Questions about the End Times

Do my readers have any questions you would like me to answer in a post or in a comment on this post? Add your questions or suggestions for End Times articles below.


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  1. AR says:

    I do not understand this “spiritual communism” idea, or rather I understand the idea but don’t see the basis for it. Communism is a political ideology, plain and simple, and the impending dominance of China on the world stage, whether that’s a matter of years or decades, would seem to support the idea that it will make a return.

    I also don’t see where “spiritual Freemasonry” comes from, particularly in light of how many Popes have warned us against actual, literal Freemasonry. I understand that there are tons of wild, overstated conspiracy theories in this area, as well.

    I would love to hear more about where these ideas come from. It seems to me that if Our Lady warned of communism coming again, in the absence of a compelling basis for interpreting that in spiritual terms, we should assume that she means that the same political system will return as such.

    I really appreciate this blog for turning me away from the crypto-Protestant “traditionalist” movement and towards reading Pope Francis’s homilies and other primary source documents, and following the true, living church of Christ. As a newish convert who tended in that dangerous direction up until TC, I am far more at peace now, so thank you, Ron.

    • Ron Conte says:

      You’re welcome. You are free to disagree with me on any point.

      The figurative freemasons are those who wish to chip away at or replace the stones of the Church, which are Her teachings. So both liberals and conservatives who reject magisterial teachings can be seen as sinful stone workers, attacking the stones of the Church, Her teachings.

      The spiritual communism is an analogy. Political communism rejected the authorities of their day, in favor of the views of the people; spiritual communism rejects the authority of the Church, in favor of the majority view among traditionalists, or liberals, etc. Spiritual communism exalts any opinion favored by a certain culture in the Church, against decisions of Church authority. This idolatry of a traditionalist or conservative or liberal subculture is similar to the Communist use of culture to reject religion as well as human rights.

    • AR says:

      Thanks for your reply. I understand what you mean. Are there precedents or particular reasons you favor those interpretations?

      And, would you consider Protestantism to be a form of spiritual communism? I think a case could be made connecting the revolutions in the world to those in the Church. (Not to level the accusation against any modern-day Protestants, though I can’t imagine too many read this blog.)

  2. King Robert the Bruce says:

    I just wonder what wonderful explanations science and the media will use to explain away the warning when it comes will it be a solar flare from the sun or something else weird and wonderful. Also Ron what do you think about of life on other planets I used to be very hostile to the idea for many years I couldn’t countenance the possibility but now I am not so sure I am much more open minded about the possibility God may very well have created other civilizations elsewhere in this vast universe what do you think ?.ps the Vatican are also preparing for this possibility as well are they not.

  3. LK says:

    Hi, this may be kind of off topic, but can you explain why you think the Medjugorje apparition is real? It seems like a scam to make money. Also, one of the seers tried to say that she flinched when someone tried to make her because Mary dropped the baby Jesus. The reason that Pope Francis gave for not believing in it also made sense; that Mary is our mother, not someone who shows up during a specific schedule every day. Please correct me if I’m wrong in assuming that you believe in the Medjugorje apparitions. I’m not trying to argue or anything but I just want to see how you can reconcile with this, I’m open to hearing it.

    • Ron Conte says:

      I think Medjugorje is true because I have read very many of the messages, and they have the subtle yet profound wisdom of Mary. Also, I have studied over 200 claimed private revelations, and so I can recognize and distinguish between the true ones and the false ones. I could be wrong. But typically, the false private revelations are very different from the true ones. There are some articles on my site, if you want to read more:

    • LK says:

      Thank you for your response. If you can understand what the wisdom of Mary is like, wouldn’t that mean that it would be possible for someone with your knowledge to fake it? I just don’t understand why Mary would choose that specific priest (or his group) to give the apparitions to, after he tried to hide his pregnancy with a nun, already showing that he is not trustworthy. What do you make of this article, with supposed quotes from Medjugorje that seem to blatantly contradict Catholic teaching? I can’t get my head around this. Sure, maybe some messages contain profound wisdom that only Mary could show, but what about these:

    • Ron Conte says:

      Those quotes are mostly not from Mary. Visionaries and priests are sinners, who can misunderstand doctrine. You can’t expect infallibility from such sources. The messages themselves from Mary at Medjugorje are without doctrinal error, in my opinion. As for priests who sin, that has no relevance to whether the apparitions are true or false. We know that the Catholic Church is the true Church, but many members sin. As for the saying that all are equal before God, that is certainly true: we are all judged according to the same moral law, and according to our consciences.

    • LK says:

      Why do you think Mary would choose seers who would misquote her and cause confusion? Wouldn’t it be better if she went to another Juan Diego or St. Bernadette who may not know the faith well but don’t misquote her? Why would they say that the apparition at Medjugorje, and correct me if I’m wrong, said the entire Our Father prayer when they prayed the rosary with them? If they said this, it is a willful lie and a grave sin. So why would Mary continue in Medjugorje if the seers are so dishonest? How are you able to differentiate between what Mary actually says at Medjugorje and what is made up? If there are so many things made up, then wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume that the rest is probably made up too? Especially when the seers are profiting off of Medjugorje? At Lourdes, I’m pretty sure that when Bernadette and Mary prayed the rosary together, Mary did not say the second half of the Our Father, because of the “forgive us our trespasses” part, which isn’t something a sinless Mary should say. Thanks, looking forward to your response, and if you can send me any sources that explain Medjugorje better I would be very grateful.

  4. Matt says:

    Based on your research will a person be able to see and converse with their guardian angel during the tribulations ending in 2040?

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