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Can the U.S. and NATO win World War 3?

Who Will We Fight? I believe that the world is headed for a Third World War. This is apparent from current circumstances in politics and warfare, as well as from my research and study in eschatology. However, I don’t think … Continue reading

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Please Pray for my Niece

I’m requesting prayers for my niece, Amanda, who has had stage-4 metastatic cancer for over a year and a half now. Please join me in praying for her. Ron

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A Short Comment on Celibacy for Priests

It is a false claim that celibacy in the Church did not begin when the Church began, with Christ, the Apostles, and the first disciples. Jesus was celibate. He did not marry anyone. He certainly did not marry Mary Magdalene … Continue reading

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Theology Questions and Answers (closed)

Ask a question below in the comments, and I’ll try to answer it. Please keep questions brief, and on the topic of theology. Some questions and answers to get things started: 1. Why can’t lost souls in Hell repent? God … Continue reading

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Plagiarism of my work in Eschatology

See my previous article: Bruce Cyr’s plagiarism of my work in eschatology. He has stolen much of my work, and claimed it as his own, even though my books were written many years before his. He has also updated the … Continue reading

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The World is rushing toward another World War

Certain attitudes in societies and actions by politicians tends toward world war. 1. Russia is wrong to invade Ukraine; this war of aggression affects many nations, and could lead (indirectly, I think) or contribute to a third world war. 2. … Continue reading

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Is the Warning (the illumination of consciences) this Good Friday?

As many of my readers know, I’ve been writing eschatology (End Times theology) for many years (since the late 1990s). And for much of that time, I’ve been writing about the Warning of Garabandal. Some children, in the 1960s, received … Continue reading

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Three Decades of the Rosary for Pope Francis

Today I am beginning a three-day set of prayers for Pope Francis: one decade of the Rosary per day, March 12, 13, 14. As many know, March 13, 2023 is the 10th anniversary of the election of Pope Francis. Please … Continue reading

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Reply to Edward Feser on Infallibility and Papal Error

Introduction In his Catholic World Report article, When do popes teach infallibly?, Dr. Edward Feser argues that the non-infallible teachings of the ordinary papal magisterium can err to almost any extent. Then he reviews the positions of Emmett O’Regan and … Continue reading

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Updated List of my Books and Bible Translation

Here is the link to a list of my books and my Bible translation. Please take a look and see if any of these titles might interest you. Thanks Ronald L Conte Jr

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Does Supernatural Faith require belief in the Trinity? No, says Jesus and His Church.

LifeSiteNews published an “Analysis” article titled: Here’s why Pope Francis is wrong to say Muslims and Catholics worship the same God (Michael Haynes, 3-3-2023) Though the article author, Michael Haynes, focuses his arguments on Muslims and Islam, sweeping statements are … Continue reading

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Will the US Sanction China? Or will China sanction the US?

The Biden administration is considering sanctioning China for supporting Russia in the Ukraine war. These sanctions would be more likely if China adds lethal military support (weapons, ammo) to their current non-lethal support. China currently ignores US and EU sanctions … Continue reading

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