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Scientific Theories that Catholics must Reject

As Catholic Christians, we are obliged to believe what the Magisterium of the Church teaches. And if sinful secular society or any scientific or other discipline teaches the contrary, we are obligated by faith in Jesus Christ to reject the … Continue reading

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Three types of Pseudo-Dogma plague the Church

The infallible teachings of the Roman Catholic Magisterium are termed “formal dogma”. These dogmas are inerrant. They contain important truths on matters of faith, morals, and salvation. They are required beliefs to which the faithful must give the full assent … Continue reading

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Some Quotes from the CDF on Contraception

“An action which is objectively evil, even if a lesser evil, can never be licitly willed.” CDF, 22/12/2010 “Contraception is one of these acts in itself and of itself it is always a moral disorder” “the moral norm of Humanae … Continue reading

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Do Plants and Animals have Souls?

Animals have a mortal soul; when an animal dies, its soul ceases to exist. Genesis, chapter 1, teaches that animals have souls. {1:20} And then God said, “Let the waters produce animals with a living soul, and flying creatures above … Continue reading

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Can We receive Mercy without Repenting from our Sins? Yes.

To be forgiven for sin is an act of the mercy of God. And forgiveness requires repentance, which can be explicit or implicit. So it might seem as if repentance were always required to receive mercy. But forgiveness for sin … Continue reading


Is the Holy Spirit the Love between the Father and the Son?

Yes and no. It depends on how this expression is understood. First, let’s consider the erroneous interpretation of this expression. It is a dogma of the Catholic Faith that the Three Persons of the Trinity are consubstantial. They have the … Continue reading


An Explanation of the Principle of Subsidiarity

The principle of subsidiarity is explained in the Encyclical of Pope Pius XI, Quadragesimo Anno: “Still, that most weighty principle, which cannot be set aside or changed, remains fixed and unshaken in social philosophy: Just as it is gravely wrong … Continue reading

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the sins of Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa

UPDATE: monsignor Charamsa has now been laicized (defrocked) by his Bishop for breaking his vow of chastity. This story is overshadowing the news about the opening of the Synod. A Catholic priest, Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa, who worked for many years … Continue reading


Eleven Thousand Cardinals Speak On Marriage and the Family

A book titled: “Eleven Cardinals Speak On Marriage and the Family” opposes changing the discipline on who may receive holy Communion. The 11 authors especially reject the idea that divorced and remarried Catholics be permitted to receive Communion. First, my … Continue reading

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Accepting Church Teaching by Faith

I participate in many online Catholic discussions, and I read many blog posts and Catholic websites. It is very disturbing to see how many Catholics reject or radically reinterpret Church teaching, because it is contrary to their own understanding. They … Continue reading

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Catholic doctrine on faith and good works

Everyone who dies in the state of grace will have eternal life in Heaven, perhaps after a temporary stay in Purgatory. The state of grace includes the three infused virtues: love, faith, hope. Whoever dies in this state is saved. … Continue reading


Which Comes First, Repentance or Mercy?

On his blog at National Catholic Register, Msgr. Charles Pope teaches that we must repent from our sins, in order to receive the forgiveness of God. If you are not repentant, especially from grave sin, then the Mercy of God … Continue reading


The Pope, the body of Bishops, and the Church are Indefectible

It is an infallible teaching of the ordinary and universal Magisterium that the Church is indefectible. “Among the prerogatives conferred on His Church by Christ is the gift of indefectibility. By this term is signified, not merely that the Church … Continue reading


May We Faithfully Dissent from Laudato Si’ ?

The Catholic Herald in the UK has published a foolish article by Fr. Ashley Beck on the encyclical Laudato si’. The title of the article is also its conclusion: No Catholic is free to dissent from the teaching of Laudato … Continue reading


Did the Immaculate Conception preserve Mary from all sin?

Over at the National Catholic Register, author Mark Shea has a quiz on Catholicism (part I). Question 2 reads as follows: “2. Which answer is false? The Immaculate Conception is A) the conception of Jesus Christ in the womb of … Continue reading


Archbishop Cordileone: Whitewashing the Tombs

Recently, San Francisco Archbishop Cordileone added a Faith Statement to the teacher’s handbook for Catholic high schools in the archdiocese. Here is the complete statement: Statement of the High Schools of the Archdiocese of San Francisco Regarding the Teachings and … Continue reading


The Ten Commandments: Roman Catholic list and explanation

The traditional numbering and order of the ten commandments is as stated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church [n. 2051] with references to Scripture added. 1. I am the LORD your God: you shall not have strange gods before … Continue reading


To what extent may we resist or disagree with the Pope?

Pope Francis is the sole valid current Roman Pontiff. He is the Vicar of Christ, the Supreme Shepherd of the Church on earth. Pope emeritus Benedict accepts Francis as the Pope. The line of succession from Benedict to Francis is … Continue reading

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Parable of a Catholic School

I propose a special school as a way to teach the Catholic Christian Faith. Here is the plan for the school: 1. The school will have a set of written official teachings as a guide for the teachers. 2. Even … Continue reading


Pope Francis: to what extent is error possible?

Many conservative and traditionalist Catholics are preparing to reject Pope Francis, if he should teach anything contrary to Catholic doctrine or change any discipline that is related to doctrine. To what extent is error possible in the doctrines and disciplines … Continue reading