Deuteronomy 22:5 on Gender Identity

[Deuteronomy 22]
{22:5} A woman shall not be clothed with manly apparel, nor shall a man make use of feminine apparel. For whoever does these things is abominable with God.

(1) This passage teaches us that men and women are intended by God to have different roles in the Church, the family, and society, and that those differences should be reflected in clothing, grooming, and behavior.

(2) The passage also condemns, unequivocally and as an intrinsically evil and gravely immoral act, attempting to change one’s God given biological gender by clothing, hormones, surgery, implants, gender name-changes, or any other means.

(3) Now certainly the soul is the form of the body, meaning that body and soul are very thoroughly united as one person. But in a sense the soul is clothed in the body, and so the passage can be read as prohibiting changing one’s body from male to female, or from female to male.

(4) No, it is not a sin for a woman to wear pants, nor for a man to dress as a woman for a comedy show. These persons are not denying the differences in men and women, nor are they rejecting their God-given gender.

I’m writing a long article for my next Newsletter on Gender identity issues.

Ronald L Conte Jr

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