The identity of Maria Divine Mercy

I have received what I believe to be credible information on the identity of the false visionary who calls herself “Maria Divine Mercy”:

Mary Carberry
5 Muldowney Court
County Dublin

Update: The Bishop of Dublin has issued a Statement on Maria Divine Mercy

Here is what her voice sounds like from a radio interview.

Her diocese and bishop are:
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of the Dublin archdiocese.

Her parish is:
St Sylvester’s Church
Malahide, County Dublin, Ireland

If you are concerned about her false messages, I suggest writing to her pastor and her Bishop.

My articles explaining that her claimed private revelations are false:
Evaluation Part 1
Evaluation Part 2
Who is Maria Divine Mercy?
My posts on the topic

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28 Responses to The identity of Maria Divine Mercy

  1. Robert says:

    “She promoted this False Visionary, Joe Coleman, producing his book and she got him on the Late Late Show.”
    end of quote
    read more here …

  2. Robert says:

    Have a look at the end of the website. Same address.

    The server is rent by a family member and located in Germany / Hürth. The same server location as for “thewarningsecondcoming”
    This is no accident.

    click on “server stats”

  3. Matt says:

    Please everyone pray that the Holy Spirit descend on Mary Carberry and to end the false messages!

  4. Mark says:

    Mary Carberry of Malahide, Dublin, is married to John Carberry. Her maiden name is Mary McGovern.

  5. Mashina says:

    Mary Carberry AKA MDM has been going around the United States, Australia and God knows where else selling books for cash only at the so called seminars. What is the Irish tax and customs doing about her not paying tax on her cash sales?

  6. ?? says:

    What does anyone know about “Joseph Gabriel” who goes about the world conducting seminars to promote the Maria Divine Mercy messages while followers man the bookselling tables?

    • yehuditt says:

      I heard from some sources that his real name is Breffni Cully.

    • Justin says:

      Yehuditt, now it’s all making sense why they don’t let allow followers take videos, pictures at their seminars, someone said Joseph Gabriel is very particular with his pics taken. He doesn’t want people who know him to identify him by his fake name.

      Please everybody offer your rosaries and prayers for Mary Carberry that she may repent and stop deceiving people.

  7. Robert says:

    Their website “thewarningsecondxxxxx” was down for 12 hours – they are online again. It wasn´t a technical problem. Sarah Carberry´s website

    is located on the same server and was the whole time reachable. I think they have considered what to do.

  8. aquiness says:

    Here is a place of refuge for all those who now know that Maria Divine Mercy is a false prophet. Please come in and ask questions and seek some comfort in the fact that we have all been there, and know the hurt you are feeling right now.

    All those who are struggling with all of this and are still not convinced can also ask questions without being ridiculed in any way. They will be treated with kindness and patience.

    God Bless.

    Safe Refuge

  9. Antonello Burtone says:

    I was converted to Catholicism thanks to messages by MDM. I could never deny them. Excuse me for my english.

    • Ron Conte says:

      If you believe the heretical teachings in her messages, or if you reject Pope Francis as her messages insist that you must, then you are not Catholic and you are automatically excommunicated under Canon Law. This type of excommunication occurs by the very commission of the offense, regardless of what you or I or anyone else says. Her version of religion is not Catholicism, for she rejects the Pope, the Cardinals who elected him, and the teaching authority of the Catholic Church.

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