More on the Warning of Garabandal

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The Warning shows everyone the sins on their conscience. For those with few sins, such as children and holy persons, the event is mainly sharing in the sorrow of Christ on the Cross, who is sorrowful over the sins of humanity.

After the Warning, there will be a failed backlash against Christianity. The unrepentant leaders of society will try to blame religious persons, especially Catholics, for this event. For only Catholics will have predicted the event, and only Catholics (some few) can explain it. But this backlash will fail because so many persons are repentant in the Christian nations. In the Muslims nations, dominated by extremists, it will be a different outcome; the extremists will succeed in attacking Christians over this event.

The Warning prepares for the Miracle. To be healed in body at the great Miracle of Garabandal, you must be repentant of your sins. The Warning calls to repentance and those who are willing to repent are the most likely to be healed at the Miracle. But not everyone will be healed, so do your best to repent.

Prepare for the Warning with prayer, self-denial, and a daily examination of conscience. You should already have gone to Confession. If you have not gone to Confession recently, go to Confession. On the day of the Warning, Good Friday, be at prayer before the event begins. It will occur everywhere at the same time, at 8:51 a.m. east coast time in the United States, which is 5:51 a.m. on the west coast of the U.S. and similarly at a different time in each time zone. That time is 2:51 p.m. in Jerusalem, which I believe is the time that Jesus died on the Cross.

Alternately, it is possible that the time of the event will be simply 3 p.m. Jerusalem time (9:00 a.m. on the east coast of the U.S.), since God does not need to place the event at the exact time of Jesus’ death on the Cross.

The Miracle of Garabandal occurs on the feast of Blessed Imelda, on May 12th, everywhere in the world at the same time, which is about 8:30 p.m. at Garabandal (near San Sebastian in Spain). Millions of persons will be healed throughout the world at that time. Those who are not healed have another opportunity to be healed by visiting one of the permanent miraculous signs that will be placed at locations of true Marian apparitions throughout the world.

While the Miracle is a great miracle of healings of the body, the Warning is a blessing on the soul, and the Consolation is a blessing on the spirit. So does God prepare the world for the End Times by blessing body, spirit, and soul. This suggests to me that some disorders of the soul and of the spirit will be healed by the Warning or by the Consolation.

The Warning has an effect on the subsequent events of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

First horseman: World War 3

At the Warning, people are struck with great fear. This fear, among the Muslim extremists, will cause them to be desperate to seize power, lest the repentant faithful Muslims gain control over the Muslims nations (which would be good). So the extremists undertake sudden coups, assassinations, and small wars and battles to gain control over the Arab Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa. This sets the stage for World War 3, the war of the Muslim extremists against the U.S. and Europe.

Later, the Miracle of Garabandal causes the extremists to again behave with fear and desperation, since unrepentant extremists are not healed, and since the world begins to focus on Catholic Christianity, which alone can explain these blessings of the Warning, Consolation, and Miracle. So they make another effort to gain control of the same nations.

Second horseman: Severe Civil Unrest

Already we see masses of people looting stores, trains with shipping containers being forced open even while the trains are moving, increases in robbery and thefts, etc. When the Warning occurs, the fear at seeing their own sins, especially among the unrepentant, will cause them to behave with unnecessary desperation. This will greatly worsen the civil unrest, not so much right away, rather it will plant a seed of fear that is only fully unleashed once the War begins.

Third horseman: Famine

The fear at these three blessings (Warning, Consolation, and Miracle) causes people to rush to the stores to buy up as much food and supplies as they can. Instead of repenting with prayer and fasting, some persons will think the end is near (it is not) and they will be afraid, not knowing what is happening and what will happen. This further disrupts the supply chain problems that have been occurring for months now. Then, when World War 3 begins, the food production and distribution system breaks down and people who have not stored food will not have food. There will be outright famine in wealthy nations.

Fourth horseman: Death

The first three events of the End Times (War, Unrest, Famine) will lead to a great fear of death that will afflict the whole world, as well as to many actual deaths from a variety of causes.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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Please note that my predictions are speculative and fallible, and that my writings on the future have erred many times in the past. My eschatology is presented for the readers’ consideration, and should not be treated as certain or absolute.

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6 Responses to More on the Warning of Garabandal

  1. James Belcher says:

    Its 8:32 am here in the Philippines and 2:32 am in Medjugore Tuesday, April 12. Should the Warning happen this year, we should hear something very soon. Praying for all our souls.

  2. Laurent BIE says:

    Hi Ron,
    Thanks a lot to share all those information. I read somewhere that before the secrets of Medjugorje start, all seers but one have the ten secrets. So far, there still are 3 seers with 9 secrets.
    Are you aware of this, is it reliable?
    Best Regards

    • Ron Conte says:

      I don’t think it was ever said that all visionaries must have received all 10 secrets for the events to begin.

    • Laurent BIE says:

      Hi Ron,
      I apologize for my English. I didn’t mean all, but I all except one.
      I don’t remember where I read this unfortunately. I do not have the source anymore.
      Best Regards

  3. Laurent BIE says:

    Hi Ron,
    look for A16 in the page (sorry, it is in French), I can translate if you are interested.
    Best Regards

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