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Pro-life Catholics who are also Abortionists

Usually, the term “abortionist” refers to persons who physically carry-out a surgical abortion. But should we not also use the term for persons who carry-out an abortion by means of a pill? If a person invents, manufactures, distributes, or convinces … Continue reading


Can Abortifacient Contraception be used for Medical Reasons?

This question is frequently asked in discussion groups: Can a woman take oral contraceptives, if they are prescribed by her doctor for a medical purpose? Everyone agrees that if the woman is not sexually active, then the contraceptive pill is … Continue reading


Catholics who convince others to use Abortifacient Contraception

I just had a really sad experience at a Catholic discussion group. I watched a group of Catholics convince a Catholic woman to use abortifacient contraception, and to not worry about the deaths of her own children caused by that … Continue reading

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Contra Ed Peters on Excommunication for Abortion

The news media falsely claim that Pope Francis now permits priests to forgive the sin of abortion. My understanding is that priests could and still can forgive the sin of abortion, and many priests have long been authorized to lift … Continue reading

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Pope Francis permits all Priests to lift Excommunication for Abortion

Here is the official letter of the Pope: issued 1 September 2015. In the letter the Pope calls abortion “profoundly unjust” and he states: “The tragedy of abortion is experienced by some with a superficial awareness, as if not realizing … Continue reading

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