Pro-life Catholics who are also Abortionists

Usually, the term “abortionist” refers to persons who physically carry-out a surgical abortion. But should we not also use the term for persons who carry-out an abortion by means of a pill? If a person invents, manufactures, distributes, or convinces others to use abortifacient contraception, are they not just as guilty? A Catholic who claims to be pro-life, but who uses the internet to convince Catholic married couples to use abortifacient contraception while sexually active is guilty of the deaths caused by those words and deeds. Over time, some of the more prominent proponents of this grave sin might actually kill more prenatals than some abortion doctors.

You would think that such a weighty matter of morality, where the lives of innocent prenatals hang in the balance, would give pause to any sincere Catholic, preventing him or her from approving of any act that results in the death of an innocent. But it does not. I’ve had many arguments online with persons of this kind. They quickly dismiss the deaths of prenatals with few words and no real understanding of Catholic moral teaching or intrinsically evil acts.

They speak as if they were absolutely certain of their moral judgment, and yet they have no published writings of Catholic moral theology, they cannot give a coherent explanation of the basic principles of ethics taught by the Church, they frequently directly contradict magisterial on ethics (in the CCC and in Veritatis Splendor), and they have no idea how to determine the moral object of an act. They don’t really know what a moral object is.

After many hours spent arguing ethics with other Catholics online, I’ve concluded that many Catholics who discuss ethics — actually they are teaching, not discussing — have no desire to know the truths of the eternal moral law. They present only a simplistic version of ethics that justifies every sin they wish to commit. They seek only to justify themselves, not to know and do the will of Christ. Arguing with them is futile, because they are not seekers of moral truth, nor are they sincere disciples of Jesus Christ. And their ignorance is exceeded only by their arrogance.

I suspect that some of these false teachers have committed the grave sin of abortifacient contraception in their own lives. That is why they are anxious to convince everyone that its use can be moral. The rest of these false teachers are so puffed up with pride that they are not willing to accept instruction or correction from anyone. Whatever thoughts occur to them, they teach as if it were gospel truth. They speak as if they were absolutely certain, yet they will not put their real name on their posts. They speak as if they were experts in the field of moral theology, but they expect their readers to accept their words without knowing who they are.


If the Jewish Holocaust or a similar Holocaust of Christians were on-going today, would you not do everything you could to stop the slaughter?

I’m not the only one who sees the worldwide prevalence of abortion as a modern-day Holocaust. Abortion has killed over one billion prenatals over the past few decades. Over 40 million prenatals are killed by surgical abortions every year worldwide. But the extremely widespread use of abortifacient contraception implies than a large number of additional innocent lives are killed in this way too. And the number killed by abortifacient contraception is perhaps as large or larger than the number killed by surgical abortions.

Abortion is extreme genocide. And every Catholic who commits, assists, promotes, approves, or justifies abortion is guilty as a co-perpetrator or cooperator in this grave sin — including both abortion and abortifacient contraception.

Catholics who publicly justify any direct abortion, no matter how clever the excuse, or who justify the use of abortifacient contraception while sexually active, no matter how clever the rationalization, are guilty of formal cooperation with the type of murder called abortion. They are participants in the modern-day holocaust of abortion. And they call themselves pro-life.

They loudly proclaim their decision that abortifacient contraception is moral for a medical purpose. They expend much time and effort convincing other Catholics to use abortifacient contraception and to continue having marital relations at the same time. They give ridiculous excuses as to why the deaths of these innocents are moral. They have no fear of God, no love for the teachings of Jesus Christ, and no shame.


Suppose that your friend is very ill, and needs an operation. You have no medical training and you certainly are not a surgeon. But you’ve read a lot of medical blogs, so you convince your friend to let you do the operation. You have nothing but good intentions. You look up how to do the operation on the internet. But, for some reason you don’t understand, your friend dies. When the police come and arrest you, you are perplexed. When they charge you with murder, you are protest. And then you are convicted and sent to jail for a long time.

You were not qualified to perform that operation. You caused the death of your friend by your combination of arrogance and ignorance. You are guilty of murder. And the same is true for Catholics who convince others to use abortifacient contraception.

Catholics who have not studied, written, and published Catholic moral theology extensively are not qualified to teach the subject. Moreover, they are not qualified to publicly proclaim to their fellow Catholics that an action which everyone admits results in the deaths of innocent prenatals, is entirely moral. So when they convince others to use abortifacient contraception, and actual innocent unborn babies die as a result, they are as guilty as the non-physician who performs an operation. For innocent persons die as a result of their ignorance and arrogance.

They are not merely discussing ideas. These persons do not discuss at all. They proclaim a definitive judgment, issued by their own ignorant minds, on a matter of life and death. And when they encounter a Catholic who actually faces a real life decision (whether to remain sexually active while using abortifacient contraception for a medical purpose), they badger that person unceasingly until they convince their fellow Catholic to make the decisions that will result in the deaths of innocents. Then they treat anyone with the opposing view with malice, contempt, and derision.

[James 3]
{3:1} My brothers, not many of you should choose to become teachers, knowing that you shall receive a stricter judgment.

Are they merely helping a fellow Catholic to obtain a medical benefit? But the medical benefit in this case can be obtained without any risk of death to innocent prenatals. The married couple is able to refrains from marital relation while the wife is taking the medication. Absent sexual intercourse, the use of abortifacient contraception has no abortive or contraceptive ends; only then it is merely a medication. But if the couple freely chooses to have relations while taking abortifacient contraception, this choice directly results in the deaths of prenatals. It is the intrinsically evil act of abortion, because the choice is directly ordered toward the death of the prenatal, and that death is avoidable while still obtaining the medical benefit!

Sinful secular society worships sex. Some Catholics propose that marital sex — in this case contracepted marital sex — is of such high value that it justifies the deaths of the couple’s own children in the womb. Is marital sex not of high value? The primary purpose of marriage and martial relations is procreation. So marital sex while using abortifacient contraception is deprived of the procreative meaning, lowering its value. But even when marital relations is not contracepted, sex is not be of such high value that it would justify the deaths of innocents.

I suspect that many of these enthusiastic promoters of abortifacient contraception “for a medical purpose” are not in a state of grace, and have not been in a state of grace for many years. They show no qualms of conscience in justifying abortifacient contraception. They show no concern for the deaths of innocent prenatals, which they themselves admit will result. And they are openly malicious toward anyone who tries to save the lives of these innocent human persons. They are apostles of abortion and apostles of grave sexual sins.

[2 Corinthians]
{11:13} For false apostles, such as these deceitful workers, are presenting themselves as if they were Apostles of Christ.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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