A Vast Quantity of Food is used as Fuel

Articles with details at Hunger Math:
* Soybean Oil used as biodiesel
* Corn used to make Ethanol for Fuel – ethanol is an additive to gasoline in the U.S. This additive does nothing for the environment.

In the 2021/22 market year for corn, 298 billion pounds of corn was used for the production of fuel ethanol. In 2021/22, 10.7 billion pounds of soybean oil was used for biodiesel. That is enough kcal of corn to feed over 488 million persons for a year. But no one would or should eat only corn for food, so at 10% of daily kcal in a 2740-kcal/day diet, that amount of corn used for fuel could feed 4.88 billion persons; at 20%, it feeds 2.44 billion persons; at 30%, 1.62 billion persons, for a year.

Then 10.7 billion pounds of soybean oil is enough vegetable oil to provide every U.S. resident (335 million persons including Puerto Rico) with 1.25 cups of vegetable oil per week for a year. That is 344 kcal more per day or about half the usual consumption of dietary fat per day in the U.S.

“What if I don’t like corn?” The same agricultural resources (land, labor, machinery, water, fertilizer, etc.) can be used to grown other food crops.

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