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The Crypto-Schismatic Position called “Recognize and Resist”

The term crypto-schismatic is adapted from the term crypto-modernist, which refers to someone accused of modernist errors, who claims not to adhere to that type of error. A crypto-schismatic, then, is someone who adamantly insists that he is not a … Continue reading

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What is the Status of the Society of Pope Saint Pius X (SSPX)

Bishop Athanasius Schneider claims that the SSPX are not schismatic. He points out that Pope Benedict XVI lifted the canonical excommunication imposed formerly by Pope Saint John Paul II. And then Pope Francis gave the SSPX priests full ordinary faculties … Continue reading

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Remain Faithful During The Schism

We live during a time when Cardinals and Bishops speak out against the Roman Pontiff, not merely disagreeing with a theological opinion or a non-infallible teaching, but rejecting his authority in full. Catholic media outlets, which used to defend the … Continue reading

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LifeSiteNews continues to push its pseudo-dogma condemning Communion in the hand

According to LifeSiteNews, “laity should never touch Holy Communion with bare hands”. They are adamant that this is absolutely true; it is not presented as an opinion. They have gone so far as to encourage people to take a pledge … Continue reading

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The Battle for the Conservative Wing of the Catholic Church

The Church, in terms of its many members who are fallen sinners, is unfortunately divided in many ways. Though the Church is pure and holy, as the body of Christ, led by the Spirit. The Church is also, in part, … Continue reading

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Commentary on recent messages to Pedro Regis

Pedro Regis is a true visionary, who receives messages truly from the Blessed Virgin Mary. However, he himself has gone astray from the true faith. He has abandoned the dogmas of the First Vatican Council, particularly the indefectibility of the … Continue reading

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Timeline of Hypocrisy

May 2, 2019 Taylor Marshall on the Open Letter: “But if you’re saying that he’s a heretic, which they say in his opening line, an heretical Pope, my ecclesiastical sense says, you also have to say: ‘And therefore I am … Continue reading


Just As I Predicted (many times)

conservatives have now publicly accused Pope Francis of heresy. The accusation follows after the “Filial Correction” which accused the Pope of “propagating” seven heresies. Now the authors of this new open letter accuse the Pope of deliberate knowing (i.e. formal) … Continue reading

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What Some Catholics want for the Church is Heresy and Schism

Over on YouTube, Taylor Marshall and Timothy Gordon discuss a hypothetical next conservative Pope, whom they call Pope Pius XIII. (Note that I’ve been predicting a conservative Pope Pius XIII for many years now.) The discussion centers on what they … Continue reading

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Which Words or Deeds constitute Formal Schism?

Many conservative Catholics are in a state of formal schism. They continue to go to Mass and receive Communion. They continue to think themselves to be Catholics. But they are, as a matter of fact and law, schismatics who are … Continue reading


My position on Michael Voris and Church Militant

*Note: “objective mortal sin” is the grave sin itself, considered objectively, without regard to whether it is committed with full knowledge and full deliberation, and “actual mortal sin” is all three factors: grave sin, full knowledge, and full deliberation. I’m … Continue reading

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Phil Lawler is a Schismatic who should be Denied Communion

Phil Lawler, blogger at and author of books on Catholicism, has committed formal public schism. Therefore, he is automatically excommunicated and should be denied Communion. Canon 751: “schism is the refusal of submission to the Supreme Pontiff or of … Continue reading

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False Claims on Eschatology and the Papacy

Catholic World Report has published a disturbing attack on the papacy and the Church: Saint Paul, the Apocalypse, and the mystery of evil by Conor Sweeney. Well, CWR is a conservative publication, so nowadays they are morally required to attack … Continue reading

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The Continued Progression of the Schism

As I’ve said before, it’s interesting to be living during one of the great schisms of Church history. What’s surprising or interesting? This: 1. Most of the schismatic leaders, perhaps all of them, do not realize they are leading a … Continue reading

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Dr. Ed Peters: His Heresy against the Ordinary Papal Magisterium

Dr. Ed Peters is a canon lawyer, who incorrectly holds a number of grave errors on matters of faith and morals. He holds the heretical view that the Church’s condemnation of contraception is limited to its use within marriage. And … Continue reading


E. Christian Brugger’s Grave Error on Papal Authority

In a public statement earlier this year, theologian E. Christian Brugger issued an Open Appeal, which called on all Catholic Bishops to oppose, undermine, and contradict Pope Francis. By this public act, Brugger committed formal schism, the refusal of submission … Continue reading


Papal Infallibility and Women Deacons

Suppose that Pope Francis decides he would like to permit the ordination of women as deacons. How would he go about it? He knows that his conservative Catholic critics will oppose this decision, which relates to both doctrine and discipline. … Continue reading

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Faithfulness in Disagreeing with Any Roman Pontiff

The Catholic faithful are required under pain of mortal sin and excommunication, to avoid heresy and schism, to believe what the Magisterium teaches as doctrine, and to accept the authority of the Church over discipline. But we also have the … Continue reading

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An Auxiliary Bishop exalts himself above the Roman Pontiff

Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider of the Archdiocese of Saint Mary in Astana, Kazakhstan, has given yet another interview, in which he speaks as if he were judge over the Roman Pontiff and over the entire Magisterium: Interview: Bishop Schneider Addresses … Continue reading

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Reply to E. Christian Brugger’s Open Appeal

E. Christian Brugger’s Open Appeal to “all Catholic bishops — East and West” is a schismatic rejection of papal authority; it is an act of extreme pride and the sin of formal schism. The Church, the Ark of Salvation, is … Continue reading

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