Does Iran Have Nuclear Weapons? Secret Meeting reported

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A Secret Meeting occurred between Israel, Saudi Arabia, U.S. on Iran

Here’s the news story. “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu traveled overnight by a civilian jet to Saudi Arabia reportedly for a secret meeting with the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, which would mark the first known encounter between senior Israeli and Saudi officials.” At the meeting also were Israeli spy chief and head of Mossad, Yossi Cohen, and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The meeting reportedly discussed the threat from Iran and lasted only two hours.

That is what we know. Now, what could prompt such a meeting? Two hours is not long enough for any kind of negotiations. This was not about peace in the Middle East. The secrecy of the meeting and its urgency suggest that some new information about Iran was divulged at the meeting. Crown Prince MBS is virtually the head of State, as his father, King Salman, has given him broad authority in the Kingdom. Pompeo represents the U.S. head of State, President Trump. And then Netanyahu is the Israeli head of State. Only one additional person was at that meeting: Cohen, head of Mossad.

Israel’s spy work against Iran is legendary. They discovered the underground uranium enrichment facility at Fordo. They are alleged to have been involved in a bombing of the uranium facility at Natanz. If Cohen is at that meeting, it is not for him to be informed by others about Iran, but for him to do the informing. My theory is that Cohen disclosed to Pompeo and MBS that Mossad has now confirmed Iran has nuclear weapons. That is the only information that could prompt such a short and urgent meeting between Israel, the U.S., and Saudi Arabia. I expect Pompeo to meet with Trump, and possibly later Biden, to disclose the news.

This was “the first known encounter between senior Israeli and Saudi officials.” Such a secret meeting, on Sunday night, at the seaside resort town of Neom, is unprecedented. This is something big. And the secrecy means it is not something good, such as a breakthrough in relations between nations in the region. The only known subject of the meeting was the threat from Iran.

In May of 2019, Iran began a months’ long sudden increase in aggressive behavior, which was only stopped when the pandemic began. My proposal at the time was that Iran’s behavior changed because they obtained nuclear weapons. This change in power prompted a change in behavior. And now, a year and a half later, it looks like Israel, the U.S., and Saudi Arabia know that Iran has multiple working nuclear bombs.

What else could the meeting have been about? Perhaps a military strike on Iran is imminent. But a strike would need a reason, and the reason would need to be very substantial. Which leads back to the proposition that Iran has nuclear weapons. Nothing else would prompt consideration of a strike. Two days earlier, on Nov. 21st, a crew in B-52 bombers from Minot Air Force base was sent to the Middle East. It was a practice run. Story here.

The crown prince of Saudi Arabia does not meet with the head of Israel and their spy chief in secret for any reason other than something earth-shattering. It’s unprecedented. And for these two figures in Israel, who are, let’s just say, strongly disliked by many Muslims, to meet with MBS on Saudi soil would require a reason of the utmost urgency, a serious threat to the Kingdom itself. That threat is a nuclear Iran.

UPDATE: now Saudi officials are denying that Netanyahu and Cohen were present at the meeting. Why the cover up? So that the world will not know the reason for the meeting. This only further supports the idea that they met to be informed Iran has nukes.

UPDATE 2: News report states that Iran’s top nuclear scientist has been assassinated. My take is that this is the first in a series of attacks on Iran, discussed in the secret meeting (see above). What prompted these attacks? Perhaps the confirmation by Mossad that Iran has nukes. Also, that Trump has only weeks left in office, before Biden takes over and changes U.S. stance.

The USS Nimitz has returned to the Persian Gulf just after Iran made threats against the West: Story Here

UPDATE 3: More Reported Attacks on Iranian officials A Revolutionary Guard Commander and a high level intelligence official were killed in separate attacks, one in Iran and another at the Iraq/Syria border.

The U.S. and Israel would not be undertaking these attacks unless they had a very serious reason. And, no, it is not that Trump wants to force Biden’s hand when he takes office. Israel and Saudi Arabia would not be meeting secretly on Saudi soil for such a political purpose. The only explanation that explains everything fully is that Iran either has nukes or is very close.

