The Church Is Harmed by this Constant Judging of Popes and Councils

This has to stop. What causes heresy and schism more than the faithful each subjecting every question of doctrine or discipline to his own fallible understanding, to his own fallen faculty of human reason, and refusing to put his faith in any decision of any Pope or Council. The faithful have fallen into the trap of pride to accept nothing from the Church that has not passed through their personal judgment.

And this failure of faith, this exaltation of personal judgment over the Popes and Councils becomes worse, not better, when the faithful join together in a subculture of conservatives, or liberals, or followers of some visionary, or traditionalists, or followers of some blogger or video blogger, such that they judge as a group.

Then their errors are reinforced because they find 10 other persons on the internet who hold the same error. Then stories are told about the Church, mere gossiping that undermines the assent of faith required, undermines it because there is always a fable being told to contradict the decision of the Church on doctrine or discipline: fables about the freemasons, the infiltration of the Communists, the shadowing nefarious “Montini” who supposedly led the holy Pope Pius XII into error. But Montini is just Pope Saint Paul VI!! And then there are the tall tales about the deep state and the deep church, and the global elitists, and the other characters in this fictional tale. Then even if it were all true — which is absurd — the indefectibility of the Church, the never failing faith of the Popes, and the unblemished Apostolic See would still be worthy or our faith.

We must stop judging Popes and Councils, stop judging every decision and every word of every document. This is nothing but the road to a shattered Church, where no one believes anything but his own judgment. We will end up like the Protestants. Our beautiful Church, which is a shining crystal bowl, will be shattered into ten thousand pieces by being judged at every turn by each of one billion Catholics. Without the humble submission of faith to every decision of every Pope and Council, there is no unity.

Stop judging the Pope and his use of the Keys. If he shuts down the TLM, comply with humility and obedience. If the next Pope revives the TLM and shuts down the Novus Ordo, again, comply with humility and obedience. Remain faithful to the Church, or you will find yourself rejecting Christ. For schism and heresy lead to apostasy.

Look at what happened to Steve Skojec. He fought against the Popes and Councils for 7 years, and it utterly destroyed his faith. He had to resign from public life and try to pick up the broken pieces of what is left of his faith. He was not saved by attending the Latin Mass. He was not saved by joining with other authors to attack the Popes and Councils. He rushed against the Rock of Saint Peter again and again, until he was broken — but the Rock was neither chipped nor scratched. Do not follow him.

Forward in Faith. The First See is judged by no one but God.


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2 Responses to The Church Is Harmed by this Constant Judging of Popes and Councils

  1. M. Jean-Paul Benoist says:

    My dear Friends,

    First, the Church is the Immaculate Spose(“Wife”) of Our Lord!

    See “Cantic of the Cantics”” by the Holy King-Prophet David.

    “My Lord talking to My Lord”

    Beautiful, is’n’it?

    We must contemplating this Superb Beauty constantly, the night is melior!

    A miserabilous sinner.

    • P.J. says:

      Mon cher M. Benoist, vous etes vraiment sage! Nous sommes tous pauvres pecheurs, mais grace a Dieu , nous avons un Seigneur d’une beaute stupefiante! Meilleurs voeux!

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