Who or What are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is a figure for four sets of events, occurring about the same time, which initiate the end times. There will be no literal horses or riders; it is a metaphor.

First Horseman: World War 3

[Revelation 6]
{6:1} And I saw that the Lamb had opened one of the seven seals. And I heard one of the four living creatures saying, in a voice like thunder: “Draw near and see.”
{6:2} And I saw, and behold, a white horse. And he who was sitting upon it was holding a bow, and a crown was given to him, and he went forth conquering, so that he might prevail.

The horse is white because this terrible devastating war is ordained by God to punish the Christian nations for abandoning the Christian Faith and the punish Catholics for abandoning the Roman Pontiff. The horse is white because the War is initiated and won by the Muslims. The Prophet Muhammed was said to have ridden a winged white horse (a Buraq).

A crown is given to the rider, meaning that the attackers win the war. The Muslim extremists will win World War 3 and conquer Europe. The rider goes forth conquering, and in the end, he prevails. Europe will be occupied for many years. The conquerors will oppress the conquered.

The Second Horseman: Civil Unrest

{6:3} And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying: “Draw near and see.”
{6:4} And another horse went forth, which was red. And it was granted to him who was sitting upon it that he would take peace from the earth, and that they would kill one another. And a great sword was given to him.

The Civil Unrest is worldwide and very severe. The use of nuclear weapons in World War 3 causes great fear worldwide. The war disrupts travel and economics, causing more fear. Protests turn violent. Fear and poverty cause many persons to turn to violent crimes. Police are overwhelmed. Citizens need to be able to defend themselves. Many will die in this civil unrest.

Third Horseman: Famine

This is a worldwide famine. However, the famine is most severe in the wealthiest nations, and least severe in the developing nations (for reasons I’ve explained in my books of eschatology). The famine is caused in part by the War and the Civil Unrest. Each of these events makes the other events worse. They occur at the same time, and they cause great harm and great disruptions to society.

Fourth Horseman: Death

The fourth set of events is not only the deaths that result from the other three horsemen. It is also deaths from other causes, such as disease epidemics. And moreover, it is the disruption to society due to the fear of death.

Will you send your kids to college during this time period? Maybe not. You’ll be afraid they’ll die from the War, if the extremists attack, or from the Civil Unrest. You’ll be afraid they won’t have food. Will you send your kids to K-12 schools? Again, fear will affect this decision also. Maybe you should home school.

Need something from the grocery store? The shelves will be bare. Just getting food for the week or the day will be fraught with difficulties. Fear will be ever-present, even in the wealthiest nations and households.

Many people will lose their jobs. Many will be afraid to go to work. Travel will be dangerous, due to the Unrest and the War. Everyone who has work will be in constant fear that they will lose their job. Many businesses will collapse. Inflation will skyrocket. The middle class will plummet into poverty.

The fourth horseman is fear of every kind of harm, up to and including the fear of death, as well as the many actual deaths which occur.

After the Four Horseman

The Muslim extremists win World War 3. They conquer, occupy, and as you might imagine oppress Europe. There is then something of a respite from the end times, and the events of the four horsemen come to a close. The War and Unrest end, as does the Famine. The fear of death subsides and society begins to try to return to normal.

The four horsemen are also described under the figure of four Seals of the Seven Seals. Some years pass, after the events of the first four horsemen or seals, and then the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Seals occur. See my other posts or my books of eschatology for the details of those events.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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3 Responses to Who or What are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

  1. King Robert the Bruce says:

    What I don’t understand is why do the medjugorje seers say don’t be afraid to have children because you will understand why its important to have many once the secrets unfold reading your blog I must say things look very bleak how will any of us survive especially in Europe people will be forced to recant theyre catholicsm on pain of death they will have to suffer all manners of persecution I am not hopeful of the future if this comes to pass Ron.

  2. Matt says:

    Ron, it has so hard to imagine how life will be like during the tribulations. How will we get groceries/food? Will tap water be running? Will natural gas be running? What will happen to my job, 401K plan, health insurance? Will my children go to college, get married, get a mortgage, and raise children? How will I be able to get gasoline in my car? With civil unrest, severe diseases, famine, and fear of death, it would appear that we will be hunkered at home with our guns to protect ourselves from looters and barely have food to survive. Seems as though there will be massive starvation and death. All of this has been in the back of my mind since 1981! Years have gone by and life seems to continue normally, however, mortal sin is so rampant in society compared to 40 years ago. I understand why God needs to put a stop to this madness otherwise so many souls will be condemned to hell. I know the visionaries in Medjugorje stated that those that pray do not have to worry about the secrets. Also the Virgin Mary said don’t spend time preoccupied with the secrets. Also the visionaries stated that the tribulations will be “really unpleasant.”

    • Ron Conte says:

      You should get a couple of my books
      Summary of Future Events

      So you know what will happen when and in which order. There will be some time periods of lesser suffering and greater order in society. I also recommend prepping. I’ve written a book in that area of concern:
      Apocalypse Survival Guide for Christians

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