Demagoguery and Catholicism

How can anyone listen to Michael Voris speak and mistake his words for Catholic Christianity? His theology is shallow. He uses the conflict between conservatives and liberals to exalt himself. He has no qualifications for judging Bishops. He accuses Bishops of heresy and at times blasphemy, and yet he himself is guilty of teaching heresy and uttering blasphemy. And his malice toward his liberal opponents is absolutely contrary to the Gospel of Christ.

He has set himself up as a pseudo-authority, as if he were above the Bishops and the Magisterium to judge all things. He has devised a version of Catholicism which is not based on love of God and neighbor, but on conservative fears of liberal errors. His organization, Church Militant, has become its own Church, its own religion.

His hate speech and gay slurs are not justified by the alleged sins of those he denounces.

By setting himself up as a judge over every Cardinal and Bishop, Voris commits schism. We are called by faith to submit to the authority of each Pope and also the Bishops, for the Pope is the successor of the Apostle Peter, but the Bishops are the successors of the other Apostles.

demagogue, noun — “a person, especially an orator or political leader, who gains power and popularity by arousing the emotions, passions, and prejudices of the people.”

demagoguery, verb — “the methods or practices of a demagogue.”

Michael Voris is a demagogue, a teacher of heresy, a schismatic who refuses submission to the Bishops who are in communion with the Pope, and a blasphemer.

If you disagree, go elsewhere. Stop reading this blog and stop submitting comments here. Go pretend to be a Catholic somewhere else.

Ronald L Conte Jr

P.S. When Pope Francis teaches his controversial doctrines, the ones that cause the conservative schism, what do you think Voris will say and do? Will he take the side of the Pope, or lead his entire false Church into schism?

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