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Salvation for Non-Christians

Are non-Christians often saved, even if they never convert to Christianity? Yes. The mercy and grace of God brings then into the state of grace and keeps them in it, if they love their neighbor. However, not all are saved. … Continue reading

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Reply to Critics of Human Fraternity

Response to the Protest against Idolatry part 3 The Protest document links the accusation of idolatry against Pope Francis to Protest document: This participation in idolatry was anticipated by the statement entitled “Document on Human Fraternity”, signed by Pope Francis … Continue reading


The Pope’s Never-failing Faith and Biblical Inerrancy

If the Bible seems to have erred, on any subject, the error is merely apparent. For it is an article of faith that the Bible is entirely without error on every subject about which the text of Scripture makes an … Continue reading

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Response to the Protest against Idolatry part 2

The name of the document is Contra Recentia Sacrilegia (Protest against Pope Francis’s sacrilegious acts). The accusation is essentially idolatry, not merely or only the lesser but still grave offense of sacrilege. This article responds to the claims. This is … Continue reading

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Free Kindle Book this weekend

This weekend, Nov. 16 and 17 of 2019, the (new) revised edition of my book, The Catholic Marriage Bed, is FREE in Kindle format at Amazon: Learn the teaching of the Saints/Doctors, Popes, the Holy See, Scripture and faithful … Continue reading


The Catholic Marriage Bed: Revised Edition

The Catholic Marriage Bed: Revised Edition — now available at Amazon in Kindle format and in print as a paperback book.

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The Protest against Pope Francis’s alleged Sacrilegious Acts

This document accuses Pope Francis of heresy, idolatry, and at least implicitly accuses him of apostasy: Protest against Pope Francis’s Sacrilegious Acts 1. Pope Francis is the valid Roman Pontiff, as proven by the acceptance of Francis as Pope by … Continue reading

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The Nuclear Deal with Iran was Built on a Lie

President Obama’s Nuclear Deal with Iran was Built on a Lie. The deal is termed the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action). The deal was sold to the public and to Congress on the basis of a false claim, that … Continue reading


The Liberal Schism follows the Conservative Schism

I want to remind my readers of my prediction that, after a conservative schism, in which the schismatics accuse the Pope of heresy (fulfilled prediction), there will be a liberal schism. The next Pope after Pope Francis will be conservative. … Continue reading

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Once for all, across Time and Place

When Jesus consecrated the Eucharist at the Last Supper, he consecrated all the Eucharists at all the Masses throughout the world until the end of time. All future consecrations are that consecration, just as all future sacrifices of the Mass … Continue reading


Four Questions on the Amazon Synod

When Pope Francis writes his final exhortation on the Amazon Synod, what will he decide? 1. Will the Church ordain married men generally? 2. Will the Catholic Church ordain women deacons? 3. Will the Church openly permit gay men to … Continue reading

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The Rosa Mystica devotion

The full explanation of the Rosa Mystica devotion is on this website. The devotion does not seem to specify exactly which prayers are said, so below is my suggestion. You can substitute whatever is, in your good judgment, the best … Continue reading

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Who Owns Jesus?

My main complaint about the leaders of the conservative Catholic subculture is that they speak and act as if they own Jesus, as if their understanding of Christianity is total absolute divinely-revealed-only-to-them dogma. They think that if they don’t preach … Continue reading

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Commentary on Cardinal Llovera’s Priestly Claim

The report from Cardinal Antonio Cañizares Llovera affirmed that the male priesthood is of the essence of the Catholic faith and that “no one in the Church can do anything but admit that priestly ordination is for men only.” … Continue reading

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Release a Soul From Purgatory Each Day November 1-8

Indulgence for a Visit to a Cemetery What Must One Do to Obtain the Indulgence? To obtain the plenary indulgence on November 1-November 8, we must receive Communion and sacramental Confession (and have no attachment to sin, even venial). Communion … Continue reading

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The Failings of the Open Letter

From the May 2019 Newsletter (now discontinued) Preface * Material dogma is all the teachings of Tradition and Scripture. * Formal dogma is any material dogma also confirmed by the Magisterium as an infallible teaching and required belief. * Formal … Continue reading


Is being subject to Pope’s authority Papolatry?

Some Pope accusers claim that being always faithful to the Pope is being a “Papolater”. This implies that whoever is obedient to Christ by being obedient to our visible Head, the Vicar of Christ, is a Pope-worshiper. Notice that this … Continue reading

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Did Pope Paul IV say that a Pope can teach heresy or be a heretic?

The following is a reprint of my post from 2016, with some edits: Did Pope Paul IV say that a Pope can teach heresy or be a heretic? No, he did not. In the Apostolic Constitution Cum Ex Apostolic Officio … Continue reading

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Theological Questions for the Papal Critics

(Note that a “Yes” answer may mean “in some cases”, not necessarily “all cases”.) 1. Traditionally, has the Church ever permitted, in any cases whatsoever, a person to receive Communion, when the person is known by his pastor to be … Continue reading

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Ongoing Post on WW3

This post at — The Progress toward World War 3 — will be continually updated with commentary on new stories that I interpret as being part of the progression toward World War 3 (WW3).