Do any of my Readers have COVID19?

If so, how are you doing? Do you have medical treatment?

And for the rest of my readers, who are not diagnosed with COVID19, how you are you handling the shutdown? Is everyone in your family OK?

Remember, a person can be infected and contagious for two weeks, possibly longer, before showing symptoms [1]. You can have symptoms that are very mild or atypical, so that don’t realize it is COVID19 [2]. And after recovery, a person can be contagious for up to 8 to 13 days. All of this is according to recent research [3].

So be careful not to spread the disease, even if you have no symptoms, or seem to have recovered.

Grace and peace to you all. May the providence of God protect you.


[1] Aguilar, Jacob B., and Juan B. Gutierrez. “Investigating the Impact of Asymptomatic Carriers on COVID-19 Transmission.” medRxiv (2020).

Click to access 2020.03.18.20037994.full.pdf

[2] Lan, Lan, et al. “Positive RT-PCR test results in patients recovered from COVID-19.” Jama (2020).

[3] Sun, Jiumeng, et al. “COVID-19: epidemiology, evolution, and cross-disciplinary perspectives.” Trends in Molecular Medicine (2020).

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13 Responses to Do any of my Readers have COVID19?

  1. Fr Joseph Fazio says:

    Thanks for asking, but I’m ok as well as my religious community in Ireland. We are in our third week of isolation streamlining masses, evangelizing via phone counseling, social media and websites. Above all doing double the adoration for all those who need it in these times and for all those who wish they had access to the sacraments. God bless you and stay safe yourself!

  2. Sunimal Fernando says:

    In Sri Lanka, our catholic cardinal will pray God, Jesus, mother Mary on April 3rd Friday at 11am at basilica , everyone will join as families light a candle from our home.(One week before GOOD FRIDAY). Will Ring the church bells at 11am.
    Ron, try to arrange with your head of church. Unity, faith, to repent, to have miracle from God and to have vaccine. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

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