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new Web Address for this blog

I’ve changed the address for this blog from “” to simply “”. I’ve also removed ads from the blog, at the suggestion of a supporter.

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Michael Voris: Insults, Name-calling, and Calumny

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NOTE: I am working on a book about Voris which will prove the errors in his theology and his method of preaching. Michael Voris video title: “The Vortex — Completely Mental” subtitle: “Touched. Off his rocker. Out to lunch.” Feb … Continue reading

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On Heresy, Bribery, and Conservative Arrogance

Fr. Jerry Pokorsky writes for — an organization led by manifest schismatic Phil Lawler — a suggestion that conservative parishioners use donations as a way to pressure Bishops to comply with the conservative understanding of orthodoxy: Appealing to the … Continue reading

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News for Supporters

Topics for February Newsletter: 1. Boys Will Be Girls: On Gender Ideology and Culture 2. The Council of Trent corrected Saint Thomas on Transubstantiation 3. Is ISIS near defeat in Syria? 4. Eschatology: by 2040 AD, there will be only … Continue reading

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Q&A on Salvation for Atheists

If you have any questions on this topic, add them in the comments section. Objection 1. Refusal to believe in God is a mortal sin, so how can an atheist be saved without converting? The Church teaches a difference between … Continue reading

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Are Muslims in the state of grace?

Pope Francis is visiting the UAE this weekend, and will visit the nation of Morocco in March. He has previously visited other Muslim nations: Azerbaijan, Egypt, Turkey, etc. It seems likely to me, therefore, that he will soon speak on … Continue reading


Demagoguery and Catholicism

How can anyone listen to Michael Voris speak and mistake his words for Catholic Christianity? His theology is shallow. He uses the conflict between conservatives and liberals to exalt himself. He has no qualifications for judging Bishops. He accuses Bishops … Continue reading


Blasphemy and Heresy on the Trinity

I’m working on a chapter titled “Blasphemy and Heresy on the Trinity”. I thought the chapter would just be about Michael Voris’ heresies on the Trinity. But, no, he utters terrible blasphemies, without realizing it, in this video: The Blessed … Continue reading

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Church Militant video removed

Previously I wrote about a video and article which is an example of the targeted harassment of a gay employee of Catholic Relief Services by Church Militant. The title of the article is: “CRS: Catholic Relief Sodomite” The article changes … Continue reading

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Deuteronomy 22:5 on Gender Identity

[Deuteronomy 22] {22:5} A woman shall not be clothed with manly apparel, nor shall a man make use of feminine apparel. For whoever does these things is abominable with God. (1) This passage teaches us that men and women are … Continue reading


Benefits for Supporters

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SubscribeStar was off-line for a while. They were deplatformed for hosting conservative content. They are now back and able to process payments. In an exclusive benefit for my SubscribeStar supporters, new supporters there, at any price level, will receive a … Continue reading


On the Intermediate Coming of Jesus and the Millennium of Peace and Holiness

On the first return of Jesus (the “intermediate coming”), see this booklet, online, by Fr. Albert Roux of the Marian Movement of Priests, explaining Fr. Gobbi’s position. See especially the subsection titled “The Coming of Jesus and The Millennium” and … Continue reading


Theology Q and A

Ask a question on any topic in Catholic theology.

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My position on Michael Voris and Church Militant

*Note: “objective mortal sin” is the grave sin itself, considered objectively, without regard to whether it is committed with full knowledge and full deliberation, and “actual mortal sin” is all three factors: grave sin, full knowledge, and full deliberation. I’m … Continue reading

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Appropriate Language when debating LGBT Issues

[Romans] {13:10} The love of neighbor does no harm. Therefore, love is the plenitude of the law. [2 Cor] {6:3} May we never give offense to anyone, so that our ministry may not be disparaged. I disagree with some of … Continue reading

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Politicians, Abortion, and Communion

Catholic politicians who authorize abortion by voting for a law or constitutional amendment are guilty of a grave sin, are subject to excommunication for the sin of abortion (as accomplices, at least), and are forbidden to receive Communion under Canon … Continue reading

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January 2019 Newsletter (comment here)

If you would like to comment on the January Newsletter, add your comment below.

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January Newsletter goes out tomorrow

The Newsletter Topics: 1. The Pope Francis Controversy Boils Down To Faith 2. Eschatology: When is the Warning, Consolation, and Miracle? 3. Will We Have Women Deacons Soon? 4. Salvation for Non-Catholics 5. Biblical Chronology: Date of Crucifixion 6. Migration … Continue reading

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The Hate Speech of Michael Voris and Church Militant

Notice: in order to argue against the hate speech used by Michael Voris and Church Militant, I am unfortunately forced to put that rhetoric on my site, so that readers can know exactly what is being said and why it … Continue reading

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Jimmy Akin has no idea what a moral object is

here’s the article at NCRegister: Intrinsic Evil: Some Things Are Just Plain Wrong The article pretends to be a defense of Church teaching on intrinsically evil acts, against other theories, especially consequentialism. But that’s not what it is. First, intrinsically … Continue reading