What is the Warning, Consolation, and Miracle?

The Warning, also called the Illumination of Consciences, is a supernatural event in the near future. On Good Friday, everywhere in the world at the same time, at the time in Jerusalem when Jesus died for our sins, every sinner … Continue reading

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Can Married Priests and Deacons have Marital Relations?

I’ve covered this topic in past posts. * Married deacons/priests and Marital Relations * May married deacons have marital relations? * More on Married Deacons and Continence My understanding is that the Church has always permitted some married men to … Continue reading

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Eschatology: my predictions on Iran versus Saudi Arabia

The following is my understanding of the near future, based on my study and interpretation in the field of eschatology. My views on this subject are speculative and fallible. (But as events in the past few years have unfolded, it … Continue reading

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Prayers for those Afflicted with the Corona Virus

Please pray for those afflicted with the Coronavirus. Over a hundred persons have died and many thousands are suffering. This might become much worse before it gets better. CDC.gov information on the Novel Coronavirus 2019, Wuhan, China

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CSA: Screening Applicants to the Priesthood

CSA is childhood sexual abuse. The issue affects every institution that deals with children: schools, athletic and recreational organizations, healthcare systems, religions, and families. This series of articles addresses different aspects of the problem. The author, Ronald L. Conte Jr., … Continue reading

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Summary of my position on Pope Francis

1. God does choose each and every valid Roman Pontiff. The so-called “bad popes” were chosen by God no less than the Pope-Saints, for reasons known well to the ineffable wisdom of God, and known by us poor fallen sinners … Continue reading

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Prayer Request

I’m requesting prayers for myself for a continuing health problem: back pain. Thanks to all who help.

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Should the Catholic Church multiply Her Rites?

Currently, the Church has two major divisions or Rites, the Latin Rite and the Eastern Rite. Each has its own code of canon law, and its own liturgical forms. The fact that more than one Rite has been accepted by … Continue reading

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The Prayer of Praise to Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph, virgin spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, loving father to the Christ-child, head of the most holy Family, patron of the universal Church: you are among the closest imitators of your divinely-conceived Son, Jesus. For like John the … Continue reading


Literal Translation of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception

From Ineffabilis Deus, 1854, Pope Piux IX Here is my literal translation of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception: Latin: Declaramus, pronuntiamus et definimus doctrinam quae tenet beatissimam Virginem Mariam in primo instanti suae conceptionis fuisse singulari Omnipotentis Dei gratia … Continue reading

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Theology Q and A

You know what to do.

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Will Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei step down?

Jan 11, 2020: “In video posted on social media, protesters chanted for Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to step down….” [CNN.com] I suspect that the protesters are acting under orders handed down by President Hassan Rouhani, to remove Khamenei, so … Continue reading

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Future Timeline in my Eschatology

Predictions in my eschatology are speculative and fallible. Here is my timeline for events in the near future. The order of events may be somewhat different that the list below. Many events overlap with other events in time. 1. I … Continue reading

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What the Magi saw

The Magi came to Bethlehem because they saw a sign in the sky. It was a comet which broke into pieces, forming a pattern by the arrangement of the comet pieces and their relation to the stars and planets. They … Continue reading

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Questions and Answers on Popes and Heresy

* Can the Catholic Church ever go astray, lead astray, or become corrupt or untrustworthy? No. It is a dogma taught by the Ecumenical Councils and the ordinary and universal Magisterium that the Church is indefectible. The Church as an … Continue reading

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What If A Heretic were elected Pope?

What would happen if a manifest heretic were elected as Roman Pontiff, and he began to reign over the whole Church? The answer is found in the history of the Church. Pope Silverius reigned in the 6th century as a … Continue reading

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Will Pope Francis Slap the Hand of the Papal Critics?

In a news story that received much more coverage than it deserved, Pope Francis slapped the hand of a woman who grabbed him. She was saying something difficult to discern. She grabbed his hand and pulled him sharply towards her. … Continue reading

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The U.S. made a political error by killing Qasem Soleimani

According to Wikipedia, General Qasem Soleimani “was promoted to Major General by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Khamenei was described as having a close relationship with him, calling Soleimani a “living martyr” and helping him financially.” [Source] In my analysis, killing … Continue reading

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Is Pope Francis automatically excommunicated?

Twitter Poll here: Is Pope Francis automatically excommunicated for apostasy, heresy, and/or idolatry?https://t.co/fLU4nxM2qd — Ronald L. Conte Jr. (@RonConte) January 2, 2020 . . . A. The Faithful View: 1. Pope Francis must be the valid Roman Pontiff, as he … Continue reading

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January 1st Plenary Indulgence

Plenary Indulgence on January 1st (tomorrow) by reciting the prayer/hymn Come Holy Spirit, Creator Blest Come Holy Spirit, Creator Blest (Veni, Creator Spiritus) Come, Holy Spirit, Creator blest, and in our souls take up Thy rest; come with Thy grace … Continue reading

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