Lent Begins this Wednesday, March 2nd

This year, 2022, Lent in the Catholic Church begins on Wednesday, March 2nd, and continues to Maundy Thursday on April 14th and Good Friday on April 15th. Then Easter Sunday is April 17th in 2022.

I’m asking all my readers to consider making an extra effort this year in Lent. Spend more time in prayer and focus on praying with love, faith, and hope. Choose acts of self-denial that are fitting to your life and that might help you lessen tendencies toward sin. Be merciful to others. Prayer, self-denial, works of mercy.

Good Friday of 2022 might possibly be the date of the Warning, i.e. the illumination of conscience. That event is not only once-in-a-lifetime, but once in the entire history and future of humanity. Do not screw this up by lack of preparation. Focus on repenting from whatever your worst sins might be. Improve your relationship with Christ. Be faithful to the Church.

Go to confession. Be sure to make a thorough examination of conscience beforehand. Practice daily repentance from sin.

During Lent, I intend to do a series of articles on the near future.


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6 Responses to Lent Begins this Wednesday, March 2nd

  1. MichaelT says:

    Thank you for introducing Lent and the excellent spiritual advice. I think our need for the Great Warning has become particularly dire. I look forward to your series of articles.

  2. Erlin M. says:

    Does what’s happening in Ukraine change your mind about how things are going to unfold?. Was there something you might have not considered like actual communism rather than spiritual communism taking over again?.

    • Ron Conte says:

      I’m not online constantly. I only have time to look at the comments in the moderation queue once or twice a day.

      There is a little known prediction that in the same year as the Warning and Miracle, the Pope will go to Russia (or some version say to Moscow).

      No, it is spiritual communism, not political communism that our Lady was referencing. She does not appear in apparitions to talk politics.

  3. Matt Z. says:

    Thanks Ron for the Lent writing. Can you give us a deeper explanation or definition of “spiritual communism?”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the solid spiritual advice but i do not believe The Warning is in 2022 or 2023 because none of the four Pre-Warning Signs have occurred yet. By Pre-Warning signs I mean those very specific things the girls of Grabandal said would happen before The Warning. However, I do see an avenue for the those things to occur in the coming years.

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