The identity of Maria Divine Mercy

I have received what I believe to be credible information on the identity of the false visionary who calls herself “Maria Divine Mercy”:

Mary Carberry
5 Muldowney Court
County Dublin

Update: The Bishop of Dublin has issued a Statement on Maria Divine Mercy

Here is what her voice sounds like from a radio interview.

Her diocese and bishop are:
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of the Dublin archdiocese.

Her parish is:
St Sylvester’s Church
Malahide, County Dublin, Ireland

If you are concerned about her false messages, I suggest writing to her pastor and her Bishop.

My articles explaining that her claimed private revelations are false:
Evaluation Part 1
Evaluation Part 2
Who is Maria Divine Mercy?
My posts on the topic

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28 Responses to The identity of Maria Divine Mercy

  1. Alex Lim says:

    Hi, you actually made reference to her as early as November 2010 when you reviewed the false messages of Joe Coleman in the Catholic Planet site.. She even sent you an email about her visions. Remember? I am glad this is now out.

  2. Mashina says:

    What goes up must come down but wait and see what her brainwashed followers have to say, at this point it’s hard to get anyone of them to see sense.

  3. Alex Lim says:

    Ron, it was one of our colleagues who sent you the information. I and several others have been contributing articles to the Maria Divine Mercy – true or false blog here and I would like to invite to viist it one of these days and even do a guest post. I have also emailed the Dublin Archdiocese in the hope that they can issue some kind of official pronouncement about this person. I find it odd that the several Archbishops and Bishops in Europe and Australia have already denounced this scammer but nothing from the local ordinary where she lives.

  4. Alex Lim says:

    And yes, I have read your negative reviews on these two jokers. You are actually one of my sources in denouncing this MDM scammer. This “Mary” you mentioned back in 2010 said “Our Lady” had from the start wanted to publish this messages. Indeed, the very first message given to MDM by her false Virgin Mary corroborates this:

    08 Nov 2010: First Message from the Virgin Mary
    “My child, you have a responsible job to do and you must not let anyone stop you. The Truth has to get out.”

    12 Nov 2010
    “Do not be surprised, or overwhelmed, for this is a very sacred task and you have been chosen to do this Work with Me. It will take you three months. I want you to publish it around the world. It must be large, powerful and sought out by millions, just like the Holy Bible.”

    It is clear this MDM had no intentions of letting Church authorities stand in the way of her BS and MDM is under obligation to get them published. And those messages were published only sometime a year later after establishing their own publishing company Coma Books. One of its blasphemies involved referring to these messages as having equal footing with scripture..

  5. Mem says:

    Thank you for bringing this out publicly, Mr. Conte. MDM has deceived so many people. I’m a former follower and I’m so grateful to everyone who spoke about the TRUE Catholic Faith. That finally broke through to me and then I began to see Mary C’s messages for what they were: often full of grave error, heresy, and blasphemy. I praise the Lord for letting His Spirit open my eyes. I pray the truth reaches those still lost to the false prophecies of “Maria Divine Mercy”.

  6. Alison Hollies says:

    Very interesting, has she been right under our noses all along?! If you Google the residential address it reveals the details of a marketing and digital design business run with a David Carberry.

  7. Robert says:

    Here is the Prayergroup, where you can find the name of Mary Carberry in the middle of the site.

    • Robert says:

      mary carberry
      There are more names. Interesting for me is the name “herzmariens” It is the name of the Website and forum from “MDM´s” German Translator.


  8. Rosary says:

    The Maria Divine Mercy messages contradict so many Catholic teachings that it’s amazing Catholics are falling for them. In the beginning of her messages she was pushing ecumenical ideas. As time went on she must have realized she was attracting traditional, anti-Vatican II Catholics and the messages started to become more radically traditional. Her statement that there will be a schism in the Church is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy with members of this group splitting themselves off from their local parishes when they refuse to take their pastors’ advice to reject the messages. So far the Conference of Slovakian Bishops and the Bishops of Melbourne; Brisbane; Salzburg; Portland, Maine; and the London Diocese of Ontario Canada have warned Catholics to reject these messages as false. Despite this, many obstinately cling to their belief in every heretical word in the messages.

    Her “prediction” that Pope Benedict would be “ousted” from the Vatican and “flee” Rome only to die in exile has fallen completely flat. Pope Benedict is living peacefully at the Vatican in full communion with our good Pope Francis, who Maria Divine Mercy said would be the “false prophet”, the “imposter”, the “evil” who has infiltrated the Church. Unfortunately, people who call themselves Catholic have been seen on Facebook praying for his death, referring to him as “Frankie” and saying awful things like “I’m praying for the conversion of Francis”. Imagine that! This makes real the sardonic expression, “They are holier than the pope!”

    There is nothing but evil being generated from these messages even though MDM followers brag (oh, and do they BRAG!) that they pray rosaries, chaplets, attend (traditional) masses, and recite those over one hundred Crusade Prayers from this “visionary”, but isn’t it just like satan to mix good with evil to achieve his demonic ends?

  9. ChloeSmith says:

    I surely hope that Kelly Bowring reads this and recalls his book. By continuing to cling to MDM, he is leading many people away from the True Faith and into superstition, schism, and perhaps to Satan himself.

  10. Robert says:

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