Taylor Marshall was a Catholic for 13 years. Then he left the Church

UPDATED 5/14/19 to add: Taylor Marshall was an Episcopalian priest until May of 2006, when he left the Episcopalian priestly ministry to become Catholic. Unfortunately, he ceased to be Catholic in 2019, when he committed public formal schism by saying, … Continue reading

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The Innocence of Pope John XXII

Pope John XXII is often accused of heresy. His innocence is easy to prove to anyone who has faith. 1. It is a DOGMA of the faith (proven here) that every Pope has the gift of immunity from grave error … Continue reading

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Screening Applicants is at best a Partial Solution

Mount Saint Mary’s is screening applicants to the seminary. https://www.abc27.com/investigators/investigations/mount-saint-mary-s-seminary-ensuring-potential-predators-don-t-become-priests/1964870626 Problems with this approach: 1. The screening is largely based on secular ideas, secular psychological testings. I wonder how many Saints who were wonderful priests would be screened out because … Continue reading

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Salvation Case Studies: The Good Samaritan

Our Lord taught us that a good Samaritan can get into Heaven, while a bad Pharisee cannot. [Matthew] {5:20} For I say to you, that unless your justice has surpassed that of the scribes and the Pharisees you shall not … Continue reading

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Commentary on the Accusation of Heresy against Pope Francis

Edited to add: read this by Jimmy Akin http://www.ncregister.com/blog/jimmy-akin/on-charging-a-pope-with-heresy Preface It is a dogma of the Catholic Faith that the Church is indefectible. Therefore, any man accepted as Roman Pontiff by the body of Bishops must necessarily be a valid … Continue reading

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Just As I Predicted (many times)

conservatives have now publicly accused Pope Francis of heresy. The accusation follows after the “Filial Correction” which accused the Pope of “propagating” seven heresies. Now the authors of this new open letter accuse the Pope of deliberate knowing (i.e. formal) … Continue reading

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Post on the Indefectibility of the Pope

Over at Catholicism.io, I have a new article summarizing the contents of my book, The Indefectibility of the Pope: Summary of “The Indefectibility of the Roman Pontiff”


On Filial and Fraternal Correction of the Holy Pontiff

Paul corrected Peter. Paul? You mean Paul the Apostle? Paul was sent by the first Roman Pontiff Peter to be in charge of preaching to the Gentiles. Paul saw a vision of Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus. Paul … Continue reading

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Divine Mercy Sunday indulgence

The Divine Mercy Sunday indulgence is a special type of plenary indulgence by which all sins are forgiven and all punishment due for those sins is remitted (wiped away). To obtain the indulgence: 1. Go to Confession within about 20 … Continue reading

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Free Books on Marital Sexual Ethics

In honor of Divine Mercy Sunday, my books: Roman Catholic Marital Sexual Ethics and The Catholic Marriage Bed are free, in Kindle format only, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, April 26, 27, and 28 of 2019, at Amazon.com (Pacific time). Take … Continue reading

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April Newsletter Topics

Topics for April Newsletter: 1. The Meaning of the Notre Dame de Paris Fire 2. Momentous Events in May of 2019 3. Papal Immunity from Error and a Never Failing Faith 4. How To Disagree with the Pope Faithfully and … Continue reading

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Theological Q and A

Did Jesus literally descend to the Hell of eternal punishment or to the limbo of the Father or to Purgatory? All three. Jesus went to the gates of Hell, so that all the denizens of Hell would now know the … Continue reading

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One Consecration of the Eucharist

Whenever a priest or Bishop consecrates the Eucharist, it is really Jesus Christ who consecrates the Eucharist. But Jesus does not consecrate the Eucharist again and again. Jesus Christ consecrated the Eucharist only once, at the Last Supper. Jesus Christ … Continue reading

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Michael Voris is Ashamed of His Own Beliefs

…either that or he doesn’t know what he believes. Moreover, Mr. Voris couldn’t write a theological argument to support his position on salvation theology, or any other topic for that matter, if his job depended on it. (It doesn’t. His … Continue reading

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The Notre Dame Fire is a Sign from God

A reader messaged me on Twitter to opine that the Notre Dame fire, occurring as it did during Holy Week, was a message from God. I agree. I believe that the fire is a foreshadowing of something big that is … Continue reading

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Heresies on Salvation at the Saint Benedict Center (Richmond NH)

The Saint Benedict Center of Richmond, NH, — hereafter SBC — runs Catholicism.org. That site is not to be confused with the orthodox website Catholicism.io. SBC teaches the error of Feeneyism. The schismatic religious order at SBC is the “Slaves … Continue reading


Michael Voris supports the Saint Benedict Center

The Saint Benedict Center of Richmond, NH has been condemned by the Holy See, i.e. by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Here are some public notices from the Diocese of Manchester, NH, which has authority over the … Continue reading

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Questions for Michael Voris on EENS:

Questions for Michael Voris on EENS (Outside the Church, No Salvation) 1. Can atheists who have sufficient accurate knowledge about Christianity, are able to be baptized with water, but who decline baptism and belief in God, enter the state of … Continue reading


Michael Voris’ Grave Errors on Salvation

Voris’ latest Vortex rant is called: “The Church Is Necessary for Heaven”, and it repeats the ancient formula, “Outside the Church there is no salvation”. Those two assertions (in quotes) are true, if properly understood. And to obtain the proper … Continue reading

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The Main Problem with Bishop Barron’s “Reasonable Hope”

It is a dogma taught by several different Ecumenical Councils that some human souls go to Hell: Bishop Robert Barron on Hell: May we reasonably hope that all will be saved? https://ronconte.com/2015/10/19/may-we-reasonably-hope-that-all-will-be-saved/ Bishop Robert Barron versus the Magisterium on Hell … Continue reading

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