Just As I Predicted (many times)

conservatives have now publicly accused Pope Francis of heresy. The accusation follows after the “Filial Correction” which accused the Pope of “propagating” seven heresies. Now the authors of this new open letter accuse the Pope of deliberate knowing (i.e. formal) heresy.

The Pope cannot be guilty of heresy, as the prevenient grace of God absolutely keeps him from apostasy, heresy, and schism, as explained in my book:
Summary of “The Indefectibility of the Roman Pontiff”

And here is a list of quotes establishing the DOGMA that no Pope can ever teach or commit heresy:
The Roman Pontiff: Immunity from Error and Never-failing Faith

And of course my books on the subject:
In Defense of Pope Francis
“Soon, many conservatives and traditionalists will falsely accuse Pope Francis of heresy and thereby commit the sins of heresy and schism themselves.”

The Indefectibility of the Pope

Since the DOGMA of the Church is that no Pope can teach or commit heresy, the signatories of this Open letter are guilty of heresy and schism. They are automatically excommunicated.

By the way, this is just one of many milestones along the path of the great conservative Schism.

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4 Responses to Just As I Predicted (many times)

  1. King Robert the Bruce says:

    This could well be the start of the predicted schism another worrying development is the chaos in Venezuela and what the seer Maria Esperanza prophesised that it will begin here.

  2. Michael says:

    I think a root belief for many conservatives is that Pope Francis isn’t the true Pope. Either because they erroneously believe that he can’t be since Pope Benedict XVI is still alive or because they believe everyone after Pius XII is an anti-pope because they can’t accept Vatican II. In either case, it’s not hard to accuse a pope of heresy if they don’t recognize him as the Pope to begin with.

    • Ron Conte says:

      Everyone agrees an antipope can teach or commit heresy. But since Francis is accepted by the body of Bishops, claims against validity have no basis. St. Robert Bellarmine wrote that if a man is invalidly elected, but he is accepted as Pope by the body of Bishops, he then become the true Pope by the fact of that acceptance.

  3. Alex says:

    So the schism is openly declared then. It is the time for everyone to determine should he stay with God’s Church and her visible head the successor of Peter, or should he stray away after wolves in sheep clothing.

    I heard some fanatic people who said in forums, pope Paul VI was a decoy. Certainly they do not accept pope John XXIII (both now canonized saints). Strange how they accepted John Paul II who besides the moral orthodoxy had many modern ideas, such as introducing WYD (some say, Our Lady in Medjugorje gave the idea of youth gatherings, at least the Medjugorje youth fest).

    So those people are in hard dilemma before their own consciences and God. They are believing and praying. They do not commit moral sins of adultery etc. Maybe they believe they are righteous (as the example of Jesus for the two men praying in the temple). And that might be so indeed.

    At the same time, they do not recognize that the Church went through a long historical process. Jesus didn’t establish any particular order, the current or the tridentine mass order. Neither did Peter. It was established in history. Jesus didn’t forbid the priests to marry. Peter and the rest were married, except for John the beloved disciple. The list is long.

    As Jesus himself said on the Last Supper, there are things that you cannot bear them now, but the Holy Spirit will reveal them to you.

    The problem of the ultra-conservatives is their own framed view of God who must fit their own set of rules. God is above them, and above the modernists as well. We can only humbly approach Him, in confidence of His arrangements, following His plan that will be always wider than our own. (how could we humans comprehend God? I don’t really understand how those fanatics believe they hold God’s hand or so).

    And one major pillar of His arrangements is the successor of Peter, in uninterrupted apostolic succession. That is not denied by the Orthodox sister churches, who have their apostolic succession from the other apostles, mostly from St Andrew the brother of St Peter. The differences with them are other, and not whether Peter is true Peter. There is no doubt the Orthodox churches will support the true and only Peter, not the schismatics and heretics who go very far now from everything called “catholic”.

    However sad that event is, should we thank God that finally they declared themselves, thus setting the stage for their formal withdrawal from the true Church? The Church survived many crises, will survive this one too.

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