Blasphemy and Heresy on the Trinity

I’m working on a chapter titled “Blasphemy and Heresy on the Trinity”. I thought the chapter would just be about Michael Voris’ heresies on the Trinity. But, no, he utters terrible blasphemies, without realizing it, in this video: The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Eucharist

What is astounding about this situation is that Voris has built his reputation on ranting against the heresies of the left in Catholicism. Yet he himself teaches abject heresy, and his fellow conservatives do not object. Then he can even utter blasphemy, and be above criticism.

First, a heresy. Voris says: “God is Love. But more than this, He is loved outpoured, outpoured, that’s why He creates, because He can’t even contain himself….” Wrong. God did not have to create anything. Nothing compelled God to create Creation, or Mary, or anything that is created. God was not even compelled by His own Nature to create. It was a free choice. That is dogma, and the contrary assertion by Voris is heresy.

Then he describes the relationship between the Trinity and the Blessed Virgin Mary in a way that denigrates God and divinizes Mary.

He speaks of the love story between Adam and Eve. Fine, nothing wrong with that assertion. Next he claims that “it’s puppy love compared to the love story between the Holy Trinity and the Blessed Virgin Mary.” He calls the Trinity “her Divine Lover”. Then it gets worse:

“That’s what we do when we’re in love, we’re crazy in love; we do stupid things… And they excuse us because they know that when you’re in love you’re stupid. You take leave of your senses. Well, this is what the Holy Trinity does, this is what the Holy Trinity does with Mary. The Holy Trinity pours itself into Mary, explodes, can’t get enough of her.”

The Trinity is denigrated, reduced to a crazy stupid love-sick being, supposedly because the Trinity is confronted with Mary. The Trinity supposedly has taken leave of their senses, and figuratively exploded (apparently meaning loss of control), and can’t be satisfied because the Trinity “can’t get enough of her”. This wording cannot be explained away as an analogy or figure of speech. These terms are denigrating God and exalting Mary above God.

Calling God, Mary’s Divine Lover is blasphemy. Saying that God is crazy stupid in love with Mary is blasphemy. Describing the Trinity as if they have lost control over Mary is blasphemy. And all these blasphemies, denigrating God, have the effect also of treating Mary as if she were equal to, or above God.

Mary did not exist from all eternity. Even though God’s knowledge of her is from all eternity, she did not exist eternally. God was not even figuratively impatient in waiting for Mary to be created, as if God were in love with her, in the manner of an emotional love-sick human person.

Michael Voris teaches heresy on the Trinity, in other ways as well. But this particular teaching is also blasphemous. The strange thing is that he can openly blaspheme against the Most Holy Trinity, and his followers do not notice or care.

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Roman Catholic theologian
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4 Responses to Blasphemy and Heresy on the Trinity

  1. Kevin says:

    Ron – I am no fan of Voris, either. Too over the top. It is perhaps an over reaction to the fact that our bishops are anything but. But you are over the top in the way you spray around the term ‘heretic’. Every utterance of a person does not have to be either dogma or heresy. It seems to me that Voris here is just using a little ‘poetic licence’, but perhaps a little clumsily.

    • Ron Conte says:

      No, it’s abject heresy. Most Catholics can’t see it, because they have not studied doctrine enough. But poetic license does not justify these blasphemous assertions. He rails against any and all Bishops for the slightest perceived misstep, and then he utters blasphemy and teaches heresy, and few notice. Most Catholics no longer care about doctrine, so heresy just seems like no big deal, right? As long as Voris hits all the conservative talking points and complains about liberal Bishops, he can blasphemy the Trinity and his supporters do not care. They literally do not care. That’s apostasy on the part of his adherents.
      {27:37} And they set his accusation above his head, written as: THIS IS JESUS, KING OF THE JEWS.
      {27:38} Then two robbers were crucified with him: one on the right and one on the left.
      {27:39} But those passing by blasphemed him, shaking their heads,

  2. Grindall says:

    I don’t understand why, but they believe most souls go to hell.

    • Ron Conte says:

      It’s a conservative bias. It’s based on past teachings, such as the Council of Florence and some Saints. But the modern interpretation, confirmed by the Magisterium, is that non-Christian believers and non-believers can be saved without converting, if they are not guilty to the extent of actual mortal sin for their failure to convert. They can enter the state of grace by an implicit baptism of desire. They can return to that state, after mortal sin, by perfect contrition, which can be implicit. They simply don’t want to accept teachings that are recent. It’s a bias in favor of past interpretations, which are no longer tenable.

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