Indications that 2022 is the Year of the Warning of Garabandal

The Warning and Miracle are events predicted at Garabandal, where the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to some children. They occur in the same calendar year. The Miracle occurs on a Thursday, on the feast of a young martyr of the … Continue reading

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How Pope Francis will respond to the Warning of Garabandal

At the Warning, as predicted in my eschatology, the Pope will respond to the event by suggesting three prominent places of worship (three tabernacles), one for each of the three great monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. This is my … Continue reading

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Psalm 99 and Psalm 100

[Psalm 99] (100) {99:1} A Psalm of Confession. {99:2} Shout joyfully to God, all the earth. Serve the Lord with rejoicing. Enter into his sight in exultation. {99:3} Know that the Lord himself is God. He made us, and we … Continue reading

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Severe Food Shortages Are Near

Food Shortages despite High Commodity Prices Wheat commodity prices have skyrocketed since the Ukraine war. Wikipedia on agriculture in Ukraine: “Agriculture accounted for $13.98 billion value added to the economy of Ukraine in 2012, however despite being a top 10 … Continue reading

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Effect of the Warning of Garabandal on Ukraine

If the Warning of Garabandal is this year (2022), how might that event affect the invasion of Ukraine by Russia? The Warning is an illumination of conscience; it does not show the person all the sins of their life. It … Continue reading

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Current and Probable Future Effects of Russian Sanctions

Buy and store up food and other supplies! First of all, I condemn unequivocally the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the war against Ukraine by Russia. Ukraine is a sovereign nations with the right to self-government. The war is … Continue reading

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My Articles on Food, Nutrition, and World Hunger

For a long time, I have had a blog on world hunger: Hunger Math blog The blog began by covering the topic of world hunger, based on my book: Hunger Math: world hunger by the numbers. The book is not … Continue reading

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Anne Catherine Emmerich on excommunicated clergy

“Among the strangest things that I saw, were long processions of bishops. Their thoughts and utterances were made known to me through images issuing from their mouths. Their faults towards religion were shown by external deformities. A few had only … Continue reading

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Notice on Errors in my End Times writings

I’ve updated this notice to focus on the fallible and speculative nature of my eschatology (theology on the End Times). I expect much criticism on this point, so I will address those criticisms in advance here. 1. My writings on … Continue reading

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Consequences versus Intrinsic Evil

There are three fonts of morality, three things only that can make a knowingly chosen act of a human person moral or immoral: 1. intention 2. object 3. circumstances It is always wrong to act with a bad intention, that … Continue reading

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Should Russian Archers Be Allowed To Compete?

This question has wider implications, of course. Here is the link to a YouTube video of a competitive archer, Steven Hann, who also runs an archery store, discussing Russia and the Ukraine. So an archer from the Ukraine voice the … Continue reading

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What Is The End Times or End of Days or Apocalypse?

These terms and others — End Times, End of Days, Apocalypse, Tribulation — all refer to the same proposed set of future events, a time of great suffering for the whole world and for the Christian Church. This period of … Continue reading

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