U.S. relations with Russia and China

Here’s a good opinion piece from TheGuardian in the UK: Some politicians seem comfortable with the idea of a new cold war. They shouldn’t I agree that we should avoid alienating Russia (as much as possible) and especially China. I’ll … Continue reading

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Forthcoming Commentaries on Politics and Society

I intend to expand the types of subjects treated on this blog, to include politics, war, world hunger, world poverty, and various social issues. I will not, however, comment on every socio-political controversy, nor on particular political candidates or elections. … Continue reading

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Pray 10 Hail Marys for Pope Francis on March 13th

Please Pray 10 Hail Marys for Pope Francis on March 13th, which is the 10th anniversary of his Pontificate.

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The Beatification of an Unborn Child and Salvation for Unbaptized Infants

Here is the article: Beatification Date Announced for Married Couple with Seven Children Martyred by Nazis, Including One Unborn Child (NC Register) As I have opined in previous articles here and in my book Forgiveness and Salvation for Everyone, prenatals, … Continue reading

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Love of Neighbor is Salvific

Catholic dogmatic teaching is that anyone who dies in the state of grace is saved. They will go to Heaven either directly or after a stay of some length in Purgatory. Dying in the state of grace is salvific. Those … Continue reading

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Can Christ and Peter both be Rocks?

I noticed an older article, titled Can Christ & Peter Both be “Rocks”?, on Dave Armstrong’s excellent blog Biblical Evidence for Catholicism. I don’t disagree with much that Dave says in that article; rather, my position adds to what he … Continue reading

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On Saint Thomas and correction of the Pope

Some opponents of Pope Francis have cited Saint Thomas Aquinas in order to justify their accusations against the Roman Pontiff. St. Thomas: It must be observed, however, that if the faith were endangered, a subject ought to rebuke his prelate … Continue reading

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Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s death was used by people in a self-serving way

Pope emeritus Benedict never had so many unofficial “spokespersons” until after he died. Then many persons came forward, using his name to oppose Pope Francis and to oppose the authority of the Apostolic See. Here is what Pope Francis said … Continue reading

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Some People object when the Pope speaks extemporaneously

This is a common complaint about Pope Francis, that he often speaks to the press or to groups of persons spontaneously. He sometimes departs from his prepared remarks in speeches. He speaks his mind to many persons, in addition to … Continue reading

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Weekend Theology Questions and Answers

Post your theology questions in the comments section. This is not a place to argue your point of view. Questions on Catholic theology please.

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Who Has Authority to Elect Popes and Can the Rules Change?

The Benevacantists are Catholics who do not accept the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, nor the election afterward of Pope Francis. Instead, they hold that Benedict did not validly resign, and so he remained the true Pope. This implies that … Continue reading

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Results of Invalid Conclave by the Benevacantists gathered in Rome

The Benevacantists are Catholics who refused to accept the papacy of Pope Francis, and who claimed that Pope Benedict was still the valid Pope AFTER his attempted resignation. They generally hold that either Benedict’s resignation was not valid, or that … Continue reading

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