Traditionis Custodes and Running Away to Join the Circus

Traditionis Custodes is a sharp rebuke from the holy Father against his children who took a family heirloom, the traditional Latin Mass, and misused it. They used the TLM to gather the faithful to them, and then to lead them into schism, into rejection of Vatican II, into distrust of every Pope, into utter malice toward the current Vicar of Christ. And so the father of the family is taking the family heirloom, restricting its use by the children, and planning to place it on a shelf for a while.

When the children misbehave, the father spanks them. And because they were spanked, do they say, “I’m sorry” and promise to change their behavior? Not these children. They are stubborn and self-centered. These TLM communities think the rest of the Church has gone astray, and they want to be left alone. They do not want Popes, Councils, or Bishops to rule over them.

And some of these children, being upset at being spanked by the father of the family, have shouted that they are angry and will now run away from home and join the circus. Yes, the SSPX is a circus. They have the family heirloom of the Latin Mass. But they reject Vatican II and every Pope since that time. And their reasonings are an entertaining set of tricks and rhetorical showmanship, devoid of humility or faith. They have open malice toward the Popes and the recent Council. Every group who rejects any Ecumenical Council or any set of successive Popes has always turned out to be heretics and schismatics. And their hatred for the true Church, a hatred clear in the writings of Vigano and others, prove their lack of true faith. Whoever has no infused virtue of faith, has no infused virtue of love.

Since they do not offer love, nor true faith, then there is no hope of salvation in the SSPX. The Council of Florence was clear: heretics and schismatics are not saved. God is the judge of each soul, to see if this objective mortal sin is also actual mortal sin. But heresy and schism are the path to Hell. And without these essentials of the path of salvation, all that the SSPX offers is exterior: an empty meaningless show, like a circus.

Are you going to run away from home and join the circus?
Or will you accept correction from the Roman Pontiff?

This is the main error on the right in the Church, this idea that they are so faithful and holy that whenever the Pope disagrees, or teaches something they did not already know, or corrects them, he must be in the wrong. They do not accept teaching or correction. When they are disciplined by the family father, they cry and then shout their threats to run away from home and join the circus.

What do parents usually say to this threat? Go ahead. Go up to your room and pack your things. Have fun at the circus.

If you cannot accept the indefectibility of the Church, the never failing faith of each Pope, and the unblemished character of the Apostolic See, then leave. Go join the circus at the SSPX, where they make the laughable claim that only their small “church” preserves the true faith.


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5 Responses to Traditionis Custodes and Running Away to Join the Circus

  1. Fr. Michael A. Boccaccio says:

    Quite often, I have encountered TLM folk to be overly judgmental, finger-pointing, accusatory, etc.
    Please, let us not play with their toys, e.g., Council of Florence’s condemnation.

  2. ddd says:

    Brilliantly communicated!

  3. ddd says:

    I noticed that our uber liberal bishop canceled the TLM at two churches which were holding Mass in both forms. He made no changes with the “personal parish” which offers exclusively the TLM (FSSP). I’m sure it is a practical matter, but ironic in that the separatist crowd remains separated in this diocese.

    • john says:

      Yes, this suggests that while the bishop’s action, while within his competence, may not be particularly wise. Despite the noise on the internet from some of the adherants of the 1962 Mass (almost all the “nutters” seem to be politically conservative Americans), most priests celebrating the Mass using the 1962 Missal also regularly celebrate the Mass using the 1970 Missal. This is certainly true in England, for instance.

    • Ron Conte says:

      Faithfulness to the Magisterium is proven by these priests who will celebrate both forms, who will concelebrate, who accept Vatican II and Pope Francis. They should receive permission easily from their Bishop. The problematic priests are those who treat the Novus Ordo with contempt, who reject Vatican II, who put themselves above each Pope to decide what is or is not Catholic doctrine and Catholic discipline. They are the ones Francis is correcting with TC. I would like to see the TLM continue along side the NOM. But we need priests who make certain to teach the faithful orthodox positions on doctrine and discipline.

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