Forthcoming Commentaries on Politics and Society

I intend to expand the types of subjects treated on this blog, to include politics, war, world hunger, world poverty, and various social issues. I will not, however, comment on every socio-political controversy, nor on particular political candidates or elections.

I will also continue to write articles defending the Pope, and treating of various subjects on religion, faith, morals, and related topics.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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4 Responses to Forthcoming Commentaries on Politics and Society

  1. Ben says:

    Ron, that is a very good idea! The news come so fast, and there aren’t so many Catholic places to comment or even to read them. Of course we all can read them in the secular places (and I advice places like twitter other than MSM). But it is different when the same news are seen through the eyes of faith, with comments of people proficient in contemporary prophecy.

    Did you read the waters in East Mediterranean receded with some meters, revealing kilometers of new dry land? The latest news is from Venice the small channels are drying up. Maybe it is something cyclical…but not because of lack of rains, as the official explanation goes. Rains and sea are in a circle as we know, and here we are talking of millions cubic meters of water stretching from Venice to Israel. I just report the news, I don’t have explanation.

  2. James Belcher says:

    Random thoughts on Garabandal and the Warning:
    If I take the words literally from Mari Lori, it would appear that the Warning would take place after such events as the faithful not being able to go to Mass, Priests not being able to hold Mass and that the church doors would be closed. According to her, it seemed like a communist invasion and persecution of the faithful. Since she could not identify the countries persecuting the faithful, it seems feasible to speculate on 2 fronts.
    1. The Warning could happen this year giving the events of Covid and the Russian – Ukraine war. Covid has caused the faithful not partaking in Mass due to the lockdown. The speculation of China knowing about Covid before 2020 is getting stronger every day. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has destroyed all buildings in cities including churches prohibiting people to partake Mass in their churches.
    2. The Warning will happen in the future (earliest in 2027) where other world events will commence persecuting the faithful.

    • James Belcher says:

      Random thoughts on Russia:
      The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has become a war of attrition. I believe both countries will be pressured into a compromise thus creating an end to the war. I think a DMZ (similar to Korea) will be achieved leaving both countries unsatisfied emotionally but satisfied pragmatically.

  3. James Belcher says:

    Random thoughts on China:
    I believe China has taken two positions towards the general world –
    1. If China cant have it then the world cannot have it.
    2. If China is beset with an event then the world will also be compromised with the event.
    Should China not be allowed to enhance their technology (microchips) then the world will suffer along with them. The invasion of Taiwan will happen regardless of the Warning.
    The Lab leak of Covid is the origin. China did not release this on purpose but I believe held back the information so as China suffers – so will the rest of the world.

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