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Can Pope Francis Be Excommunicated?

Can Pope Francis Be Excommunicated? No. Never under any circumstances. Here’s why: 1. Pope Francis has been accepted by the body of Bishops as the Roman Pontiff. The indefectibility of the Church therefore guarantees that he is the true valid … Continue reading

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Comprehensive Reply to the Papal Accusers

The Errors The conservative papal accusers have progressed in their grave sins: from criticizing Pope Francis’ teaching; to criticizing everything he says and does, whether doctrine, discipline, or opinion; to attacking any Cardinal or Bishop who teaches or acts contrary … Continue reading

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Certification for Catholic Websites: Bad Idea

Paragraph 146 of the Youth Synod (2018) states: “The Synod hopes that in the Church appropriate official bodies for digital culture and evangelisation are established at appropriate levels … Among their functions … [could be] certification systems of Catholic sites, … Continue reading

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7 Rejected Teachings of Humanae Vitae

Humanae Vitae has become a flag that conservative Catholics wave, as an empty symbol of their conservatism. For they do not accept its teaching. Not really. They ignore or radically reinterpret whatever teachings it contains that they dislike. Here is … Continue reading

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Address of Pope Pius XII to the Second World Congress on Fertility and Sterility

The following is my translation of the Address of Pope Pius XII to the Second World Congress on Fertility and Sterility, at Naples, France, on 19 May 1956. Original text in French and Latin from the Vatican website. [1] [The … Continue reading

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Church Teaching on Unnatural Acts in Marriage

The Church condemns the use of contraception, even in marriage, because contraception deprives sexual acts of their procreative finality. The Church condemns homosexual acts mainly because these acts “close the sexual act to the gift of life”. But unnatural sexual … Continue reading

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The Church condemns Unnatural Acts

When the subject of contraception was being debated, prior to Humanae Vitae, an interesting question arose. If some contracepted acts are approved, based on the principle of totality, does this not imply that married couples may also use sexual acts … Continue reading

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Dr. Ed Peters: his heresy on the Dissolubility of Marriage

UPDATE: Dr. Peters has now responded to my post by writing a new article on the topic on January 15th, 2018: Is the Petrine Privilege an exception to Church teaching on the indissolubility of marriage?. I’ll consider its assertions and … Continue reading

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Errors in Wikipedia on the Immaculate Conception

Updated: the Wikipedia article in question has been fixed. Thanks! Here is the Wikipedia article in question: Immaculate Conception. The errors are serious, not minor. In one case, an error distorts the dogma to the extent of heresy. In another … Continue reading

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Pope Francis on the Death Penalty

Our holy father, Pope Francis, is the current valid successor of Peter, and he has the gifts of truth and of a never-failing faith. Therefore, he can never teach or hold material heresy, neither as a personal opinion, nor under … Continue reading

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Nashville Statement – A coalition for Biblical sexuality

Preamble “Know that the LORD Himself is God; It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves…” — Psalm 100:3 Evangelical Christians at the dawn of the twenty-first century find themselves living in a period of historic transition. … Continue reading

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The Doctrinal Crisis on Intrinsic Evil

In Roman Catholic moral theology, no teaching of Jesus Christ through His Church is more under attack than the teaching that intrinsically evil acts are always wrong. It is a difficult teaching to accept. The condemnation of intrinsically evil acts … Continue reading

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