To obtain a Plenary Indulgence from November 1 to 8

Obtaining a Plenary Indulgence on November 2, All Souls: * make a good confession within a week before or after All Souls * be free from all attachment to sin, even venial sin, for a plenary indulgence * visit a … Continue reading

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Any Pope can err in non-infallible teachings

My position is NOT, as claimed on some websites, that the Pope can never err in his private teachings. My position is NOT, as claimed on some websites, that the Pope can never err in his non-infallible teachings. Instead, my … Continue reading

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The Papal Accusers’ rejection of the Kingship of Christ

An accusation, one of many, is made by the papal accusers, those who accuse multiple Popes and multiple Ecumenical Councils of grave errors and grave failings of faith (contrary to dogma). The claim is that Pope Francis or Vatican II … Continue reading

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Pope Francis, Biden, and Communion

Peter holds the keys. What he binds on earth is bound even in heaven. What he looses on earth is loosed even in heaven. Pope Francis recently told Biden to continue receiving Communion; therefore, he can licitly receive Communion. However, … Continue reading

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The Hypocritical LifeSiteNews Petition to Pope Francis on Biden

The automatically excommunicated schismatics at LifeSiteNews want the Pope they constantly malign to excommunicated President Biden. The hypocrisy is stunning. Here is a link to the petition. The crux of the petition is found in this paragraph: “Please SIGN this … Continue reading

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Support in Scripture for The Abrahamic Family House

The Abrahamic Family House, a project approved by Pope Francis, puts a Mosque, and Temple, and a Church in one House. These are the three great monotheistic religions of the world. But is there any support in Scripture for such … Continue reading

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NCR and Winters on the Chaput versus Francis article

This article is worth a read. Michael Sean Winters quotes archbishop emeritus Chaput: But then he gets to the central contention of his article: “And any suggestion that EWTN is unfaithful to the Church, the Second Vatican Council, or the … Continue reading

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Archbishop Chaput Defends EWTN Instead of the Pope

In his First Things article A Little Wisdom From Bernard, archbishop emeritus Charles J. Chaput O.F.M. Cap. defends EWTN and attacks the Roman Pontiff, while pretending that this is wisdom from Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. The article begins: “Bernard of … Continue reading

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Clandestine Ordinations by John Paul II versus the Lefebvre Schism

OnePeterFive has published an openly schismatic article, one of many, which attempts to justify the schismatic ordinations of priests and bishops by Marcel Lefebvre by reference to the clandestine ordinations of priests by then-Cardinal Wojtyla (Pope Saint John Paul II). … Continue reading

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The Schismatics at OnePeterFive now accuse Pope Leo XIII

OnePeterFive, playground for Satan and his ilk, has never been content to attack Pope Francis and Vatican II, like so many other present-day heretics and schismatics. Instead, they have attacked a long list of Popes and many Councils (Vatican I … Continue reading

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Theology Q and A (closed)

Ask a theological question, get an answer (hopefully). — This post is now closed and not accepting new questions.

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Compilation of Sources on the Papal Charisms

This online booklet: Perennial Catholic Teaching on the Roman Pontiff is a compilations of sources — Popes, Saints, Bishops, Cardinals, Councils — on the papal charisms: his never failing faith, his freedom from heresy, his supreme authority which admits no … Continue reading

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