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Spiritual Communism and the Schism

At Garabandal, the Blessed Virgin Mary foretold a rise of communion, which would threaten and harm the Church, prior to the great Warning. Based on my study of eschatology (having been wrong in the past about the date for this … Continue reading

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Spiritual Communism and the great Warning

The visionaries were informed at Garabandal that communism would be widespread at the time that the Warning occurs. But this information came to them from the Virgin Mary in Heaven. Mary speaks to us from Heaven in a heavenly manner, … Continue reading

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Next Step in the Schism: Coalition for Cancelled Priests

The Coalition for Cancelled Priests is a schismatic organization formed to provide support and funding for priests who rebel against their Bishops. They have chosen schismatic and heretical Carlo Vigano as their chief spiritual leader, instead of the Supreme Pontiff. … Continue reading

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Seven Signs that the End Times begin Soon

This article was previously published as part of my (now discontinued) monthly Newsletter (May 2019). Signs that the End Times begin soon (within a few years), 1. Heresy Most Catholic lay persons (conservatives, traditionalists, moderates, liberals) and many priests and … Continue reading

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Opinions on the Timing of the Warning

The Warning For many years now, I have been saying that the Warning of Garabandal would occur on Good Friday. The reason is that this event, also called the Illumination of Conscience, shows everyone the sins still on their conscience, … Continue reading

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The Warning is 4 months away: Good Friday, 2016

Good Friday of 2016, now 4 months away, is the date of the Warning in my eschatology. I expect a conservative schism to occur also, beginning when Pope Francis releases his final document in response to the Synod. The Warning … Continue reading

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Most Catholics do not want a Pope at all

Most of my fellow Catholics don’t want a liberal Pope or a conservative Pope or a moderate Pope. They do not really want a Pope at all. For the Supreme Pontiff of the Church has the right and duty to … Continue reading

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The Tribulation and the future of Russia and China

This post summarizes some of my eschatology, as it relates to Russia and China. For more details, see my eschatology books, especially ‘The First Part of the Tribulation’ and ‘The Second Part of the Tribulation’. The first part of the … Continue reading

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complaints about my translation

Those among my fellow Catholics who complain about my translation do so, I think, for a few reasons. 1. Many don’t know how to evaluate a translation of the Bible, and they don’t understand the various considerations and principles involved. … Continue reading

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