,961 deaths. I was off by less than one percent. For number of … Continue reading

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Every Election Scenario: U.S. President November 2020 Election

1. Biden wins on election night. They have enough mail-in votes counted. It’s a Biden landslide, so the uncounted Mail-ins don’t matter, and they call it for Biden. * Evaluation: not likely. Too many Mail-ins, and Biden may not be … Continue reading

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When did Archbishop Carlo Vigano stop saying ‘Pope Francis’ and Why?

In an article dated Nov. 19, 2019, Archbishop Carlo M. Vigano uses certain terminology to indicate that he believes Pope Francis is an apostate and therefore no longer the valid Roman Pontiff. In public expressions prior to that date, such … Continue reading

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On Prophecies of A Future Evil Pope

There are a few different prophecies of this type, private revelations about the future of the Church, stating that a future Pope will be non-canonically elected, and will lead people astray. Principles of caution: First of all, there are many … Continue reading

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Should Gay Persons Follow Their Conscience?

Do gay persons have a duty or right to follow their consciences? Let’s start with Catholics who are gay. Should they not follow Church teaching? What if Church teaching and their well-deliberated sincere conscience disagree? Conservative Catholics will say they … Continue reading

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Bishop Vincent Gasser to the fathers of Vatican I on papal faith

Bishop Vincent Gasser: “Now before I end this general relatio, I should respond to the most grave objection which has been made from this podium, viz. that we wish to make the extreme opinion of a certain school of theology … Continue reading

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Can a Pope intend to cause a Schism?

Here’s the accusation by Carlo Vigano. Vigano says: “But pay careful attention: these words simply constitute the umpteenth provocation by which the “ultra-progressive” part of the Hierarchy wants to artfully provoke a schism”…. Vigano: “It appears that Bergoglio is impudently … Continue reading

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Contra Raymond Leo Burke on Civil Unions

Here is the statement of Raymond Leo Burke on Civil Unions. I remind the faithful of the teaching of the fathers and doctors of the Church that schismatic and heretical Bishops have no authority over the faithful, just as Bellarmine … Continue reading

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Are Pope Francis’ words on Gays, Families, and Civil Unions teachings?

At Where Peter Is, Dr. Dawn Eden Goldstein and Dr. Robert Fastiggi agree with Mike Lewis as follows: “Francis’s words here belong entirely to the prudential order. This is not about doctrinal issues. He is proposing what he thinks are … Continue reading

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