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Reply to Mike Lewis on Assent to Ordinary Teachings

Mike Lewis, on his substack “Mike Lewis Extra,” wrote a post titled “Once more with feeling”, subtitled: Authentic Church teaching does not depend on how I feel about it. There are some good points in that post, but the piece … Continue reading

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Was the Case of Three Living Popes Predicted by Scripture?

Pope emeritus Benedict is still with us, thank God. Pope Benedict XVI was a good Pope, who chose to resign, as is his unequivocal right. A person elected to the papacy has the free choice to decline the office, or … Continue reading

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Three Questions on Popes, Sin, and Infallibility

Why Does God Allow Popes To Sin? Three Questions. Three Questions answered in this post: 1. Why does God allow Popes to Sin? 2. Is a sinful Pope unable to teach infallibly, or more likely to err? 3. How can … Continue reading

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Contra Regis Martin on Papal Infallibility

Regis Martin, professor of theology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, wrote an article titled, “The Infrequency of Infallibility“, published at Crisis Magazine (April 26, 2022). In this post, I will argue that professor Martin’s positions on Papal Infallibility, on … Continue reading

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Proposal to Prevent School Shootings

Here is the news report on a school shooting in Texas. Proposal: by law, require and fund the placement of one patrol officer in a patrol vehicle at every K-12 school in the United States. Cost analysis There are approximately … Continue reading

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A Vast Quantity of Food is used as Fuel

Articles with details at Hunger Math: * Soybean Oil used as biodiesel * Corn used to make Ethanol for Fuel – ethanol is an additive to gasoline in the U.S. This additive does nothing for the environment. In the 2021/22 … Continue reading

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What Topics To Write

I’m not sure what topics to write on this blog going forward. Suggestions? I am finishing a book: “The Pope Cannot Be A Heretic” The book reviews the perennial teaching of the Church on the papal charisms, proving that no … Continue reading

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The Immorality of Supporting the Ukraine War

Just War theory is not so much a theory anymore; it is at least a non-infallible magisterial teaching as it is in the Catechism. Many Catholics support Just War theory, until a war actually occurs. Then they think and react … Continue reading

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If Abortion Goes Back To The States

If SCOTUS overturns Roe v. Wade, this is widely believed to have the effect of giving States the role of legislating on abortion. Then, it is assumed, conservative States would choose to outlaw abortion almost entirely, while liberal States would … Continue reading

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Sanctions against Russia and the future of Nations

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Buy vegetable oil, pasta, rice, flour, canned goods and other foods. A severe food shortage is approaching fast. These severe sanctions on Russia remove them from the world community, pushing them to become independent of other nations, thereby removing any … Continue reading

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New Articles at Hunger Math

Take a look at the latest articles at Hunger Math blog. A food crisis is drawing very near, before the end of this year, perhaps by summer. Reminder: a severe food crisis is approaching. One of the main foods that … Continue reading

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Is 2023 the Year of the Warning and Miracle?

Updated, see below As a reader pointed out to me via email, in 2023, May 13th is a Saturday, and May 12th is a Friday. The Miracle is said to occur on a Thursday, coinciding with the feast of Blessed … Continue reading

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