Will the Covid-19 Vaccine be Mandatory?

See my article: A Covid-19 Vaccine might need to be Mandatory. There are some good reasons for a mandatory vaccine. But there should also be the possibility of absolute refusal for those who cannot accept it in good conscience. So I’m proposing a compromise between “do whatever you want” and “you absolutely have to accept this”.

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  1. Alex says:

    In the last interview of Bill Gates, when asked about the 30% who will refuse the vaccine, he said it would be good if 70-80% get it. Not that it is he who decides the vaccine to be mandatory or not…but in the eyes of many ultraconservatives he is something like the technical expert of the antichrist…Interesting what they think of Elon Musk who shoots rockets in space out of his pocket money?

    I think the vaccine will be voluntary. As I argue in the previous comment of the conservative catholics, not everyone will be saved physically. That should be a voluntary conscious and informed decision. Otherwise, what difference if all people before the events without any selection will be saved after that?
    And no, I will not enter a cave turned into refuge, aka. John Leary “prophecy”, to await there “God to save me” meanwhile rejecting God’s rescue (of the body, here we speak of). The vaccine is one of the several things that will determine who is saved (physically) to continue humanity and the Church as well.

    Is the vaccine “masonic” etc conspiracy questions? I don’t know. But I know that God spoke to Nebuchadnezzar and he was not a member of God’s chosen people. God can make miracles through people who technically do not belong to the chosen ones. As I said in the previous comment, the secret space program (google it) could be developed by people who are not necessarily very devote or had a very good agenda back in time (although there are some who clearly say they are Catholics). God can use even THAT. Because, if we are not at the last End times when we will see Angels flying around, then we must accept the salvage boat sent by God but steered by a sinful man. Peter said to Jesus he was a sinful man too. And I believe he was honest in that, unlike today’s pharisees.

  2. Todd says:


    Dear Ron,

    I work at a university that is connected to a healthcare system. The director of the pathology department in the college of medicine developed a highly specific COVID-19 screening test. Given his great deal of experience, I would be inclined to think that the test is high in both specificity and sensitivity. From about the first week in March of this year through the end of June of this year over 15,000 people were screened with this test. The proportion of positive tests was about 3.6%. Out of those who screened positive, about 5.3% had symptoms serious enough to be inpatients(~30) and about a third of those needed to be placed in intensive care(ventilators etc.).

    There is something going on with the spike in cases that does not make sense, and it could be more like COVID-1984 rather than quality COVID-19 testing.

    I ask, is it really necessary to vaccinate everyone if the results above our correct?

    There is also the following video from Andrew Wakefield regarding natural herd immunity.

    If the link is broken then you can find the video by searching for the following title
    “Vaccination Destroys Natural Herd Immunity and Weakens The Population”

    I would like to say also in working in the medical field for ~28 years, that many MD’s are not taught about nutrition and how the body absorbs and uses nutrients.

    There are also youtube videos of Marcia Angell, former Editor-In-Chief of NEJM discussing pharmaceutical companies. Negative studies are routinely suppressed in medical journals. I am a statistician by training and I know this to be true.

    God Bless!


    • Ron Conte says:

      A vaccine is necessary because a large number of persons are dying, and many persons who do not die, nevertheless suffer a great deal. The idea that vaccine destroy “natural herd immunity” is absurd. People are not naturally immune to Covid-19, as proven by the over 10 million reported cases and over half a million deaths. As for problems with pharmaceutical companies, there are always problems with large organizations. That does not justify a conclusion that we should reject their products.

  3. RR says:

    People do not trust Bill Gates who promotes depopulation and stands to make millions off the vaccine while being its biggest proponent. Recall the Kenyan bishops who found out their vaccines were a delivery mechanism for birth control. The fourth amendment says a person shall be secure in his person and his papers. Thus a coerced vaccination without consent is unconstitutional, and people will consider it a medical assault. With their God given instinct for self defense, they will not hesitate to defy the mandate and no doubt will do so in large numbers. They will trust in their own immune systems, come what may, and deal with the consequences.

    • Ron Conte says:

      There has been some discussion of possibly using a highly infectious vaccine, which when released into the population vaccinates people when they catch the disease-vaccine.

  4. RR says:

    It is with utmost humility that I feel I must report to you that there is a powerful pharmaceutical lobby actively suppressing the fact that millions in damages have been paid out for adverse vaccine effects (VAERS). It boggles the mind that the whole world— even the doctors— have been sold a lie that all vaccines are perfectly safe. You should confirm this fact for yourself, of course.

    Given this big red flag, any stealth approach allowing the untraceable distribution of a vaccine now looks suspiciously like an attempt by the manufacturer to absolve itself from liability. As every person has a unique health history, the one size fits all approach has always seemed to me, personally, to defy both logic and subsidiarity. And sure enough, ethical questions have come up about the Covid vaccine as it is being developed. I came across the following video which made me want to run away as far as possible, and expend my energy shoring up the immune function that God has placed in me with better nutrition, better sleep, and exercise, things which I am constantly neglecting.

    • Ron Conte says:

      There are problems with the pharmaceutical industry. But I don’t see vaccines as part of a conspiracy. Most vaccines are very helpful; they clearly do more harm than good. Sometimes problems occur with a vaccine, but that is bound to happen as human error is, in a sense, inevitable. I believe that the current set of vaccine candidates for Covid-19 are genuine attempts to help humanity.

  5. Grindall says:

    I just don’t get how a vaccine will be magical. It has never eradicated the flu.

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