Message to Carmen Humphrey Nov 23, 2020

Message to Carmen Nov 23, 2020

500 Prayers for the Poor Souls In Purgatory

We began our prayers today by praying 3 Saint Michael the Archangel prayers.

As we were praying the Sorrowful Mysteries I received a beautiful vision and words from Our Blessed Mother.

I saw Saint Michael the Archangel standing on the roof of my garage. He was very tall and his wing span was very large. He looked so amazing and protective and beautiful.
Around the outside of the garage I saw many angels. They were wearing armor (breast plates) carrying swords and were lined up elbow to elbow. They were moving quickly into a perfect formation (kind of military in precision and grace…but so holy). They were facing outward in a protective line to defend the property and it felt so safe and secure.

Then the Blessed Mother spoke:
I thank you and bless you my beloved children for gathering to pray for my dear ones in Purgatory. They have awaited your prayers with anticipation.
You should see the glorious look on thousands of souls as they are released and drawn into Heaven…their loved ones there to welcome them. On their behalf I thank you from the bottom of my Immaculate Heart.

You are living in a time of turmoil. Many do not know where to turn. I gather you, my children, and hear my voice…
Pray, Pray, Pray!!!
Do not be fearful. I am with you and I will protect as a grizzly mother would protect her babies. (I felt this protection for our families in a wonderfully ferocious way that was very comforting)…
You have nothing to fear. My adversary will soon be crushed! My Triumph will come. My Heart is already anticipating this Great Joy! I will take care of you and your children…
Trust, Trust, Trust!!!…God who loves you will take care of you!

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit…I love you.

Thank you Blessed Mother

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  1. Thomas Mazanec says:

    You don’t have a questions post, so I will ask this here.
    It is based on a scifi show I saw on Amazon Prime Video.

    A gang kidnaps two children, takes them to your domicile, and asks you to pick one of the children to be killed. If you do not pick one, BOTH will be killed.
    What is the moral response?

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