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Roe v. Wade overturned by Supreme Court

“Held: The Constitution does not confer a right to abortion; Roe and Casey are overruled; and the authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives.” Decision was 6-3. Biden’s Solicitor General argued in Dobbs (a … Continue reading

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Over 100 Million Abortions Occur Worldwide Each Year

China Alone A 2014 study published in Reproductive Health Matters found that, of women in China age 20 to 49, from the year 1970 to 2010, the lowest yearly rate of abortion was 18.0% in 2001.[1] According to United Nations … Continue reading

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The Georgia HeartBeat Abortion Law: Knowledge of Pregnancy

One of the complaints about the Georgia HeartBeat Abortion Law, which bans abortion from the time that a doctor can detect a heartbeat, is that it begins supposedly “before most women know they are pregnant”, at what the media is … Continue reading

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Is the IUD an abortifacient?

Here are the answers from the top 5 search results at on 2018-08-09: 1. What an abortifacient is — and what it isn’t (National Catholic Reporter) Feb 20, 2012 by Jamie Manson “The reality is that there is … Continue reading

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Is Ireland Still Catholic After The Vote?

The Washington Post reports that Ireland has voted to repeal the constitutional amendment making most abortions illegal. Life of the mother abortions have been legal since 2013. And travel to other nations for abortion is also legally permissible. But the … Continue reading

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Germain Grisez justifies many direct abortions

In his book, ‘The Way of the Lord Jesus’, Roman Catholic moral theologian Germain Grisez openly rejects magisterial teaching against direct abortion to save the life of the mother. And he approves of partial birth abortions. Grisez claims that it … Continue reading

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Reply to the Usual Claims on Birth Control for Medical Reasons

Those who claim that the intrinsically evil acts of using abortifacient contraception while sexually active is moral for a medical reason usually make the same set of grave moral errors. A list of those errors, with the correct understanding, follow. … Continue reading

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Sinful Secular Society has influenced Catholic Moral Theology

A couple of recent Gallup polls show that Catholics in the U.S. have largely lost their moral compass. Newsweek reports that 55% of non-Catholic Christians support legalized same-sex marriage. What about Catholics? It’s 65% for Catholics. We have the teaching … Continue reading

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Birth Control Pills for a Medical Purpose? The Catholic Answer

Is it moral for Catholic spouses to both (1) use abortifacient contraception for a medical purpose and (2) continue having marital relations? The correct Catholic answer: The spouses must refrain from sex while taking abortifacient contraception for a medical purpose. … Continue reading

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The Principle of Double Effect and Intrinsically Evil Acts

The Principle of Double Effect (PDE) has been badly misunderstood by most teachers of Catholic ethics, and it is often misrepresented. The main problem is that you cannot understand the principle of double effect, unless you first understand the three … Continue reading

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Are IUDs abortifacients or contraceptives?

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Question Do inter-uterine devices (IUDs) work by preventing conception or by killing a conceived prenatal? I sought an answer by searching articles from medical journals at I found a study, published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology … Continue reading

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Three types of Pseudo-Dogma plague the Church

The infallible teachings of the Roman Catholic Magisterium are termed “formal dogma”. These dogmas are inerrant. They contain important truths on matters of faith, morals, and salvation. They are required beliefs to which the faithful must give the full assent … Continue reading

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