Brief Overview of the End Times

I’ve been studying and writing eschatology (theology of the End Times) since the late 1990s. My ideas about the future are speculative and fallible, but they are based on the Bible, the writings of Saints, and the messages of the Blessed Virgin Mary at various apparitions. The following is my understanding of the Timeline for events during the End Times, also known as the apocalypse or the tribulation.

Overview of the End Times

A. The first part of the tribulation — a series of severe afflictions affecting the Church and the whole world. These begin soon and end in late March of 2040 A.D. The first part of the tribulation is also called “the lesser tribulation”.

B. The inter-tribulation period — a respite from the tribulation; at first, the world will have peace and holiness. But as sins gradually worsen, the usual sufferings that afflict humanity return and worsen. This time period lasts a few hundred years, from 2040 A.D. to 2430 A.D., just under 400 years later.

C. The second part of the tribulation — a series of very severe afflictions, worse than the first part, affecting the Church and the whole world. The second part of the tribulation is also called “the greater tribulation”. This period includes the nearly seven year reign of the Antichrist, and afterward the Return of Jesus Christ. When Jesus returns, He sets everything right and brings the tribulation to an end.

Notice that the “End Times” begins for our generation, but it is not the end of the world. This generation survives the first part of the tribulation, and some persons alive today will see the period of peace, holiness, and rebuilding afterward. But the greatest suffering and the reign of the Antichrist is for the distant future. There is no Antichrist in the world today.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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Please note that my predictions are speculative and fallible, and that my writings on the future have erred many times in the past. My eschatology is presented for the readers’ consideration, and should not be treated as certain or absolute.

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    Very interesting updates going on in Ukraine since the consecration that indicate Russia is pulling back from Kyiv and actually wants to talk to the U.S about their relations. But by the grace of God.

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