Does God will a diversity of Religions?

My answer here:

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2 Responses to Does God will a diversity of Religions?

  1. stefano says:

    Ron, you carefully avoid to face the actual problem, which is not merely heretical teaching, but teaching – or just thinking aloud – allowing different understandings from different audiences. What is at least not orthodox, is to state one thing and the opposite at the same time. To me, this method alone can be described as heresy, regardless of the substantial truth that is involved at each time. The only fact that this is allowed testifies that truth is not being served but confusion.

    • Ron Conte says:

      The First Vatican Council taught as dogma that each Pope has the gift of truth and a never failing faith, in accord with the teaching of the Gospel (so it is an infallible and divinely revealed truth). Your opinion is contrary to that dogma. The Pope is not guilty of heresy, but all his accusers are guilty of heresy, for contradicting the dogma of the First Vatican Council.
      Methods are never heresy, nor is heresy ever based on how things seem to anyone. Heresy contradicts formal dogma, and that is what your claim does.

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