UPDATE 4: U.S. orders troops out of Somalia by early 2021. That suggests to me a U.S. strike on Iran of major proportions in January, prior to Trump leaving office. I wonder if Biden will continue that operation. Probably not. There are lots of smart Democrats. Biden isn’t one of them.

UPDATE 5 on 12/5/2020: “Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei may have transferred power to his son amid concerns over his declining health”. Please recall my prediction that Iran’s President, Hassan Rouhani, will become Supreme Leader at the same time that he is President of Iran.

UPDATE 6 on 12/13/20: Iran Warns U.S. a “Crushing and Fiery Response” Awaits B-52 Overflights.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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12 Responses to Does Iran Have Nuclear Weapons? Secret Meeting reported

  1. Matt says:

    This meeting and with the worsening pandemic, seems like the possibility that the First Secret of Medjugorje may occur Good Friday, April 2, 2021.

  2. Alex says:

    I don’t know whether Iran has nuclear weapons, but the danger of US led war in the remaining weeks of Trump presidency is rather real. Hope the sane reason will prevail among the Republicans. We may be against abortions, but that doesn’t mean in exchange of that to kill innocent civilians and children in the third world. Even if they are Muslims. And yes they are our brothers too, regardless how much the fanatics hate “Brothers all”.

    • Matt says:

      Trump will win the Presidency. Supreme Court will invalidate the votes in those several contested States due to extensive fraud that will be revealed soon will evidence. Neither candidate will have enough votes to win the Electoral College. Therefore it will then be sent to the House per the 12th Amendment after new members are sworn in on January 3. The House then has until March 4th to cast its votes for President. However, it is based on votes taken by states having one vote. Republicans have a state delegation majority of at least 27 of the 50 states, therefore Trump will win.

      Also Trump will not invade Iran. Trump should win several Nobel Peace Prizes for brokering peace deals between Israel and several Arab states recently!

      Turn off the mainstream media. They don’t decide the Presidency.

  3. Alex says:

    There are more than one possible scenarios. SCOTUS just refused to review the Pennsylvania case. I can’t see a victory of Trump in DC or the two coasts, after he loses by millions and by electoral college. He already agreed the transition to start. He is a side in the dispute not the arbiter. Everything is possible, including those 26 states or some of them to secede and declare Trump as their own president. Or any other hard to imagine scenario. I do not like what happens, it is what it is. USA loses its place as the world leader in democracy. Still it is world military superpower N1 with secret technologies hidden in bases in Nevada, Colorado and labs in New Mexico. Senator McConnell clearly said Trump must not change major foreign policy issues in the remaining months. And that certainly includes a war with Iran. Let remember McConnell’s role in the impeachment process that Trump owes to him and the Senate to continue being president. Second impeachment is not something impossible too, if we have a gross overstepping of red lines in the remaining 8 weeks.
    And sorry to all who think the Democrats are the sons of the darkness and the Republicans are the children of light – what we see has nothing about the abortions or being Republican. It has to do with one man wanting to be president for three terms – that is what he said to the Chinese president. Republicans will never agree on that, as we see what happens in Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

  4. Alex says:

    PS It is the time the Catholics to reevaluate what is being Catholic i.e. Universal. It is not about one country or even less one party, one man issue. What happens after the ultra conservative dram of all powerful president who “will save us all by building that wall”?
    What so satanic in a Great reset that Vigano can see with his distorted schismatic worldview? Didn’t Jesus speak of feeding the poor too? Didn’t Jesus say “go to hell because I was hungry and you gave me not to eat”? Or you are a good Catholic only if you live in USA and a number of EU countries and more importantly you make above 150,000 a year? Don’t the middle class US Catholics who have 2-3 or more cars realize that the predominant faithful in the Catholic Church are poor, living in third world countries? It is not even about the German bishops versus the traditionalists in USA. And it is not about a “Mexican wave” that the god-chosen trump will stop to save us all. It is about an unjust world that only a miracle keeps it from exploding in a nuclear war. A nuclear war that will hit not Bolivia but USA. And it is not because of the prayers of those middle class Catholics who do not care of anyone else but themselves. It is because of the prayers and suffering of 500 million fervent Catholics mostly living in Latin America, besides other parts of the world. It is because their daily sacrifices that God still didn’t punish the great harlot.

