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My Articles on Covid-19

I’ve decided to set up a new website, for my articles on Covid-19 In this way, I can keep writing about that important topic, and keep this site focused on the Catholic Faith. * Bangladeshi Doctors find Ivermectin and … Continue reading


Commentary on the St. Joseph Prayer part 3

The prayer in full is found here. The last line of the second stanza read: “and of all those born in the fallen state, none is greater than you or John.” Jesus, in His human nature, and Mary are each … Continue reading


The Morality of a Covid-19 Vaccine

Review of Moral Principles All Catholics should be properly catechized on the principles of cooperation with evil as taught by the Roman Catholic Magisterium. You can read my posts on this topic here, or read my booklet Roman Catholic Teaching … Continue reading

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Eschatology: the next 2 to 3 years

I think the Warning occurs on Good Friday of either 2022 or 2023. Between now and then, I think the pandemic will continue to rage, and society will become worse and worse. The pandemic might possibly end by finding a … Continue reading

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Covid-19 is the 7th Leading Cause of Death for 2020

Updated May 13th 2017 Yearly Stats (CDC Fast Stats) Number of deaths: 2,813,503 #1 Heart disease: 647,457 #2 Cancer: 599,108 #3 Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936 #4 Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201 #5 Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383 #6 Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404 … Continue reading

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Covid-19 Vaccine Update: May, 2020

Information from company websites and Dr. Mobeen’s Medical Lectures video. 1. The University of Oxford (UK) Oxford Vaccine Group is now testing a vaccine developed at the same University’s Jenner Institute. They are partnering with AstraZeneca to bring this vaccine … Continue reading


Vaccines, Abortion, and a new document seeking signatures

Is it always wrong to accept a vaccine based on aborted fetal cells? The answer given here, at the National Catholic Bioethics Center is correct. It is not intrinsically evil, it is not always wrong, to accept a vaccine developed … Continue reading

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Commentary on the St. Joseph Prayer

The Prayer of Praise to Saint Joseph is found in full here. Below is the first part of my commentary on this prayer, which I wrote earlier this year. This prayer is a powerful spiritual remedy in a time of … Continue reading

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The Pandemic and the End Times

The holy family fled to Egypt on February 29th, according to Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich. This year that date saw the first U.S. death from Covid-19. This pandemic is the threshold of the End Times, of the Apocalypse, and so … Continue reading

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After the Pandemic, will the Pews still be Empty?

Not everyone who goes to Mass is “devout”. Some Catholics are less invested in their Faith than others. Some pray every day, and others pray only occasionally. It’s a matter of degrees. When you have been away from Mass for … Continue reading

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What Will Happen if the U.S. “opens up”?

What will happen if the U.S. “opens up”? The average time from infection to symptoms is 5 days; the 99th percentile is 14 days. We won’t see much change in the numbers for the first few days, because of the … Continue reading

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Divine Mercy Novena starts holy Saturday

Please consider praying this important Novena, in preparation for Divine Mercy Sunday — the Sunday after Easter. RLCJ

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Today is the 2001st Anniversary of the Crucifixion

According to my conclusions in Biblical chronology, today (April 7, 2020) is the 2001st Anniversary of the Crucifixion in A.D. 19. May God have mercy on the Church and the world, through the suffering and death of our Lord Jesus … Continue reading

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Interpreting Sacred Scripture and How do we reconcile Adam and Eve vs Evolution, Dinosaurs, Homo Sapiens?

The Church teaches that God can be known with certainty from: (a) Divine revelation (Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture); and from the created world by (b) the natural light of human reason (CCC# 36-38; Compendium 3 & 4).  Therefore, the Christian faith … Continue reading

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COVID-19: Men versus Women

The study is “Sex Differences in Severity and Mortality Among Patients With COVID-19: Evidence from Pooled Literature Analysis and Insights from Integrated Bioinformatic Analysis” found in PDF format here. Results “39 studies met inclusion criteria, representing 77932 patients, of which … Continue reading


New Info on Iran’s Nuclear Program

According to @TheGoodISIS, Iran’s nuclear weapon program included putting a nuclear bomb on a Shahab-3 missile. This type of missile now has a range of 2000 km, due to the use of Multiple Reentry Ballistic Missile technology. And as I … Continue reading

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Rosa Mystica devotion: April 1 to 13

Please join me in praying the Rosa Mystica devotion from April 1st through April 13th. See the explanation of this devotion here. And notice that, at the top of the right column on this web page and on the main … Continue reading

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Do any of my Readers have COVID19?

If so, how are you doing? Do you have medical treatment? And for the rest of my readers, who are not diagnosed with COVID19, how you are you handling the shutdown? Is everyone in your family OK? Remember, a person … Continue reading

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Dr. Oz on Possible Treatment for COVID-19

Dr. Oz talks about treatment tested by French doctors: The study: Gautret (2020) Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin as a treatment of COVID-19 Click to access Hydroxychloroquine_final_DOI_IJAA.pdf

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Adam and Eve were Two Real Human Persons

There are some elements from the book of Genesis that can be interpreted as (non-literal) figures or symbols [i].  However, it is a dogma of the Catholic Church that Adam and Eve were literal persons when She teaches that one … Continue reading

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