Church Militant video removed

Previously I wrote about a video and article which is an example of the targeted harassment of a gay employee of Catholic Relief Services by Church Militant.

The title of the article is: “CRS: Catholic Relief Sodomite”
The article changes the “S” in the acronym for Catholic Relief Services to “Sodomite” because the Vice­ President of Overseas Finance is openly gay and living in a same-sex marriage. His marriage is termed “sodomite marriage” in the article. The article’s by-line is simply “Church Militant”.

I complained about to the company which hosted the video file, and it has been removed.

Ronald L Conte Jr

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1 Response to Church Militant video removed

  1. Ron Conte says:

    Hate speech and gay slurs are contrary to the love of God and neighbor. They are opposed to our imitation of the mercy of God. The above targeting of a gay man by Church Militant is illegal harassment (based on sexual orientation) and it is immoral. In asking to have the video taken down, I was defending “the woman caught in adultery” from virtual stoning by online harassment from Church Militant.

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