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The Latin Mass used as an instrument and sign of rebellion

When the Latin Mass, in its various forms prior to Vatican II, was the sole form of the Mass used in the Roman Rite (while the Eastern Catholic Churches use other forms), every priest and bishop used that Vetus Ordo. … Continue reading

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How the Opponents of Francis and Vatican I and II violate the Oath against Modernism

Here is the Oath against Modernism of Pope Saint Pius X. The papal accusers, those who accuse Pope Francis and other Popes, as well as multiple Ecumenical Councils, of grave errors on doctrine and discipline, contradict that Oath by their … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’ Letter to the Family

Here is the link to the English version of the letter. It is very short. At the end, he asks us to pray for him. RLCJ

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Defending the Supreme Authority of the Pope

Let’s start with the false claims about papal authority. Timothy Flanders: “…the false spirit of Vatican One, where the papal office has become a universal teaching office that Catholics focus on daily. It de facto replaces the Scripture, Tradition, and … Continue reading

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What Is Required When the Pope is Sinful

Every Pope from Saint Peter the Apostle to Pope Francis is a fallen sinner. The Virgin Mary was never Pope. The Lord Jesus therefore did not wish the Roman Pontiff to be the most holy person on earth. Jesus could … Continue reading

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Baptism and Mortal Sin in the Catechism of Pius X

The Catechism of Pope Saint Pius X is not infallible. It is generally a reliable source of doctrine, as are other catechisms approved by the Church. But it can err, at least to a limited extent. It seems unlikely there … Continue reading

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Indefectibility versus Pornocracy: Flanders at OnePeterFive

Over at OnePeterFive, editor Timothy Flanders again accuses the Church Herself, by his use of the term “Pornocracy” in his 23 December article: Pornocracy and the Coming Reign of Antichrist. This article will refute those errors, point by point. Church … Continue reading

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Problems with “Recognize and Resist”

Those who say “Recognize and Resist” mean two things by that expression, and both are in error. It is not a faithful expression, but instead it is a public announcement of schism. Recognize By “recognize”, they mean that they acknowledge … Continue reading

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91 Reasons to Support Every Pope and Council

The Apostolic See is free from every grave error The following teachings from Saints, Popes, and Councils PROVE the DOGMAS of the never-failing faith of Peter and his successors; the impossibility of papal heresy, apostasy, or idolatry; and the freedom … Continue reading

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No Schism or Heresy has Ever Succeeded

The papal accusers, who reject Pope Francis, Vatican I and II, Lateran V, the recent Popes since Vatican II and other Popes throughout Church history, who call the Apostolic See “pornocracy”, who malign Francis at every turn, who think themselves … Continue reading

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Father John Zuhlsdorf is Leading Many Astray

I’ve read many posts by Fr. Z. and so my criticism is based on a wide range of his comments. His latest post brings to mind two of his errors. Here’s his post: “But ‘Father’! But ‘Father!’”, some cringing papalatrous … Continue reading

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On using the term “Pornocracy” to attack the Church

This article is a commentary and refutation of a very sick article at OnePeterFive: The Third Pornocracy: What We Are Living Through. Calling the Apostolic See and the Roman Pontiff, along with the Bishops who lead the Church with him, … Continue reading

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