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The Vocation of being a Single Catholic

Here’s the article: Prolonged Singleness Is Not a Vocation BY JULIEANNE BARTLETT. First, I object strongly to individual Catholics or small media outlets acting like they are the Magisterium, issuing decisions that the Church has not issued. Bartlett does not … Continue reading

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On the term Consubstantial

The Creed states that Jesus is consubstantial with the Father (6th Ecumenical Council). But did you know that all three persons are consubstantial (8th Ecumenical Council)? The three Persons each fully possess the one Divine Nature. So they have the … Continue reading

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The Heresy of Secondary Sources Only

The Roman Pontiff has the authority to teach and to guide the faithful directly and immediately, not only through intermediaries. When the Pope teaches, we are absolutely required to believe what he teaches; when the Pope orders, we are absolutely … Continue reading

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The Never Failing Faith of the Popes

Updated List of Quotes Here. Popes, Pope-Saints, Saints and various magisterial sources are listed, teaching that Popes never fail in faith and never fall into grave error on doctrine or discipline. For the indefectibility of the Church relies upon the … Continue reading

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Are We Living In The Last Days?

Are We Living In The Last Days? Answer: No We are NOT in or near the period of time known as the “last days” or “the reign of the Antichrist”. It is absolutely certain from the teachings of the Bible … Continue reading

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Errors of Taylor Marshall: Christ slaying the Antichrist

The latest video of Dr. Taylor Marshall contains grave errors on Christ, His Return, and the Antichrist. Taylor Marshall: “Jesus Christ ascended to God the Father on Ascension Thursday from the Mount of Olives. The angel said that Jesus Christ … Continue reading

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Interpretation of Messages from Mary at Anguera

It is my opinion that these message are truly from Heaven. They are given to Pedro Regis (who seems to have rejected Pope Francis by misunderstanding these messages). Something big is going to happen in the Church, probably in the … Continue reading

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Vigano’s Blaspemous Prayer to the Virgin Mary

Here’s the link. First of all, none of us should ever write into a prayer accusations against other persons, esp. the Pope, or a rejection of decisions of holy Mother Church on doctrine or discipline, or a rejection of scientific-based … Continue reading

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The Two Extremes of Blessing Same-Sex Couples

A not-so-good article at NCRegister. The one extreme is pretending that you are just blessing persons, so that it would be irrelevant that you are blessing a same-sex couple. The other extreme is the false claim that sinful sexual acts … Continue reading

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What Will These Lay Catechists Teach? Whatever They Want

Here is the document: Ancient Ministry. It establishes a lay ministry of the Catechist. The idea is that the Bishops Conferences and individual dioceses will set up some type of criteria for the Catechists, give them instruction, and set them … Continue reading

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Who Goes To Heaven? Can non-Christians and non-believers be saved?

The answers given in this article are based on Catholic teaching. The longer and much more detailed theological explanation is in my book: Forgiveness and Salvation for Everyone. This article summarizes the conclusions of that book. Everyone who loves others, … Continue reading

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The Fourth Proposition of Bishop Gasser’s Relatio

At the First Vatican Council, just before the Council fathers were to vote on the document Pastor Aeternus, the delegation sent from Blessed Pope Pius IX, gave an explanation and defense of the teaching in that document. The Bishop presenting … Continue reading

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