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Is being subject to Pope’s authority Papolatry?

Some Pope accusers claim that being always faithful to the Pope is being a “Papolater”. This implies that whoever is obedient to Christ by being obedient to our visible Head, the Vicar of Christ, is a Pope-worshiper. Notice that this … Continue reading

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Did Pope Paul IV say that a Pope can teach heresy or be a heretic?

The following is a reprint of my post from 2016, with some edits: Did Pope Paul IV say that a Pope can teach heresy or be a heretic? No, he did not. In the Apostolic Constitution Cum Ex Apostolic Officio … Continue reading

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Theological Questions for the Papal Critics

(Note that a “Yes” answer may mean “in some cases”, not necessarily “all cases”.) 1. Traditionally, has the Church ever permitted, in any cases whatsoever, a person to receive Communion, when the person is known by his pastor to be … Continue reading

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Ongoing Post on WW3

This post at — The Progress toward World War 3 — will be continually updated with commentary on new stories that I interpret as being part of the progression toward World War 3 (WW3).


The Papal Accusers have No Path Back to the Church

They have already accused Pope Francis of teaching heresy and even apostasy. They have utterly rejected Francis as Teacher and Shepherd, as true Roman Pontiff, along with all his teachings. When Pope Francis approves of ordained women deacons, they will … Continue reading

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The Errors of the Papal Accusers

This is a list of false assertions used by the papal accusers to support their accusations against the Pope. 1. that the Pope is not chosen by God. 2. that some valid Roman Pontiffs are bad Popes who gravely harm … Continue reading

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Reply to a False Argument On Papal Heresy

Argument: 1. All men have free will. 2. The individual elected to the papacy is a man and remains a man even after ascending to his office. 3. Therefore the pope has free will. 4. Heresy is an act of … Continue reading

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A False Prophesy Falsely Attributed to Saint Francis

I’ve studied true and false private revelations for many years. I’ve researched and written many articles exposing false visionaries and their false messages. I’ve also studied the doctrines of the Church on faith, morals, and salvation for very many years. … Continue reading

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Once Valid, Always Valid

When a papal candidate is elected by a conclave, even if invalidly, he becomes the valid Roman Pontiff when he is accepted by the body of Bishops as the Roman Pontiff. For the authority to elect successors of Peter resides … Continue reading

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Why The Papal Accusers Can’t Be Right

1. They say Pope Francis taught material heresy and other grave errors on doctrine and discipline. This claim is itself heresy as it contradicts the dogma that the Pope has immunity from error. See the Teachings here. 2. They say … Continue reading

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This Simple Faithful Defense of Pope Francis

1. The Indefectibility of the Church It is a dogma of the faith that the Church is indefectible. Any proposal or claim or narrative which contradicts this dogma is certainly false. It does not matter what the claim is, nor … Continue reading


Amazon Synod, Women Deacons, Apostasy

Will the Amazon Synod give us married priests? We already have that. I fail to understand why there is so much commotion and fear that Pope Francis will approve of married priests. The Church has always had some married priests. … Continue reading

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Summary of Reasons for Trusting Pope Francis

1. As per Saint Robert Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church, even if a conclave were invalid in electing a putative Pope, he becomes the validly elected Roman Pontiff when he is accepted by the body of Bishops as Roman Pontiff. … Continue reading


They sin gravely who insult the Pope

Is an insult only a venial sin? Often it would be. But if the insult is said to anyone with malice, it is an actual mortal sin, no matter how slightly worded. Malice is always objectively grave, as it is … Continue reading

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The Pope Guides the Ark of Salvation with never-failing Faith

God decided on a plan for the Church — the body of Christ, with Christ himself as Her head, and with the Holy Spirit as Her soul. God’s plan is not capable of failure. And it is dogma that the … Continue reading


Is Pope Francis trying to change the Lord’s Prayer?

A news headline reads: “Pope Francis wants to change the Lord’s Prayer” [i] among other misleading headlines which give the impression that the Pope wants to “correct” the prayer that Jesus taught us. We Christians believe that Jesus is God. … Continue reading

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The Schism is already upon us

There is a huge swath of conservative Catholics who follow the schismatic papal accusers wherever they lead. They have extreme distrust for the Popes, and extreme trust in the conservative Catholic subculture and their own understanding. They are already in … Continue reading

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Can the Church be subject to Infiltration by Satan? No!

The premise of the book Infiltration by Taylor Marshall is that the gates of Hell have prevailed against the Church, in doctrine and discipline, since the pontificate of Pope Pius XII, through the Second Vatican Council, and most fully in … Continue reading

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What will the Papal Critics accuse Pope Francis of Next? Apostasy.

Prediction: the papal accusers will next accuse Pope Francis of #apostasy. Recall that they criticized him severely, then accused him of propagating heresy, then accused him of formal heresy. They worked up to the full accusation. They accused the Church … Continue reading

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How To Recognize Schismatics, Heretics, Apostates, Blasphemers

A heretic is someone who obstinately doubts or obstinately denies a formal dogma. And formal dogmas are the truths of divine revelation (Tradition and Scripture) taught infallibly by the Roman Catholic Magisterium under Papal Infallibility, or Conciliar Infallibility, or the … Continue reading

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