U.S. relations with Russia and China

Here’s a good opinion piece from TheGuardian in the UK:

Some politicians seem comfortable with the idea of a new cold war. They shouldn’t

I agree that we should avoid alienating Russia (as much as possible) and especially China. I’ll be doing a series of articles on the danger of economic conflict with China. On Russia, we should support Ukraine in its defense of its territory, but we need to be very careful not to make Russia into a permanent enemy of the West.

The Allies won World War II only because the Soviet Union and China were on our side. The way things are shaping up now, it looks like Russia and China might sit out World War III, or even lend assistance to our enemies in that War. I don’t think WW3 will be between the West and Russia or China, rather, we will be fighting the Arab/Muslim nations of the Middle East and norther Africa, led by extremists. But if they have help from Russia and China, we could lose. NATO is expending a vast amount of weapons and ammo in Ukraine, and we do not have the production capability to replace it any time soon.

For example, the US has given Ukraine over 2 million rounds of artillery shells [U.S. State Dept. website, March 20, 2023]. The US currently produces 15,000 artillery shells a month, and “it will take anywhere from 12 to 18 months for the US to reach its “max” production rate of 70,000 artillery shells a month.” (CNN article).

This problem is occurring across many different weapons systems and most NATO nations. If WW3 strikes relatively soon, NATO will not have the weapons, ammo, or production capability to win.

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5 Responses to U.S. relations with Russia and China

  1. Sunimal Fernando says:

    Putin, North Korea, Iran and China will destroy US. Then no NASA to destroy astroids. Then it will hit on earth. Revelation said it.

    • James Belcher says:

      I concur WW3 will be initiated via the Muslim Extremists. I do believe China will attack Taiwan during WW3 and Russia will take a neutral stance. The USA and NATO will be consumed with the middle east allowing China to capture Taiwan. The level of occupancy by China in Taiwan is yet to be determined. The new Axis of China, Iran, North Korea and North Africa will be very formidable. I don’t believe there will be any nukes in this war except for the dirty nuclear bomb(s) set upon New York by Iran. You have suggested this many times and it seems to be an easier gateway now with the open southern border of the USA. I still believe the Warning will happen after this event. I cannot fathom anything worse than a world war.

    • Ron Conte says:

      I don’t entirely agree with your assessment, but that’s OK. Eschatology is highly speculative. I do think that the nukes used in WW3 will be the fission type, and not merely dirty bombs. Iran currently has enough 60% Uranium-235 gas to make one simple nuke. And they were caught by the IAEA with traces of 84% U-235 as well.

  2. Ben says:

    The Russian former president Medvedev warned several times of Armageddon, and he is not alone. I think it shouldn’t be underestimated. Miscalculation, or more likely a calculated provocation that will be blamed on each other, could provoke WW3 in minutes.

    Here are some documentaries. It doesn’t mean everything is true, but there are visualizations of nuclear war I haven’t seen before. These scenes are a scaled back version of what will really happen should nuclear war starts.

    For example, the communications will be knocked down in the first minute, and nobody will see the destruction in other places to be warned. No society organization like hospitals will function in the aftermath as shown in this documentary.

    However, I think it is better to see it, keeping in mind what we know and compare to it, rather than stay in the dark assuming things. The mistake of many truly religious people is they underestimate the situation and are overconfident that God will stop it from happening. We never know. There are enough warnings from Heaven for a terrible punishment with fire, including the approved message from Akita.

    Maybe indeed the worst from the Cold war was averted. We will know that only in Heaven. Here is another documentary of what could happen differently at 4 points in the Cold war. Obviously God and Our Lady prevented these 4 occasions and others that we don’t know about.

    There are more documentaries produced by major TV networks (search also the European ones like BBC, DW) or by common people.

    Could the situation escalate? I think there is a potential for that. Including a war between the Koreas, Middle East, China. That could be a preferred scenario to avoid the big war. At this point we could only speculate. But we all are on the brink. In the movie “13 days” of the Cuban crisis one of the presidential advisers said: we will be evacuated and our families taken by helicopters to meet at the underground bunker in the mountain…of course we know that is only for solace. We will have only 5 minutes.

    Will God allow it? I don’t know. Maybe first comes the Great Warning. St Padre Pio said it will be paid with a lot of blood. Before or after? We have the prophetic visions of Fatima, blessed Elena Aiello, and many others. At this point of uncertainty about the consecration of Russia and lack of betterment in a bloody conventional war with declarations on both sides to keep to the victory and no negotiations, I just don’t know. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

  3. Jeff says:

    The Russian ICBM nicknamed “Satan 2” was aptly designated this moniker. Hopefully it never heads this way, but it would be a bloody and destructive weapon if it does. Pray. Fast. Go to confession. Now.

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