Canonizations: Heaven or Holiness?

One question is whether or not canonizations done by the Roman Pontiff are infallible. But this question can hardly be answered unless we first know what is being asserted by a canonization. If the Church wishes to call certain persons … Continue reading

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Church Teaching on the Roman Pontiff

Church Teaching on the Roman Pontiff and the Apostolic See: A 20-page compilation [PDF format] of the teaching of Saints and of the Magisterium on the Roman Pontiff. Please download, keep a copy, and share if you like. These teachings … Continue reading

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Papal Charisms in the Dogmas of the Church

In my review of magisterial teaching on the Roman Pontiff, I have identified a set of papal charisms, that is, divinely-conferred gifts, which are given to Peter and his successors by Christ our Lord. Furthermore, the teaching of the Church … Continue reading

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Which Pope Was The Worst? On Bad Popes and Dogma

Wikipedia cites a book by E.R. Chamberlin, “The Bad Popes” quoted below. “The Bad Popes is a 1969 book by E. R. Chamberlin documenting the lives of eight of the most controversial popes (papal years in parentheses): 1. Pope Stephen … Continue reading

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Catholic Theology Questions and Answers

Ask a question in the comments.

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Amoris Laetitia Does Permit Communion

Amoris Laetitia Does Permit Communion for some divorced and remarried couples, who are not living in chastity. The claim that AL seems to permit this is wrong; it does permit Communion. Why? It is clearly stated in AL that objectively … Continue reading

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Response to: “Let’s Clear The Air”

Here’s the link to OnePeterFive and the article: “Let’s Clear The Air”. The topic is a set of three articles by Steve Skojec, editor and founder of OnePeterFive on his personal struggles with the Catholic Faith and the Pontificate of … Continue reading

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The See of Peter in perennial Church teaching

The See of Peter in perennial Church teaching The Apostolic See of Peter and his successors: + always remains unblemished by any error + has never wandered from the path of Apostolic tradition + has never succumbed to heretical novelties … Continue reading

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June 1, 2021: Changes to Canon Law

Holy See Press Office: “On Tuesday 1 June 2021, a press conference will be live-streamed from the Holy See Press Office on the amendments to Book VI of the Code of Canon Law.” And Book 6 is on penalties in … Continue reading

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New Book: Reply to the Papal Accusers

I am working on finishing my latest book: Reply to the Papal Accusers Table of Contents Introduction Part I. The Teaching of the Church 1: The Church is Indefectible 2: The Pope is Indefectible 3: Perennial Church Teaching 4: The … Continue reading

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and the moon became like blood

Often I see comments online relating a “blood moon” or some other type of supposedly-special moon, or an eclipse to the End Times. There is absolutely nothing to such claims. Eclipses and the various named versions of moons, such as … Continue reading

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Dogma: Popes Can Never Fail in Faith or Err Gravely

It is a dogma of the Catholic Faith that every Roman Pontiff has the charism of truth and of never-failing faith. This charism preserves every Pope from heresy, even privately, and from teaching heresy, even materially. The same charism preserves … Continue reading

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