How bad is the Coronavirus, really?

Here’s my latest article at — Yes, The Coronavirus Really Is That Bad! The disease affects the lungs very severely, but also heart, kidney, other organs, intestines, blood vessels, and the brain. The virus can actually infect the cells that line blood vessels, causing massing amounts of tiny clots, as well as large clots in deep veins. The virus can infect neurons. And the coronavirus has various ways to evade and attack the immune system. Check out the article for details.


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4 Responses to How bad is the Coronavirus, really?

  1. erm6 says:

    Hi Ron. May you please check the security certificates on your COVID site. I often encounter security warnings when visiting that site, and some devices or networks are not able to reach the site at all.

  2. Michael says:

    Do you see a connection between the Garabandal Miracle and this virus? As I understand it, many will be cured during the Miracle. If the infection rate of C-19 increases, it would indeed be miraculous and powerful to see an instantaneous curing of all those sick when this Miracle happens. It’d lead me to think that perhaps those prophecies of Garanbandal might be happening sooner than later.

    • Ron Conte says:

      I’m really not sure. It does seem a tantalizing possibility, for the miracle of Garbandal to end the pandemic, along with healing many persons of other illness and injuries. That would place the Miracle in May of 2022, most likely.

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