What Topics To Write

I’m not sure what topics to write on this blog going forward. Suggestions?

I am finishing a book: “The Pope Cannot Be A Heretic”
The book reviews the perennial teaching of the Church on the papal charisms, proving that no Pope can ever fail in faith or teach grave error.

I am interested in writing about the impending food crisis, most of that will be on my hungermath blog.


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20 Responses to What Topics To Write

  1. Reiko says:

    I agree with SV. Sir Ron, it might be good for you to write concise yet simple explanations about the Devotions we’d need during the times of crisis for our Faith. Quotes from Saints regarding each devotions would also help. – Divine Mercy Chaplet, Holy Wounds etc. and the Devotions to Mary and the sacramentals we must carry.

  2. James Belcher says:

    Is there one Pope credited with ending the “Inquisition” or did it slowly disappear? In my research, it appears to me the end of the Inquisition(s) coincides with the Roman Catholic Church distancing itself from government covering 500 years or so. I know there are so many misunderstandings / non-factual statements of the Inquisition(s) and it was a terrible time for the Church but there were atrocities committed when the church was intertwined with the government.
    Am I right in my assessment?

  3. Fermin says:

    Roe Vs Wade: Can you explain the right to privacy extends to the right of abortion?

    • Ron Conte says:

      Abortion is not a privacy issue, is it a moral and life issue. I don’t think that requires much explaining. Privacy does not entitle someone to take the life of another, even if in secret.

  4. Domingo says:

    I have read your name before on which among the private revelations are legit and otherwise. I am not aware of the extent of your theology and work. I will be a regular kibitzer here as time allows. Thank you for the work that you do. If I may ask, do you work under a particular arch/bishop in the arch/diocese where you are? As for topics of interest, maybe you could explain for common folks all the different heresies throughout the ages and which ones are making a comeback. The faithful needs to know, especially the gullible among us, so that we don’t fall for any of these.

  5. Domingo says:

    I just noticed that you use the newadvent website. That is a solid source of information but I believe every entry needs to be condensed into a paragraph or so as its first offering. Also, some topics are way too old with last editing back at the turn of the 20th century, around 1900s, in some of those topics I have accessed so far.

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