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How Bad Can A Pope Be? Contra Timothy Gordon

YouTube video: Can a Pope be the Antichrist? w/ Michael Lofton. In this video, Timothy Gordon makes certain statements about the Supreme Pontiff, Pope Francis. To be clear and fair, in the video discussion between Gordon and Lofton, they deny … Continue reading

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No, the Antichrist can never be Pope

Catholics today are so poorly catechized that they easily fall into grave errors, without realizing it. This is where any heresy or schism begins, poorly-taught or misinformed faithful. And the subject of eschatology is particularly ignored by many orthodox teachers. … Continue reading

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Apostasy and a False Church ruled by Evil

The great apostasy predicted in Sacred Scripture during the End Times is an event in which many of the formal members of the Catholic Church, including non-practicing, minimally practicing, and unfaithful practicing Catholics depart from the true Church and instead … Continue reading

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Steve Skojec: “apostasy in the Church that goes to the very top”

After a brief failed effort to turn OnePeterFive into a less negative Catholic publication, founder and editor in chief Steve Skojec went dark big time in this post: Amidst Conflicting Fatima “Secrets,” a Clear Message Shines. What? A clear messages … Continue reading

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Another Dogma that proves the Indefectibility of the Pope

In previous posts, I’ve detailed how the dogmas of the First Vatican Council, especially the charism of truth and of never-failing faith and that the Apostolic See is unblemished by error, prove the indefectibility of the Roman Pontiff. Specifically, each … Continue reading

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How Good Eschatology Can Defend The Faith

Some of the attacks on the holy Catholic Church and Her divine Faith are based in bad eschatology. Recently, some persons have claimed that Pope Francis is either the Antichrist, or the false prophet associated with the Antichrist, or (as … Continue reading

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Rome will lose the Faith and become the Seat of the Antichrist

If I present anything from private revelation, even to a Blessed or Saint, my theological opponents will cry out: “We don’t have to believe anything in private revelation”. True enough. But when the contents of a private revelation please them, … Continue reading

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On Packing the U.S. Senate

In addition to an attempt to “pack” the Supreme Court of the United States, House Democrats are now attempting to pack, in a sense, the Senate. Currently, the Senate has 50 Republicans and 48 Democrats plus 2 liberal Independents. The … Continue reading

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On Packing the U.S. Supreme Court

I don’t do much politics on this site. I will sometimes comment on U.S. politics of national importance. Today’s topic is the plan by House Democrats to push a bill that will change the makeup of the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) … Continue reading

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Medjugorje Visionary says Second of Month will be important

I know why the date of the second of the month is said by one of the visionaries of Medjugorje to be important. Basically, the first part of the tribulation ends with a certain timing, and the second of the … Continue reading

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On Preaching Heresy and Schism from Ivory Tower and Closed Gardens

Many of the papal accusers — Schneider, Vigano, Burke, Marshall and many others — preach their lies, their heresies, their hatred for the Roman Pontiff, their rejection of Vatican I and II, and their schism from ivory towers and closed … Continue reading

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One World Government and One World Religion: good ideas or not?

These are two fears often mentioned on the far right, especially with regard to Pope Francis. They are afraid that he is trying to turn the Catholic Religion into one religion that encompasses all belief systems. The other fear is … Continue reading

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