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A Critical Review of OnePeterFive: part one

Over at OnePeterFive, they are under new management. “Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.” The previous editor-in-chief, Steve Skojec, called Pope Francis “our heretical Pope” and noted that most of the attention at his own website, 1P5, … Continue reading

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Pope Francis continues teaching from Galatians

Pope Francis: Even today, people come and harangue us, saying, “No, holiness is in these precepts, in these things, you must do this and that”, and propose an inflexible religiosity, the inflexibility that takes away from us that freedom in … Continue reading

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An Heretical and Schismatic Article at Rorate Caeli

It is bizarre to live during the time of one of the major heresies and schisms of the Catholic Faith. Living today is like living during the time of the Arians, or Nestorians, or Jansenism, or the like. In this … Continue reading

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Pope Francis inadvertently quotes Putin

Here’s the news story. Pope Francis thought he was quoting German chancellor Angela Merkel, but the quote was actually from Vladimir Putin. “It’s necessary to stop the irresponsible policy of enforcing its own values on others and attempts to build … Continue reading

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Dear Papal Accusers, Was Saint Thomas Aquinas validly Canonized or Not?

My answer is “Yes”, but the position of the accusers of Pope Francis implies an answer of “No.” My answer is is that the Roman Pontiff who canonized Thomas is the true successor of Peter, and he never departed from … Continue reading

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How Muslims help Christians during the End Times

This article is based on my understanding of the End Times based on over 20 years of study and writing. Please understand that my eschatology is highly speculative and fallible. During the lesser tribulation, the Muslim extremists will conquer Europe. … Continue reading

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Canon Law does not permit Deposing a Pope

Old Code, Canon 1556: The Primatial See can be judged by no one. New Code, Canon 1404: The First See is judged by no one. “The Supreme Pontiff has the highest legislative, administrative, and judicial power in the Church. The … Continue reading

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A Refutation of Siscoe and Salza’s Article on Deposing the Pope

The article is here: The True Meaning of Bellarmine’s Ipso Facto Loss of Office Theory for a Heretical Pope. I will briefly refute the article below. 1. The article is based on Bellarmine’s opinion on what would happen if a … Continue reading

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Is Pope Benedict XVI still the valid Pope?

A certain theory says that the resignation of Pope Benedict was not valid, and so he is still the Roman Pontiff. This would make the election of Pope Francis invalid, since no new Pope can be elected while the previous … Continue reading

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Report: Pope calling leaders of all Latin Mass societies to Rome

This report (or maybe it is a rumor) comes from Dr. Taylor Marshall, on his video blog: “The “Ecclesia Dei” communities or priestly societies attached to the 1962 Latin Mass are being summoned to Rome in September. This would include … Continue reading

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In Defense of Fr. Kramer on Never-failing Faith

This article by Robert Siscoe: Fr. Kramer’s Error Concerning “The Unfailing Faith of Peter” argues against a particular assertion by Fr. Kramer on the never-failing faith of the Roman Pontiff and his freedom from heresy. I will abbreviate his assertion … Continue reading

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Are The Accusers of Pope Francis Closet Sedevacantists?

Those who accuse Pope Francis of manifest heresy ought to know that the fathers unanimously taught that manifest heretics lose all jurisdiction, and this is by the nature of the offense. So it is a strange position to take, to … Continue reading

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