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(UPDATED) Has Pope Francis changed Church’s doctrine on Homosexuality?

[The update is below the original post which has not been changed] First of all, Pope Francis’ remarks that have been recently published by the media are clearly not an act of the Magisterium, but seemingly a response from an … Continue reading

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Jesus is our only Mediator and the intercession of the Angels and Saints

Jesus is our only Mediator: Some people confuse the role of Jesus as our only Mediator with the role of the Angels and Saints as our intercessors before Him. Let’s see what kind of mediation Saint Paul refers to when … Continue reading

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Interpreting Sacred Scripture and How do we reconcile Adam and Eve vs Evolution, Dinosaurs, Homo Sapiens?

The Church teaches that God can be known with certainty from: (a) Divine revelation (Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture); and from the created world by (b) the natural light of human reason (CCC# 36-38; Compendium 3 & 4).  Therefore, the Christian faith … Continue reading

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Adam and Eve were Two Real Human Persons

There are some elements from the book of Genesis that can be interpreted as (non-literal) figures or symbols [i].  However, it is a dogma of the Catholic Church that Adam and Eve were literal persons when She teaches that one … Continue reading

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Was there some kind of pain before the Fall?

[Genesis] {3:16} To the woman, he also said: “I will multiply your labors and your conceptions. In pain shall you give birth to sons, and you shall be under your husband’s power, and he shall have dominion over you.” The … Continue reading

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Can we judge people’s intentions? (and more on the Pachamama)

We have to keep in mind that we are limited creatures and, as such, our knowledge is also limited. We are not God.  We are not all-knowing.  Therefore, we can only judge things to the extent that we can see … Continue reading

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What do our Holy Fathers teach about the Pachamama?

Do our Holy Fathers teach that it is an idol? No. Our Holy Fathers Saint John Paul II and Francis refer to it as “Mother Earth” or, in another case, a statue or representation that is not an idol. As … Continue reading

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Non-formal Baptisms – of desire or blood

How could the people of the O.T. have been baptized in order to obtain salvation? *- Saint Paul teaches that, in the O.T., the people of Israel received a non-formal type of baptism: [1 Corinthians 10] {10:1} For I do … Continue reading


Is being subject to Pope’s authority Papolatry?

Some Pope accusers claim that being always faithful to the Pope is being a “Papolater”. This implies that whoever is obedient to Christ by being obedient to our visible Head, the Vicar of Christ, is a Pope-worshiper. Notice that this … Continue reading

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Is Pope Francis trying to change the Lord’s Prayer?

A news headline reads: “Pope Francis wants to change the Lord’s Prayer” [i] among other misleading headlines which give the impression that the Pope wants to “correct” the prayer that Jesus taught us. We Christians believe that Jesus is God. … Continue reading

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Is the Pope changing a dogma on the death penalty?

A related question is: Is the Pope is saying that the death penalty is intrinsically evil? First lets carefully read the new revised numeral (It is ‘new’ because it was previously revised by Pope St. John Paul II as well): “2267 … Continue reading

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Council of Trent on whether a Pope could fall into heresy

Nowhere in the history of the Church there is a Magisterial document teaching that the Supreme Pontiff can fall into heresy, schism, or become an apostate. Quite the contrary, various decrees, such as the Papal Bull Unam Sanctam which teaches that … Continue reading

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