Vision to Carmen Humphrey on Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Vision to Carmen Humphrey Oct 3, 2020 Tonight, I spoke about the evils of the world and how one could possibly repair the damage done, the hurt to Jesus and God the Father, the atrocities within the church. I said … Continue reading

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Pope Pius IX Syllabus of Errors and Freedom of Religion

The following numbered paragraphs are condemned as errors by Pope Pius IX. Although some persons say that every Syllabus of Errors is infallible, I think it falls under the ordinary non-infallible Magisterium. “15. Every man is free to embrace and … Continue reading

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My Covid-19 Prophylactic Regimen

This is what I have been taking to try to decrease the risk of Covid-19 infection, severity, and death. This is not an absolute prevention; nothing is 100%. There are over 30 studies supporting the benefits of Vitamin D, and … Continue reading

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It is not hypocrisy for Trump to take Regeneron and Remdesivir

President Trump was given Regeneron antibodies and Remdesivir (a pro-drug and an adenosine nucleoside triphosphate analog). Both medications were made with the use, as some point in their research, development, or production using Aborted Fetal Cell Lines (AFCL). Trump has … Continue reading

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Is Taylor Marshall a Freemason? Is he an Antipope?

Both. He is essentially both. Antipope There are two ways to be an antipope. One way is to proclaim yourself to be Roman Pontiff when you are not. Taylor Marshall has not proclaimed himself to be Pope. (At least, not … Continue reading

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The Critics of Fratelli Tutti are behaving like the godless

When a politician issues a statement on some subject, the internet will quickly be filled with commentary, most of it exaggerated based on the political biases of the commentators. There is no charity in the remarks. There’s no attempt at … Continue reading

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Every Papal Teaching is Free From Every Grave Error

The Church is not a political body, and Her members are her Children, not voters. The Roman Pontiff is the representative of Christ on earth, and he is not to be treated like a politician. Moreover, his teachings, even when … Continue reading

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Reply to Carlo Vigano on Fratelli Tutti

Note that I no longer refer to Carlo Vigano as “Archbishop” as he is in a state of manifest obstinate formal schism by his repeated public emphatic rejection of Pope Francis as the Roman Pontiff and as the head of … Continue reading

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If Pope Francis is a heretic, how is he still Pope?

The accusations against Pope Francis have risen to a new high, in response to Fratelli Tutti. The usual suspects have again accused Pope Francis of evil hidden intentions and motivations, of a plot to deliberately destroy the Church and replace … Continue reading

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The Strange Treatment of Islam in Fratelli Tutti (Brothers All)

3. “Unconcerned for the hardships and dangers involved, Francis went to meet the Sultan with the same attitude that he instilled in his disciples: if they found themselves “among the Saracens and other nonbelievers”, without renouncing their own identity they … Continue reading

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The Brothers All Encyclical is not what I thought it would be

Brothers All encyclical is here. It contains plenty for the papal accusers to use to accuse the Pope again of heresy and of being part of a secret plan of one world religion and freemasons and all the other ridiculous … Continue reading

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Catholic Ethics: Use of Deadly Force in Robbery

Some commentators will say that you are not justified in using deadly force to protect your money or goods from robbery, as human life is worth more than your possessions are worth. However, that is not the correct moral evaluation. … Continue reading

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