Rosa Mystica devotion: April 1 to 13

Please join me in praying the Rosa Mystica devotion from April 1st through April 13th. See the explanation of this devotion here. And notice that, at the top of the right column on this web page and on the main page of the blog, there is a convenient link to the Rosa Mystica page (or you can bookmark it).

Please spread the word.

And let’s pray this devotion, in April, to obtain God’s grace, providence, and miracles: for the faithful and for those who are suffering. And let’s pray for an end to the pandemic.


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1 Response to Rosa Mystica devotion: April 1 to 13

  1. franciscofigueroa1 says:

    I’ll be joining Ron. The power of prayer and Mary’s intercession is great. God bless everyone.

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