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Is the the Church able to declare Mary as co-Redemptrix?

Here’s the news story: Pope calling proposed development of Marian doctrine ‘nonsense’ doesn’t change truth: theologian []. I believe that Mary has a role as Mediatrix, co-Redemptrix, Advocatrix. However, the Church cannot merely declare that she is those things, or … Continue reading

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Novena to Jesus, Mary, Joseph

Please consider praying with me a Novena, from Ascension Thursday (today) to Pentecost Sunday (May 31st). That is a 10-day period, so you could start today or tomorrow, and complete the novena on Saturday or Sunday (May 30 or 31). … Continue reading

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Commentary on the St. Joseph Prayer part 3

The prayer in full is found here. The last line of the second stanza read: “and of all those born in the fallen state, none is greater than you or John.” Jesus, in His human nature, and Mary are each … Continue reading


The Morality of a Covid-19 Vaccine

Review of Moral Principles All Catholics should be properly catechized on the principles of cooperation with evil as taught by the Roman Catholic Magisterium. You can read my posts on this topic here, or read my booklet Roman Catholic Teaching … Continue reading

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Q and A on Covid-19

I often do a “Q and A” on theology. I’ve decided to try a question and answer post on COVID-19. Please keep in mind that I am not a physician, and will not be giving any medical advice. The types … Continue reading

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Eschatology: the next 2 to 3 years

I think the Warning occurs on Good Friday of either 2022 or 2023. Between now and then, I think the pandemic will continue to rage, and society will become worse and worse. The pandemic might possibly end by finding a … Continue reading

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Covid-19 is the 7th Leading Cause of Death for 2020

Updated May 13th 2017 Yearly Stats (CDC Fast Stats) Number of deaths: 2,813,503 #1 Heart disease: 647,457 #2 Cancer: 599,108 #3 Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936 #4 Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201 #5 Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383 #6 Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404 … Continue reading

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Covid-19 Vaccine Update: May, 2020

Information from company websites and Dr. Mobeen’s Medical Lectures video. 1. The University of Oxford (UK) Oxford Vaccine Group is now testing a vaccine developed at the same University’s Jenner Institute. They are partnering with AstraZeneca to bring this vaccine … Continue reading


Commentary on recent messages to Pedro Regis

Pedro Regis is a true visionary, who receives messages truly from the Blessed Virgin Mary. However, he himself has gone astray from the true faith. He has abandoned the dogmas of the First Vatican Council, particularly the indefectibility of the … Continue reading

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Commentary on the St. Joseph Prayer part 2

The prayer in full is found here. The last line of the first stanza reads: “you are among the closest imitators of your divinely conceived Son, Jesus.” Throughout the prayer, Jesus is referred to as the son of Joseph. Previously, … Continue reading


Vaccines, Abortion, and a new document seeking signatures

Is it always wrong to accept a vaccine based on aborted fetal cells? The answer given here, at the National Catholic Bioethics Center is correct. It is not intrinsically evil, it is not always wrong, to accept a vaccine developed … Continue reading

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Commentary on the St. Joseph Prayer

The Prayer of Praise to Saint Joseph is found in full here. Below is the first part of my commentary on this prayer, which I wrote earlier this year. This prayer is a powerful spiritual remedy in a time of … Continue reading

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Will Cancer Deaths Rise or Fall in 2020?

Persons who are currently living with a diagnosis of cancer have an increased risk of death, if they contract COVID-19. This suggests that some persons who would have died of cancer later this year, instead may die from Covid, reducing … Continue reading


Antibodies do NOT necessarily indicate you’ve had Covid-19

Someone has Covid-19. You are exposed to the virus through them. You might catch the disease, develop symptoms, and eventually your immune system produces antibodies and you become well. But a second scenario is also common. You are exposed to … Continue reading

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The Pandemic and the End Times

The holy family fled to Egypt on February 29th, according to Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich. This year that date saw the first U.S. death from Covid-19. This pandemic is the threshold of the End Times, of the Apocalypse, and so … Continue reading

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After the Pandemic, will the Pews still be Empty?

Not everyone who goes to Mass is “devout”. Some Catholics are less invested in their Faith than others. Some pray every day, and others pray only occasionally. It’s a matter of degrees. When you have been away from Mass for … Continue reading

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The Prayer of Praise to Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph, virgin spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, loving father to the Christ-child, head of the most holy Family, patron of the universal Church: you are among the closest imitators of your divinely conceived Son, Jesus. For like John … Continue reading

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What Will Happen if the U.S. “opens up”?

What will happen if the U.S. “opens up”? The average time from infection to symptoms is 5 days; the 99th percentile is 14 days. We won’t see much change in the numbers for the first few days, because of the … Continue reading

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Holy Thorn Relic changes color this Holy Week

In the Cathedral of Andria, Italy, the Relic of the Holy Thorn from Jesus’ Crown of Thorns has changed color, according to the Bishop: Here’s the story with photos from this year, 2020. In the past, the Thorn has also … Continue reading


COVID-19 has NOW killed more persons in the U.S. than the Flu does in a year

On Monday, April 27th, Covid-19 became the 8th leading cause of death for the year 2020, finally surpassing the Flu. Tallies: Week Ending April 11th: 12,136 new deaths, and 221,522 new cases Week Ending April 18th: 18,288 new deaths, and … Continue reading

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