The Approaching Food Crisis

Remember in early 2020, when the pandemic caused panic buying at grocery stores and shelves were stripped bare? That could happen again, and it could happen to a more severe extent. Factors to consider: 1. The war in Ukraine could … Continue reading

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There is no such thing as the Rapture

The Rapture is claimed future event in which the best Christians will be taken out of the world, so as not to have to suffer through the End Times. This claim is not compatible with Roman Catholic theology and teaching. … Continue reading

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Are the Benevacantists planning to elect a Pope? Is Francis the true Pope?

The term “Benevacantist” refers to those Catholics who think that Pope Benedict XVI either did not validly resign, or only resigned part of his role as Pope. This loose-knit group thinks that Pope Francis is not the valid Pope, but … Continue reading

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Could a Heterodox or Heretical Bishop become CDF Prefect?

The Catholic blogosphere is complaining about German Bishop Heiner Wilmer, due to a circulating claim that he may soon become the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (now called a Dicastery). Here is one article at … Continue reading

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On the Warning of Garabandal (the illumination of consciences)

See my book at Amazon: The Warning, Consolation, and Miracle for the full explanation. I cannot be certain of the dates, as I have been mistaken many times in the past in my writings about the future. However, if these … Continue reading

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Conservative and Traditionalist Opposition to Pope Francis

Introduction I wish to begin by emphasizing that many conservative and traditionalist Catholics have remained faithful to Pope Francis, Vatican II, and to the Church and the true Faith. But some others have fallen away. I have been discussing Catholicism … Continue reading

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On Cardinal Pell and opposition to Pope Francis

Was Cardinal Pell a holy Church leader and did he strongly opposed Pope Francis? After his death, many persons have begun to use Pell’s name and his reputation as a conservative Cardinal to bolster their own positions on a range … Continue reading

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There Is No Antichrist in the World Today

1. Is the Antichrist in the world today? No. The current time period is not the time of the Antichrist, nor the time describing the events of his reign. That period of time is in the distant future. No person … Continue reading

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Pope Francis: Evangelize, but do not Proselytize

It is common in theology as in many other fields of knowledge to define specialized terms when teaching or explaining. Pope Francis has defined proselytize, as he uses the term, in the negative; then he uses evangelize in the positive. … Continue reading

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Pope Pius II “Multa hic hodie” excerpts and commentary

Pope Pius II: “Concerning the first part, a person who is aware of his own weaknesses does not get proud or elated when being praised. We know and recognize Our own weaknesses. We believe that the Good God has elevated … Continue reading

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China, Taiwan, and the Microprocessor Economy

China is likely to try to take control of Taiwan this year, 2023. Why? It would provide a substantial increase to China’s political, economic, and military power. [Note that this is not an eschatological prediction, just an evaluation of the … Continue reading

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Are Benevacantists now Sedevacantists?

The term Benevacantist refers to those Catholics who, between the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and his death (31 Dec 2022), claimed that Pope emeritus Benedict was still the Roman Pontiff. This claim implied (and often stated) that Pope Francis … Continue reading

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