    On that bottom line, a great reset in a very unjust world economy is more than welcome. Besides issues like Covid and Climate change, that strangely why those who call themselves traditionalists reject. As if we watch Galileo II episode. If the ultra conservative traditionalists really want to defend the truth and to continue doing that one generation after their earthly lifespan expires, they should come in clear terms with the reality. A reality that the current US president rejects far before he rejected the election results. Let remember last year what he did for the burning forests – not only in Brazil but also in California. he said, the weather will cool down. Or what he did about Covid with the simple wearing a mask. He plays against the common sense, and there are enough deluded people to follow him. Projected in future near or far – towards their own demise.

    • Robert M Davis says:

      A question for Alex.
      Are you a citizen of the United States of America?

    • Alex says:

      So how that “question” fits in the comment of my comment? I guess you have ready answers for both possibilities to discredit me as either being unfaithful American who commits treason to his great nation, or not belonging to that great nation at all therefore who cares of what he says. Of course, not a word on the substance matter that I discuss.
      America is becoming third world banana republic. Who said that? Donald Trump! Let the conservative US Catholics correct their worldview and let them do it Now, BEFORE the great events we all expect. It is really not enough to write in forums that someone is a conservative traditionalist US Catholic who hates Antifa, socialism, green movement etc. who strangely how united in one. As if Jesus asked us for that in the Gospel. As if He never asked to distribute to the poor. Poor that you can find above 50th avenue in New York in numbers far greater than you can find in Beijing or Moscow.

  5. sc says:

    Our understanding of the effects of the pandemic and any other concurrent ills, natural or man made is distorted daily by the mass media. One would expect the first secret to occur when conditions for humanity are the darkest for the miracle to shine the brightest. Globally it is certain that we are still to be afflicted much more severely on account of our growingly collective sinfulness.

    • Alex says:

      “One would expect the first secret to occur when conditions for humanity are the darkest for the miracle to shine the brightest. ” Medjugorje messages have never said so. Indeed Garabandal said something similar, however we tend to make equality between 1-2 Medjugorje secrets and the Great Warning, assumption that might be wrong. Mirjana said she would not comment whether the Great Warning is in the secrets.
      A secret is a secret exactly because we do not know its content, and until we learn it. After that it is no more a secret. Therefore we need to be open minded.

      How could we know that 5G produces Covid, as Vigano pretends to know it? Is he physicist and medical doctor at the same time, working in secret labs? (I have watched such physicists and doctors from Livermore and Area 51). What if Covid comes from upper atmosphere or the space, or another dimension? (ref. Dan Burisch) We know there are viruses in upper atmosphere and potentially they can arrive on a meteorite too. Just saying as one possible explanation that we do not usually think of. Full transparency and open minds are needed.
      Trump didn’t do much on transparency. He didn’t open Area 51 for example, as Clinton promised to do. Let see how far Biden will go. Good promises alone are not enough.

      In all, I am tired of half truths and honest lies both from politicians and religious. Why isn’t Fatima secret announced? What is it that the Vatican is afraid of that is present in Russia? Evil aliens or what? And if so, would they be kind enough to explain to us the difference between good and evil aliens BEFORE we encounter them, so we can discern them? Or again the Vatican will walk AFTER THE EVENTS because…they rejected the past errors with Galileo but still prefer the so useful status quo?

      Enough of conspiracy half truths that make only the things worse. We have a Virus that KILLS. The Serbian patriarch just died of Covid. We have Climate Change that can kill us all including next generations that would otherwise be born despite the abortions. See the fires every year bigger. See the hurricanes every year bigger. Even if we do not see the melting ice ourselves.

  6. erm6 says:

    Hi Ron. Back in 2019, you had some blog posts where you speculated that an Elizabeth Warren presidency would be perceived by Iran as an opportune time to attack the U.S. Do you have any speculations now, about Iran’s perception of a Biden presidency, and how that might influence their strategy against the U.S.?

    • Ron Conte says:

      I think that Kamala Harris will become president, at some point over the next few years, and then Iran will see that as a sign of weakness. This is their point of view, as I understand it; not my point of view. They will think that a nation led by a woman is weak, because Muslim extremists (not all Muslims) have a detrimental view of women. So this might factor into their decisions regarding attacking the U.S. and the West.

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